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Vol. 12 (2) - October 1997

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ABLETT, E. M., J. PLAYFORD & S. MILLS. 1997. The use of rubisco DNA sequences to examine the systematic position of Hernandia albiflora (C.T. White) Kubitzki (Hernandiaceae), and relationships among the Laurales. Austrobaileya 4: 601- 607, illus. - Included in Hernandia; traditional phylogenies supported.

ADAMS, L. G. 1996. Gentianaceae. Fl. Austr. 28: 72 -104, 315, illus. - 1 new comb.

ADEMA, F. 1996. Notes on Malesian Fabaceae (Leguminosae - Papilionoideae). Blumea 41: 463 - 468, illus. - Erythrina 6 spp; key.

ADEMA, F. 1997. Notes on Malesian Fabaceae (Leguminosae - Papilionoideae). 2. The genus Canavalia Adans. Blumea 42: 249 - 253, illus. - Taxa compared; key.

AKHANI, H., P. TRIMBORN & H. ZEIGLER. 1997. Photosynthetic pathways in Chenopodiaceae from Africa, Asia and Europe with their ecological, phytogeographical and taxonomic importance. Pl. Syst. Evol. 206: 187- 221, illus. - Correlation between life form and pathways; also with infrageneric classification in Atriplex and Suaeda.

ALURI, J. S. R. & C. S. REDDI. 1996. Flower colour shifts and pollination in Lantana camara L. (Verbenaceae). J. Palynol. 31: 275 - 289, illus. - Only two floral types in India? (see Munir, 1996!); often occurring together flowering simultaneously; pollination by butterflies and thrips, which only visit flowers before they turn red.

ANDERSSON, L. 1996. Circumscription of the tribe Isertieae (Rubiaceae). In: E. Robbrecht, C. Puff & E. Smets (Eds.), Proc. Intern. Rubiaceae Conf.: 139 -164, illus. - Raphidiate genera (e. g. Mycetia) to Rubioideae; Mycetia close to Hedyotideae?; Lecananthus near Schradereae; two major clades, one represented by Sabiceeae.

ANDREASEN, K & B. BREMER. 1996. Phylogeny of the subfamily Ixoroideae (Rubiaceae). In: E. Robbrecht, C. Puff & E. Smets (Eds.), Proc. Intern. Rubiaceae Conf.: 119 -138, illus. - Vanguerieae to be included; Ixora basal; Coffeeae, Octropideae, Pavetteae with modified delimitation monophyletic; Gardenieae restricted, an advanced tribe.

ARCHER, R. H. & A. E. VAN WYK. 1997. A taxonomic revision of Cassine L. s. str. (Cassinoideae: Celastraceae). S. Afr. J. Bot. 63: 146 -157, illus. - Reduced to 3 spp, endemic to S. Africa; the Malesian spp to Elaeodendron.

ARDITTI, J. & A. D. KRIKORIAN. 1996. Orchid micropropagation: the path from laboratory to commercialization and an account of several unappreciated investigators. Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 122: 183 - 241, illus.

ARIFIANI, D. & R. ZAKARIA. 1996. A revision of Endiandra R. Br. (Lauraceae) in Celebes. In: D. Darnaedi (Ed.), The Fifth Regional Training Course … : 64 -73, illus. - 3 spp; key; synonymy, descriptions, notes.

ASMUSSEN, C. B. & J. J. DOYLE. 1996. The rpl16 intron as potential genetic marker within the palm family (Arecaceae). Amer. J. Bot. 84, Suppl.: 174 (abstract).

ATKINS, S. 1997. Two new species of Callicarpa (Verbenaceae) from Brunei. Kew Bull. 52: 227- 230, illus.

ATLURI, J. B., K. R. DEVI & C. S. REDDI. 1996. Pollen flow in Zizyphus oenoplia Mill. (Rhamnaceae). J. Palynol. 31: 261- 274, illus. - In an inflorescence first 3 flowers bisexual, the others usually male, less bisexual; strong protandry; some plants flower in the morning, others in the afternoon; pollination between these types most successful.

AUSTIN, D. F. & S. DEMISSEW. 1997. Unique fruits and generic status of Stictocardia (Convolvulaceae). Kew Bull. 52: 161-169, illus. - Genus distinct; synopsis of species.

AXELIUS, B. 1992. Testa patterns in some species of Physalis L. and some other genera in the tribe Solaneae (Solanaceae). Intern. J. Pl. Sc. 153: 488 - 502, illus.

BACIGALUPO, N. M. & E. L. CABRAL. 1996. Infrageneric classification of Borreria (Rubiaceae - Spermacoceae) on the basis of American species. In: E. Robbrecht, C. Puff & E. Smets (Eds.), Proc. Intern. Rubiaceae Conf.: 297Ð 308, illus. - 2 subg, 1 new, 1 new subsect, 2 new series; Diodia p. p., Hemidiodia reduced.

BACKLUND, A. 1996. Phylogeny of the Dipsacales. Compr. Summ. Uppsala Diss. Fac. Sc. Techn. 243: 33 + 16 + 27 + 79 + 13 pp, illus. - Compilation of introduction and 5 papers, part of which are to be published elsewhere as well; cladistic analysis based on morphological, anatomical, phytochemical, palynological, and molecular (rbcL) data; sister to Apiales in Asteridae s. s.; origin c. 70 My in SE Asia (China); consists of Adoxaceae (incl. Sambucus, Viburnum), Bruniaceae, Columelliaceae (incl. Desfontainia), Caprifoliaceae s. s. and 2 unnamed clades, Dipsacaceae, Morinaceae, Valerianaceae (incl. Triplostegioideae, stat. nov, see below).

BACKLUND, A. & S. NILSSON. 1997. Pollen morphology and the systematic position of Triplostegia (Dipsacales). Taxon 46: 21- 31, illus. - Valerianaceae - Triplostegioideae supported.

BACON, C.W. & N. S. HILL. 1996. Symptomless grass endophytes: products of coevolutionary symbioses and their role in the ecological adaptations of grasses. In: S. C. Redlin & L. M. Carris, Endophytic fungi in grasses and woody plants: 155 -178, illus. - Acremonium (aff. Clavicipitaceae) and Gramineae - Pooideae; Festuca is NOT a primitive grass! (See also A. D. Wilson, 1996).

BAHADUR, B., N. P. REDDY & N. RAMASWAMY. 1996. Heterostyly and pollen dimorphism in Reinwardtia indica Dum. (Linaceae). J. Palynol. 32: 67-77, illus.

BAHADUR, B., T. VENKATESHWARLU & N. P. REDDY. 1996. Heterostyly & pollen dimorphism in Nyctanthes arbor-tristis L. J. Palynol. 32: 51- 58, illus. - Diheterostylous ('hitherto unknown').

BAKER, W. J., C.B. ASMUSSEN, S. BARROW, J. DRANSFIELD & T. A. HEDDERSON. 1996. A molecular phylogeny of the palm family (Arecaceae) based on chloroplast DNA sequence data. Amer. J. Bot. 84, Suppl.: 176 (abstract).

BAKER, W. J., J. DRANSFIELD & T. A. HEDDERSON. 1996. Systematics of calamoid palms. Amer. J. Bot. 84, Suppl.: 176 (abstract).

* BALGOOY, M. M. J. VAN. 1997. Malesian seed plants. Volume 1 Ð Spot-characters. An aid for identification of families and genera. 154 pp, illus. Rijksherbarium / Hortus Botanicus, Leiden, The Netherlands. ISBN 90-71236-31-5. NLG 50. - See Reviews.

BALGOOY, M. M. J. VAN, P. H. HOVENKAMP & P. C. VAN WELZEN. 1996. Phytogeography of the Pacific - floristic and historical distribution patterns in plants. In: A. Keast & S. E. Miller, Origin & Evolution of Pacific Islands biotas: 191- 213, illus. - 17 distribution patterns suggesting several floristic provinces, but without hierarchy; W Pacific mainly populated from SE Asia through New Guinea; correlation between endemism and plate tectonics, esp. mountain-building; polypodioids and Sapindaceae show two tracks of island hopping; oldest route from New Caledonia to Fiji.

BANDYOPADHYAY, S. & B. D. SHARMA. 1994. The identity of Phanera nicobarica (Leguminosae: Caesalpinioideae). J. Bomb. Nat. Hist. Soc. 91: 160 -161. -
= Phanera stipularis.

BANKS, D. P. & D. I. SMEDLEY. 1997. Dendrobium lawesii F. Muell. - its history and notes on cultivation. Orchadian 12: 152 -155, illus. - Orchidaceae.

BAENZIGER, H. 1989. Lardizabalaceae: new plant family for Thailand 'predicted' by rare moth on Doi Suthep. Nat. Hist. Bull. Siam Soc. 37: 187- 208, illus. - Caterpillar of the fruit-piercing noctuid moth Adris okurai specific to Pavatia brunoniana; "can now be safely prognosticated also for peninsular Malaysia" (p. 205) on Gunung Hidjau.

BAENZIGER, H. 1991. Stench and fragrance: unique pollination lure of Thailand's largest flower, Rafflesia kerrii Meijer. Nat. Hist. Bull. Siam Soc. 39: 19 - 52, illus. - Also in Perak.

BAENZIGER, H. 1995. Ecological, morphological and taxonomic studies on Thailand's fifth species of Rafflesiaceae: Rhizanthes zippelii (Blume) Spach. Nat. Hist. Bull. Siam Soc. 43: 337- 365, illus. - Extensive field studies suggest recognition of a single species.

BAENZIGER, H. 1996. Pollination of a flowering oddity: Rhizanthes zippelii (Blume) Spach (Rafflesiaceae). Nat. Hist. Bull. Siam Soc. 44: 113 -142, illus. - By female carrion flies.

BARKER, R. M. 1996. Additional species, new combinations and other notes on Acanthaceae of Australia. J. Adelaide Bot. Gard. 17: 137-152, illus. - Some also Malesian: Thunbergia grandiflora; delimitation Ruellia, keys; Calophanoides = Harnieria; Rhaphidospora platyphylla = Rh. cavernarum.

BARLOW, B. A. 1996. Loranthaceae. Fl. Nouv.-Caléd. 20: 75 - 91, illus. - 2 gen, 3 spp.

BARLOW, B. A. 1996. New Malesian species of Viscaceae. Blumea 41: 339 - 345, illus. - Ginalloa flagellaris for G. arnottiana sensu Danser; Viscum exile; V. scurruloideum for Ginalloa falcata, non V. falcatum.

BARLOW, B. A. 1996. Viscaceae. Fl. Nouv.-Caléd. 20: 92 - 99. - Korthalsella, 2 spp.

BARNESKY, A. L. & T. G. LAMMERS. 1997. Revision of the endemic Asian genus Peracarpa (Campanulaceae: Campanuloideae) via numerical phenetics. Bot. Bull. Acad. Sin. 38: 49 - 56, illus. - 1 indivisible species.

BARTHOLOMEW, B., D. H. NICOLSON & B. NORDENSTAM. 1997. Author citation of Thunberg's new species in Murray's Systema vegetabilium, ed. 14. Taxon 46: 311-314. - 'Thunb.', or 'Thunb. in Murray', not 'Thunb. ex Murray'.

BASTMEIJER, J. D. & B. E. E. DUYFJES. 1996. Zwei Cryptocorynen aus dem Gunung-Leuser-Nationalpark (Sumatra, Indonesien). 1. Teil. Cryptocoryne minima Ridley. Aqua-Planta 21: 136 -142, illus. (In German). - History, synonymy, description; C. amicorum, C. gasseri, C. zewaldiae reduced (Araceae).

BASTMEIJER, J. D. & B. E. E. DUYFJES. 1997. Zwei Cryptocorynen aus dem Gunung-Leuser-Nationalpark (Sumatra, Indonesien). 2. Teil. Cryptocoryne moehlmannii de Wit. Aqua-Planta 22: 43 - 50, illus. (In German).

BEAN, A. R. 1997. Reinstatement of the genus Babingtonia Lindl. (Myrtaceae, Leptospermoideae). Austrobaileya 4: 627- 645, illus. - Ex Baeckea s. l.; 16 spp, some Malesian, 5 new, 9 new comb; keys to related genera, species; synonymy, descriptions for new taxa only.

BEAN, A. R. 1997. A revision of Rubus subg. Idaeobatus (Focke) Focke (Rosaceae) in Australia. Austrobaileya 4: 677- 689, illus. - 5 spp, 3 Malesian, R. probus new record for New Guinea, 1 new; key; synonymy, description; curious distribution of R. parvifolius: SE Australia, SE Asia, not Malesian.

BEAVITT, P., E. KURUI & G. THOMPSON. 1996. Confirmation of an early date for the presence of rice in Borneo: preliminary evidence for possible Bidayuh / Asian links. Borneo Res. Bull. 27: 29 - 37, illus. - Date of 2300 B. C. confirmed, oldest record for Malesia, much earlier than the c. 1500 A. D. previously thought.

BEEVY, S. S. & P. KURIACHAN. 1996. Pollen morphology and taxonomy of the genus Trichosanthes (Cucurbitaceae). J. Palynol. 32: 21- 27, illus. - 5 Indian spp; relation pollen size and ploidy; key.

BERGEN, M. A. VAN & W. SNOEIJER. 1996. Catharanthus G. Don - The Madagascar periwinkle and related species. Wageningen Agric. Univ. Papers 96 / 3: 1-120, illus. - Combination of two papers: M. A. van Bergen: Revision of Catharanthus G. Don. Series of revisions of Apocynaceae. XLI (p. 1- 46): 8 spp; key; synonymy, descriptions; W. Snoeijer: Catharanthus roseus, the Madagascar periwinkle, a review of its cultivars (p. 47Ð120).

BERNARD, S. & R. DE KONINCK. 1996. The retreat of the forest in Southeast Asia: a cartographic assessment. Singapore J. Trop. Geogr. 17: 1-14, illus - 2 maps of 1970 and 1990 compared; ëretreatí euphemism for ëdestructioní.

BEWLY, K. S., J. SINGH & S.V. S. CHAUHAN. 1996. Studies on pollen morphology of some Bignoniaceae. J. Palynol. 31: 137-149, illus. - Limited study suggesting disagreement between pollen types and present generic delimitation.

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BHATTI, G. R. & M. J. INGROUILLE. 1996. Relationships of subfamily Pogostemonoideae revealed by stamen characters. Lamiales Newsl. 4: 8 -10, illus. - Best restricted to Pogostemon.

BLACKBURN, T. M. & K. J. GASTON. 1996. A sideways look at patterns in species richness, or why there are so few species outside the tropics. Biodiv. Lett. 3: 44 - 53, illus. - No solution; equally valid is the question "Why are there so few species outside of the tropics?"; it is unlikely that a single cause for richness gradients can be identified.

BOCK, I. & M. SPECKMAIER. 1997. Dendrobium rigidum R. Br. 1810. Orchideenkartei, Orchidee 48: 855 - 856, illus. (In German). - Description, variability, cultivation, notes.

BOESEWINKEL, F. D. 1997. Seed structure and phylogenetic relationships of the Geraniales. Bot. Jb. 119: 277- 291, illus. - Restricted to Geraniaceae s. s.

BOGLER, D. J. & B. B. SIMPSON. 1996. Phylogeny of Agavaceae based on its rDNA sequence variation. Amer. J. Bot. 83: 1225 -1235, illus. - Split into three: Dracaenaceae supported.

BOSSER, J. 1997. Identité de Aristolochia acuminata Lam. et de A. tagala Cham. (Aristolochiaceae). Adansonia III, 19: 169 -170 (In French, English summ.). - A. acuminata correct.

BREMER, B. 1996. Combined and separate analyses of morphological and molecular data in the plant family Rubiaceae. Cladistics 12: 21- 40, illus. - Position of Vanguerieae uncertain.

BREMER, B. 1996. Phylogenetic studies within Rubiaceae and relationships to other families based on molecular data. In: E. Robbrecht, C. Puff & E. Smets (Eds.), Proc. Intern. Rubiaceae Conf.: 33 - 50, illus. - Rubiaceae monophyletic; sister group to rest of Gentianales; 3 main clades corresponding with existing subfamilies, but not Antirheoideae (see also Rova et al., 1996; Young et al., 1996); Hedyotidae reduced to Spermacoceae.

BRIEGER, F. G., R. MAATSCH & K. SENGHAS. 1996. Die Orchideen. Band I / C, 32 Lief., Bogen 124 -128: 1977- 2056, illus. - Notyliinae to Trichopiliinae (Orchidaceae).

BRUMMITT, R. K. 1996. Report of the Committee for Spermatophyta: 44. Taxon 45: 671Ð 681. - Support for rejection of Alyxia glaucescens, Cassia chamaecrista, Hypericum chinense (H. japonicum to be attributed to Thunb., not Thunb. ex Murr., cf. Art. 46.2), Laurus sumatrensis, support for conservation of Ammannia octandra, Oreodoxa regia.

BRUMMITT, R. K. 1997. Report of the Committee for Spermatophyta: 45. Taxon 46: 323 - 328. - Unanimous rejection of a proposed Code of Bionomenclature, with which I heartily concur.

BRUNEAU, A. 1996. Phylogenetic and biogeographical patterns in Erythrina (Leguminosae: Phaseoleae) as inferred from morphological and chloroplast DNA characters. Syst. Bot. 21: 587- 605, illus. - Origin in South America in early Tertiary.

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BURTON, C. M. 1996. Hoya mindorensis. Hoyan 18: 19 - 24, illus. - On p. 28 - 29 note and topotype of H. lutea (Asclepiadaceae).

BURTON, C. M. 1996. A tentative alternative arrangement of Hoya sections. Hoyan 18 / 2: 8 -13, illus. - 2 new; in a postscript it is stated that all new sections and combinations are ÔtentativeÕ, i. e., not accepted by the author (Asclepiadaceae).

BURTON, C. M. 1997. Hoya padangensis Schltr. Hoyan 18: 67-70, illus. - (Asclepia-daceae).

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BURTT, B. L. 1997. Pseuderanthemum roseum again. Edinburgh J. Bot. 54: 253 - 254. - = Streblacanthus roseus (incl. S. amoenus) (Acanthaceae).

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