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Vol. 15(1) -  2010

J.F. Veldkamp, Editor --- veldkamp@nhn.leidenuniv.nl

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Akiyama, H. 2009. A revised list of bryophytes reported from Seram (Ceram) and Ambon Islands, the Moluccas, based on collections made on the 1984—1986 Japan-Indonesia collaborative expeditions. Acta Phytotax. Geobot. 60: 97—126, illus.


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Câmara, P.E.A.S. 2010. New combinations and one new name for the moss genus Taxithelium (Pylaisiadelphaceae). Novon 20: 139—142. --- Misleading title: 8 new combinations in Camptochaete, Chaetomitrium, Phyllodon, Sematophyllum, Trichosteleum.


Frahm, J.-P., R. Pollawatn & S. Chantanaorrapint. 2009. New records to the bryoflora of Thailand. Trop. Bryol. 30: 17—18. –- Some spp also Malesian.


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He, S., J.R. Shevock & P.L. Redfearn Jr. 2009. Dixonia orientalis and Trismegista korthalsii new to mainland China, Taiwan and Hainan islands. Trop. Bryol. 30: 72—76, illus. --- Key to Trismegista and similar SE Asian spp.


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Ignatov, M.S. & S. Huttunen. 2010. Proposal to conserve the name Rhynchostegium against Eriodon (Bryophyta: Brachytheciaceae). Taxon 59: 973.


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