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Vol. 15(2) -  2011

J.F. Veldkamp, Editor --- veldkamp@nhn.leidenuniv.nl


Akiyama, H. 2010. Taxonomic revision of the genus Trismegistia (Pylaisiadelphaceae, Musci). Humans & Nature 21: 1—77, illus. --- 9 spp, 2 new, 3 new var, 1 stat nov, 4 new comb; key; synonymy, descriptions, notes.


Akiyama, H. 2011. Contributions to the moss flora of Borneo. I. A new species, Dimorphocladon echinocarpum (Symphyodontaceae, Musci), with unique multicellular exothecial spines. Acta Phytotax.. Geobot. 61: 51—59, illus. --- Key to similar taxa.


Bell, N. & J. Hyvönen. 2010. A dendroid form of Pogonatum cirratum (Polytrichopsida, Bryophyta) from Mt. Kinabalu (Sabah Malaysia). Acta Bryolichenol. Asiat. 3: 39—45, illus.


Câmara, P.E.A.S. 2011. A re-circumscription of the moss genus Taxithelium (Pylaisiadelphaceae) with a taxonomic revision of subgenus Vernieri. Syst. Bot. 36: 7—21, illus. --- Keys; Vernieri 11 spp, 6 Malesian ; synonymy, descriptions, notes.

Câmara, P.E.A.S. & B.C. Tan. 2011. Taxitheliella revisited and a new form of leaf cell outgrowth in Sematophyllaceae sensu lato. J. Bryol. 33: 254—257, illus.

Chang, Y. & S.W. Graham. 2011. Inferring the higher-order phylogeny of mosses (Bryophyta) and relatives using a large, multigene plastid data set. Amer. J. Bot. 98: 839—849, illus.


Frey, W., T. Pfeiffer & M. Stech. 2010. Geomolecular divergence patterns of Gondwanan and Palaeoaustral bryophytes – An overview. Studies in austral temperate rain forest bryophytes. 34. Nova Hedw. 91: 317—348, illus.

Goffinet, B., J.M. Budke & L.C. Newman. 2011. Micromitriaceae: a new family of highly reduced mosses. Taxon 60: 1245—1254, illus. --- Ephemerum remains in Ephemeraceae.

González-Mancebo, J. Patińo, A. Rodrígues-Romero, O. Werner & R.M. Ros. 2010. Gymnostomiella (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta) revisited: new insights revealed by morphometric analysis. Nova Hedw., Beih. 138: 69—83, illus. --- 4 spp; key


Haerida, I. & S.R. Gradstein. 2010. Stictolejeunea (Lejeuneaceae) new to Indonesia. Hikobia 15: 473—476, illus. --- S. balfourii; not new for Malesia.


Ho, B.-C., B.C. Tan & J.-P. Frahm. 2011. Proposal to conserve the name Distichophyllum (Daltoniaceae) with a conserved type and an additional note on the lectotypification of Mniadelphus. Taxon 60: 589—590.


Karlin, E.F., S.B. Boles, R.D. Seppelt, S. Terracciano & A.J. Shaw. 2011. The peat moss Sphagnum cuspidatum in Australia: microsatellites provide a global perspective. Syst. Bot. 36: 22—32, illus. --- Philippine sample most closely related


Katagiri, T., T. Yamaguchi & H. Deguchi. 2010. Taxonomic studies on the liverwort Jubula Dumort. (Marchanthiophyta: Jubulaceae) in Japan and Taiwan. Hikobia 15: 463—472, illus. --- 3 spp, 1 Malesian; key; synonymy, notes.


Klazenga, N. (Ed.) 2011. Report of the Nomenclatural Committee for Bryophyta: 10. Taxon 60: 900—902. --- Conservation of Hypnum molle, Meteorium, Rhynchostegium recommended; change of conserved type of Papillaria recommended.


Koponen, T. 2010. Notes on Philonotis (Bartramiaceae, Musci). 8. Philotis in William Mitten’s “ Musci Indiae orientalis” and key to southeast Asian taxa. Acta Bryolichenol. Asiat. 3: 69—90.


Kornochalert, S., R.-L. Zhu & K. Santanachote.2010. Lopholejeunea herzogiana Verdoorn (Lejeuneaceae, Bryophyta), a new record for Thailand Thai For. Bull., Bot. 38: 64—66, illus. --- Description.


Limis, V.C. & B.C. Tan. 2010. Eleven new records of Philippine mosses. Acta Bryolichenol. Asiat. 3: 95—100.


Maier, E. 2010. The genus Grimmia Hedw. (Grimmiaceae, Bryophyta). A morphological-anatomical study. Boissiera 63: 1—277, illus. --- 51 spp; keys; synonymy, descriptions, notes ; an impressive revision.


Mao, L., P.-J. Lin, S. He & L. Zhang. 2010. Syntrichia amphidiaceae (Müll. Hal.) R.H. Zander new to continental Asia from China. Acta Bryolichenol. Asiat. 3: 101—104, illus. --- Also in Papua New Guinea (as Tortula novo-guinensis).


Masuzaki, H., H. Tsubota, M. Shimamura, T. Yamaguchi & H. Deguchi. 2010. A taxonomic revision of the genus Apometzgeria (Metzgeriaceae, Marchanthiophyta). Hikobia 15: 427—452, illus. --- Reduced to subgen of Metzgeria; 5 spp, 1 comb nov, 2 sp nov, 1 Malesian; key; synonymy, descriptions, notes.


Norris, D.H., T. Koponen & J.R. Shevock. 2010. Bryophyte flora of the Huon Peninsula, Papua New Guinea. LXXII. Spiridentaceae (Musci). Acta Bryolichenol. Asiat. 3: 157—171, illus. --- 1 gen, 3 spp; key; synonymy, descriptions, notes.


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Oguri, E., T. Yamaguchi, H. Tsubota, M. Shimamura & H. Deguchi. 2010. Phylogenetic relationships among Leucobryum juniperoideum and related species (Leucobryaceae, Musci) inferred from ITS sequences. Hikobia 15: 453—462, illus.


Olsson, S. et 5 al. 2011. Neckera and Thamnobryum (Neckeraceae, Bryopsida): paraphyletic assemblages. Taxon 60: 36—50, illus. --- Circumscription of Leptodon also amended; 4 new genera, not clear whether any are Malesian.

Pei, L.-Y., Y. Jia, Y.-F. Wang & J.-Q. Li. 2011. The status of Meteorium intricatum Mitt. and M. striatum Lindb. (Meteoriaceae, Bryopsida). J. Bryol. 33: 250—251. --- The first to Toloxis, 1 comb nov.

Schuette, S. & K.S. Renzaglia. 2010. Development of multicellular spores in the hornwort genus Dendroceros (Dendrocerotaceae, Anthocerotophyta) and the occurrence of endospory in Bryophytes. J. Bryol. 32: 301—316, illus.


Sukkharak, P., A. Ludwiczuk, Y. Asakawa & R. Gradstein. 2011. Studies on the genus Thysananthus (Marchanthiophyta, Lejeuneaceae) 3. Terpenoid chemistry and chemotaxonomy of selected species of Thysananthus and Dendrolejeunea fruticosa. Cryptog., Bryol. 32: 199—209, illus. --- 2 subgen of Thysananthus supported; T. gottschei resurrected.


Vilnet, A.A., N.A. Konstantinova & A.V. Troitsky. 2010. Molecular insight on phylogeny and systematics of the Lophoziaceae, Scapaniaceae, Gymnomitriaceae and Jungermanniaceae. Arctoa 19: 31—50, illus. --- Diplophyllaceae, Scapaniella not supported;  Solenostomataceae paraphyletic; Scapania not fully resolved; Lophozia s.s., Tritomaria polyphyletic.


Yang, J.-D. & S.-H. Lin. 2011. Pycnolejeunea grandiocellata Steph. (Family Lejeuneaceae), a generic and species record new to liverwort flora of Taiwan. Taiwania 56: 165—168, illus.


Ye, W. & R.-L. Zhu. 2010. Leucolejeunea, a new synonym of Cheilolejeunea (Lejeuneaceae), with special reference to new combinations and nomenclature. J. Bryol. 32: 279—282.


Ye, W., R.-L Zhu, A.J. Shaw & S.R. Gradstein. 2011. Proposal to conserve the name Cheilolejeunea against Omphalanthus (Lejeuneaceae). Taxon 60: 588—589.


Zijlstra, G. & P.C. Silva. 2011. Proposal to conserve the name Vesicularia (Müll. Hal.) Müll. Hal. (Bryophyta: Hypnaceae) against Vesicularia P. Micheli ex Targ. Tozz. (Algae incertae sedis), with a new name for Vesicularia Vologdin (fossil Cyanophyceae). Taxon 60: 905—906.