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Vol. 11 (8) - Winter 1997 (Number 52)

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Abu-Asab, M.S. & P.D. Cantino. 1994. Systematic implications of pollen morphology in subfamilies Lamioideae and Pogostemonoideae (Labiatae). Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 81: 653--686, illus. Anisomeles related to Pogostemon; position of Eurysolen remains unclear.

Adema, F., P.W. Leenhouts & P.C. van Welzen. 1994. Sapindaceae. Fl. Mal. I, 11/3: 419--768, illus. Rijksherbarium, Leiden. ISBN 90-71236-21-8. Dfl. c. 150.00. 42 gen, c. 235 spp.

Aguilar, N.O., F.C. Pitargue & M.O. Cajano. 1994. Nodulation of legumes in the Philippines. In J.I. Sprent & D. McKey (Eds.). Advances in legume systematics 5: the nitrogen factor: 25--31, illus. Nodules were observed in 18 trib, 70 gen, 141 spp. (Leguminosae).

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Anderberg, A.A. & B. Stahl. 1995. Phylogenetic interrelationships in the order Primulales, with special emphasis on the family circumscriptions. Canad. J. Bot. 73: 1699--1730, illus. 4 families recognized; Myrsinaceae paraphyletic: Maesa sister group of Primulaceae, should therefore be raised to family rank (not formally done here).

Andersson, L. 1995. Tribes and genera of the Cinchoneae complex (Rubiaceae). Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 82: 409--427, illus. Mainly neotropical; cladistic analysis; 3 more or less monophyletic tribes; 2 new gen, 6 new comb.

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Argent, G. & D.A. Madulid. 1995. Rediscovery of Rhododendron acrophilum. Rhodod., Camel. & Magn. 47. (Ericaceae; n.v.).

Argent, G. & D. Madulid. 1995. Rhododendron sarcodes: a new species from the Philippines. New Plantsman 2: 156--161, illus. Also model on how to describe Rh. flower.

Ashton, P., S. Appanah & H.T. Chan. 1995. Tree prosthesis for crown access. Selbyana 16: 174--178, illus. Ingenious use of hoisting tackles to study Shorea flowering.

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Austin, D.F. & Z. Huaman. 1996. A synopsis of Ipomoea (Convolvulaceae) in the Americas. Taxon 45: 3--38, illus. Infrageneric classification, checklist, distribution (some Malesian), synonymy.

Averyanov, L.V. 1994. Identification guide to Vietnamese orchids. 432 pp, illus., St Petersburg (In Russian). Keys; bibliogr., iconogr., distribution, typification; no descriptions; at least 2 new Acanthephippium, 1 new comb in Acampe, Ascolabium, Cremastra, Tainia (Orchidaceae).

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Baas, P. 1996. New taxa to commemorate the opening of the Van Steenis Building by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix. Blumea 41: 1--2. Introduction to the memorial issue to commemorate the opening of the Van Steenis Building by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix van Oranje on June 11, 1996.

Baki, B.B., H.N. Wati & M.A.H. Mohamed. 1996. The genus Mimosa with special reference to M. quadrivalvis L. var. leptocarpa (D.C.) Barneby, a new species record for the weed flora of Malaysia. Biotropica 9: 38--52, illus. In Kedah; key to 4 Malesian spp; descriptions.

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Berhaman, A. 1995. Clethraceae.Tree Fl. Sabah & Sarawak 1: 181--186, illus.

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Bhatti, G.R. & M.J. Ingrouille. 1996. Relationships of subfamily Pogostemonoideae revealed by stamen characters. Lamiales Newsl. 4: 8--10, illus. Best restricted to Pogostemon (Labiatae).

Bhatti, G.R. & M.J. Ingrouille. 1996. The systematics of Anisomeles R. Br. (Lamiaceae). Fontqueria 44: 77--84, illus. Should not be in Pogostemonoideae; 3 spp; synonymy, descriptions.

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Borsch, T. & W. Barthlott. 1994. Classification and distribution of the genus Nelumbo Adans. (Nelumbonaceae). Beitr. Biol. Pfl. 68: 421--450, illus. 1 sp, 2 ssp, 1 comb nov; synonymy.

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* Bremer, K. 1994. Asteraceae, cladistics and classification. 752 pp, illus. Timber Press, Portland (OR), U.S.A. ISBN 0-88192- 275-7. US$ 79.95. Extensive discussion of family and its relationships; diagnoses of recognized genera; a definite must for all synantherologists for years to come.

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Bruhl, J. 1995. Sedge genera of the world: relationships and a new classification of the Cyperaceae. Austr. Syst. Bot. 8: 125--305, illus. In the Bulletin 11/6 (1995) 440 the Internet addresses to download the DELTA files were unfortunately omitted: www.keil.ukans.edu/pub/delta/sedge ftp://ftp.keil.ukans.edu/pub/delta/sedge gopher://ftp.ento.csiro.au/ ftp://ftp.ento.csiro.au/delta/

Buijsen, J.R.M. 1995. Leaf anatomy of Harpullia, Majidea, and Conchopetalum (Sapindaceae). Blumea 40: 345--361, illus. High variability of characters; Harpullia subgen. Harpullia and Otonychium supported.

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Burton, C.M. 1996. A tentative alternative arrangement of Hoya sections. Hoyan 17/3/2: 14--18, illus. Part of continuing series; 4 new sect, 2 subsect (1 invalid) (Asclepiadaceae).

Burton, C.M. 1996. A tentative alternative arrangement of Hoya sections. Hoyan 18/1/2: 2--5, illus. Physostelma reduced, 1 new comb for Ph. wallichii, compared to Hoya campanulata (Asclepiadaceae).

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