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Vol. 13(2) - December 2002

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Akiyama, H. & M. Suleiman. 2001. Taxonomical notes on the genus Chaetomitrium (Hookeriaceae, Musci) of Borneo. Hikobia 13: 491–509, illus. — 12 spp, 2 new; key; synonymy, diagnoses, notes; key to 7 W Malesian spp with truncate or round leaves.

Akiyama, H., T. Yamaguchi & M. Suleiman. 2001. The bryophyte flora of Kinabalu National Park (Sabah, Malaysia), based on the collections by Japan–Malaysia collaborative expedition in 1997. Bull. Mus. Nat. Human Act., Hyogo 6: 83–99, illus. — 25 new records (incl. 17 for Borneo).

Crum, H. 2001. Structural diversity of Bryophytes. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. ISBN 0-9620733-4-2.379, illus. — Good introduction to mosses s.l. with entertaining asides.

Ellis L.[T.]. 2002. An unusual form of Calymperes serratum A. Braun ex Müll.Hal. (Calymperaceae, Musci). Trop. Bryol. 21: 119–121, illus.

Ellis, L.T. 2002. Taxonomic notes on some African species in the family Calymperaceae (Musci). Bull. Nat. Hist. Mus. London, Bot. 32: 1–5, illus. — Records of Calymperes moluccense for Africa are C. palisotii.

Fife, A.J. & R.D. Seppelt. 2001. A revision of the family Funariaceae (Musci) in Australia. Hikobia 13: 473–490, illus. — 5 gen, 12 spp, 3 subsp, 3 var, possibly some Malesian; keys, synonymy, descriptions, notes.

Furuki, T. 2001. Taxonomic studies of Asiatic species of Aneuraceae (Hepaticae). VIII. Riccardia crenulata Schiffn. and its related species. Hikobia 13: 511–519, illus. — 3 spp; key; synonymy, descriptions, notes.

Hedenäs, L. 2001. The importance of phylogeny and habitat factors in explaining gametophytic character states in European Amblystegiaceae. J. Bryol. 23: 205–219, illus.

Juslén, A., X.-L. He, S. Piipo & B.C. Tan. 2001. Oil bodies of hepatics from Singapore. J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 91: 265–276, illus.

Kis, G. & T. Pócs. 2001. What is Chondrolejeunea? Cryptogam., Bryol. 22: 237–246, illus. — Subgen of Cololejeunea raised to generic rank; 4 taxa; key.

Kruijer, H. 2002. Hypopterygiaceae of the world. Blumea, Suppl. 13: 1–388, illus. — Introductionary chapters on e.g. history, morphology, anatomy, phylogeny, distribution, taxonomy; keys; 7 gen, 1 new, 21 spp; Cyathophorella to Cyathophorum; Hypopterygium paraphyletic; keys; synonymy, descriptions, notes; dubious and excluded names.

Piippo, S., et 5 al. 2002. Hepatic and hornwort flora of Singapore. Ann. Bot. Fenn. 39: 101–127, illus. — 74 taxa, c. 50% new records; key; annotated checklist.

Pursell, R.A. 2002. Comments on the relationships of Fissidens philonotulus and
F. pascuanus
. Bryologist 105: 246–248. — F. philonotulus = F. ceylonensis.

Rao, P.-C. 2001. A synopsis of the genus Cryphaea (Cryphaeaceae, Bryopsida). Bryobrothera 7: 1–35, illus. — 1 new subgen, 1 new sect; 30 spp, 2 new, 5 new comb; his-tory, morphology, anatomy, phylogeny, ecology, phytogeography, origin; key; the species of Cryphaea suggested to occur in New Guinea has been transferred previously by Rao to Cyptodontopsis.

Rao, P.-C. 2001. A synopsis of the genus Cryphaea (Cryphaeaceae, Bryopsida). 3. Revision of European, African, Australian and Oceanean, and American species. Bryobrothera 7: 37–111, illus. — Keys; synonymy, descriptions, notes, representative specimens under taxa; 1 new gen, 2 new comb.

Reese, W.D. 2001. Substrate preference in Calymperaceae: Calymperes, Mitthyridium and Syrrhopodon. Bryologist 102: 582–592, illus.

Schäfer-Verwin, A. 2001. On Lejeunea patriciae, nom. nov. for Lejeunea pilifera Tixier. Candollea 56: 63–67, illus. — An additional comb nov.

Schuster, R.M. 2001. Studies on Lejeuneaceae. IV. On the circumscription and subdivision of the subfamily Lejeuneoideae. J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 91: 137–172. — C. 9 tribes, all new; 70 gen; keys to tribes and gen, sometimes spp.

Schuster, R.M. 2002. Austral Hepaticae. Part II. Nova Hedw., Beih. 119: viii, 606 pp, illus. J. Cramer, Berlin/Stuttgart, ISBN 4-443-51041-8. — Very important treatise; keys, usually down to species; descriptions of genera and up, many notes; no list of new comb and taxa; not always easy to see whether a taxon could be Malesian (check keys!).

So, M.L. 2000. Plagiochila sect. Contiguae (Hepaticae) in Australasia and the Pacific, with description of Plagiochila subjavanica sp. nov. Austral. Syst. Bot. 13: 803–815, illus. — 13 spp, 1 new (New Guinea); key; synonymy, descriptions, notes; specimens under taxa.

So, M.L. 2001. On Plagiochila (Hepaticae) section Dendroideae. Nova Hedw. 73: 229–238. — 8 spp; key; synonymy, notes.

So, M.L. 2002. The genus Porella (Porellaceae, Hepaticae) in Australasia and the South Pacific. Syst. Bot. 27: 4–13, illus. — 8 taxa, 4 Malesian, 2 comb nov; key; synonymy, description, notes.

So, M.L. & R. Grolle. 2001. On Plagiochila subgenus Plagiochila section Abietiniae (Hepaticae). Syst. Bot. 26: 459–469, illus. — 1 new sp from Papua New Guinea; key to 12 spp of section.

Spence, J.R. & H.P. Ramsay. 2002. The genus Anomobryum Schimp. (Bryopsida, Bryaceae) in Australia. Telopea 9: 777–792, illus. — 5 spp, 3 Malesian; key; synonymy, descriptions, notes.

Streimann, H. & W.D. Reese. 2001. Vanuatu moss records. J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 91: 295–300, illus. — E.g. Splachnobryum novaeguineae.

Suleiman, M. & S.R. Edwards. 2002. Mosses of Mt. Trus Madi, Sabah, Malaysia. Trop. Bryol. 21: 57–64, illus. — Annotated list of 153 taxa.

Tan, B.C. 2002. The affinity of moss floras of Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines revisited: old problems, new insight and more questions. Acta Phytotax. Geobot. 53: 77–84, illus. — Term ‘Merrill’s Line’ proposed for border between Taiwan and Philippines; for mosses more effective than Wallace’s Line.

Tan, B.C. & M.-S. Choy. 2002. The taxonomy, phytogeography and conservation of the Fissidens flora of Singapore, with one new species, F. pseudoceylonensis. J. Bryol. 24: 45–55, illus. — 16 spp; key; synonymy, notes.

Tan, B.C. & E.H. Mansia. 2001. New and noteworthy records of mosses from Mindoro, the Philippines, and their biogeographical implication. Gard. Bull. Singapore 53: 315–322, illus. — Dicranoloma daymannianum, Rhacocarpus alpinus; notes on 15 other taxa.

Touw, A. 2001. A taxonomic revision of the Thuidiaceae (Musci) of tropical Asia, the western Pacific, and Hawaii. J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 91: 1–136, illus. — 7 gen (excl. Inouethuidium), 24 spp; keys; synonymy, descriptions, notes.

Tsubota, H., H. Akiyama, T. Yamaguchi & H. Deguchi. 2001. Molecular phylogeny of the genus Trismegistia and related genera (Sematophyllaceae, Musci) based on chloroplast rbcL sequences. Hikobia 13: 529–549, illus. — Sematophyllaceae monophyletic; Mastopoma, Trismegistia, Wijkia polyphyletic.

Vanderpoorten, A., L. Hedenäs, C.J. Cox & A.J. Shaw. 2001. Circumscription, classification, and taxonomy of Amblystegiaceae (Bryopsida) inferred from nuclear and chloroplast DNA sequence data and morphology. Taxon 51: 115–122, illus. — Calliergonaceae recognised.

Vanderpoorten, A., L. Hedenäs, C.J. Cox & A.J. Shaw. 2002. Phylogeny and morphological evolution of the Amblystegiaceae (Bryopsida). Molec. Phylogen. Evol. 23: 1–21, illus.

Vanderpoorten, A., A.J. Shaw & B. Goffinet. 2001. Testing controversial alignments in Amblystegium and related genera (Amblystegiaceae: Bryopsida), evidence from DNA IS sequences. Syst. Bot. 26: 470–479, illus. — Drepaniocladus to be split up in two or more.

Vohra, J.N. & B.D. Kar. 2001 (‘1996’). On a collection of mosses from Great Nicobar Island. Bull. Bot. Surv. India 38: 55–59. — 37 spp.

Von Konrat, M. & J.E. Braggins. 2001. Notes on five Frullania species from Australia, including typification, synonyms, and new localities. J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 91: 229–263, illus. — E.g. Frullania apiculata, F. hypoleuca.

Zhu, R.-L. & R. Grolle. 2001. Notes on the taxonomy and distribution of Acanthocoleus yoshinaganus and Lejeunea papilionacea (Hepaticae, Lejeuneaceae). Ann. Bot. Fenn. 38: 329–336, illus. — Acanthocoleus checklist (9 taxa, 1 Malesian);
L. papilionacea Malesian; descriptions, notes.