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Vol. 11 (8) - Winter 1997 (Number 52)

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Aptroot, A. & H. Sipman. 1989. New lichen records from the Philippines. Acta Bryolich. As. 1: 31--41. 43 taxa, many wide spread and common, indicating the very incomplete knowledge of this group in the Philippines.

Streimann, H. & H.J.M. Sipman. 1994. New lichen records from the island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea. Fragm. Fl. Geobot. 39: 369--382, illus. New records for 33 gen, 56 spp.

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Boivin, R., M. Richard, D. Beauseigle, J. Bosquet & G. Bellemare. 1996. See sub Spermatophytes.

Bruggeman-Nannenga, M.A. & R.A. Pursell. 1995. Notes on Fissidens. V. Lindbergia 20: 49--55. E.g. on F. curvatus, F. serratus.

Buck, W.R. 1995. The systematic position of the moss genus Rhacocarpus. Fragm. Fl. Geobot. 40: 127--131. To monotypic Rhacocarpaceae, Dicranales.

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* Eddy, A. 1996. A handbook of Malesian mosses. 3. Splachnobryaceae to Leptostomataceae. 277 pp, illus. ISBN 0- 11-310052-3. Natural History Museum, London. Keys, descriptions, notes, novelties indicated, not formally named.

Enroth, J. 1990. Notes on the Neckeraceae (Musci). 1--2. Neckeropsis calcuttensis comb. nov. and the first record of Pinnatella intralimbata from New Guinea. Acta Bryolich. As. 2: 9--15, illus.

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Iwatsuki, Z. & T. Suzuki. 1995. Fissidens (Musci, Fissidentaceae) in Vanuatu (New Hebrides) collected by Dr. M. Higuchi. Fragm. Fl. Geobot. 40: 153--158. 15 spp, key.

Klazenga, N. 1996. Dicronoloma steenisii (Musci: Dicranaceae). A new species from Papua New Guinea. Blumea 41: 11--15, illus. Named to commemorate the opening of the Van Steenis Building by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix on June 11, 1996.

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Luna, E. de. 1995. The circumscription and phylogenetic relationships of the Hedwigiaceae (Musci). Syst. Bot. 20: 347--373, illus. Cladistic analysis: in Orthotrichales; Rhacocarpus excluded, remains in Isobryales.

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Wee, Y.C. & H. Mohamed. 1995. *. In S.C. Chin et al. (Eds., 1995): 71--76. Enumeration of 48 species (incl. liverworts) in the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore.

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