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Vol. 11 (6) - Fall 1995 (Number 50)

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Almeida, M.R. & S.M. Almeida. 1993. Identification of some plants from 'Hortus malabaricus'. J. Bomb. Nat. Hist. Soc. 90: 423-429, ill. New comb in Leucostegia.

Bidin, A.A. & T.G. Walker. 1994. Distribution of ploidy in Southeast Asian cytotypes of Adiantum caudatum (Pteridophyta: Adiantaceae). Mal. Nat. J. 48: 79-82, ill. 3 ploidy levels not correlated with morphology.

Dixit, R.D. & B. Ghosh. ('1991') 1994. On the occurrence of Lindsaea cultrata (Willd.) Sw. and L. malayensis Holtt. from Nicobar Islands, India. Bull. Bot. Surv. India 33: 321-323, ill.

Frey, W., E.O. Campbell & H.H. Hilger, 1994. The sporophyte-gametophyte junction in Tmesipteris (Psilotaceae, Psilotopsida). Beitr. Biol. Pfl. 68: 105-111, ill. Compared to Anthocerotae.

Gay, H., E. Hennipman, C.R. Huxley & F.J.E. Parrott. 1993. The taxonomy, distribution and ecology of the epiphytic Malesian ant-fern Lecanopteris Reinw. (Polypodiaceae). Gard. Bull., Singapore 45: 293-335, ill. 13 spp; key; synonymy, diagnoses, notes.

Hickok, L.G., T.R. Warne & R.S. Fribourg. 1995. The biology of the fern Ceratopteris and its use as a model system. Int. J. Pl. Sc. 156: 332-345, ill.

Johns, R.J. 1995. Lecanopteris lomarioides. Polypodiaceae. Curtis's Bot. Mag. 12: 89-95, ill. History, synonymy, description.

Kato, M. 1994. Taxonomic studies of pteridophytes of Ambon and Seram (Moluccas) collected by Indonesian-Japanese botanical expeditions. IX. Woodsiaceae, Lindsaeaceae, and Adiantaceae. J. Fac. Sc. Univ. Tokyo III, 15: 315-347. Woodsiaceae 42 spp, 1 new and several unidentifiable Diplazium, Lindsaeaceae 15 spp, Adiantaceae 9 spp.

Lugardon, B. & P. Piquemal. 1993. Ultrastructure exosporale et phylog‚nie chez les Pteridophytes. Gaussenia 8: 16-24, ill. (In French, Engl. summ.).

Nooteboom, H.P. 1994. Notes on Davalliaceae II. A revision of the genus Davallia. Blumea 39: 151-214, ill. Araiostegia, Humata, Pachypleuria reduced; 2 sect, 1 new, 34 spp, 1 new, 5 new comb; keys to genera, genus (2); synonymy, descriptions; index to names.

Parris, B.S. 1995. New combinations in Prosaptia (Grammitidaceae: Pteridophyta). Kew Bull. 50: 165-167.

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