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Vol. 12 (4) - November 1998

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Capesius, I. & M. Stech. 1997. Molecular relationships within mosses based on 18S rRNA gene sequences. Nova Hedw. 64: 525­533, illus. Sphagnidae sister to Bryidae; Funariales, Polytrichales distinct; Orthotrichum not part of paraphyletic Hypnobryanae.

Chiang, T.Y. 1998. Taxonomic revision of Andreaea (Mosses, Andreaeaceae) of Taiwan. Bot. Bull. Acad. Sin. 39: 57­68, illus. 6 taxa, 1 new, 1 or 2 Malesian; key; synonymy, descriptions, notes.

Deguchi, H., J. Ueno & T. Yamaguchi. 1997. Taxonomic notes on Diphyscium species with unipapillose leaf cells. J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 82: 99­104, illus. Diphyscium buckii reduced to D. chiapense.

Eggers, J., J.-P. Frahm & R.A. Pursell. 1998. New bryophyte taxon records for tropical countries II. Trop. Bryol. 14: 81­84. E.g. for Bali, Celebes, Irian Jaya, Malay Peninsula, Sabah, Sarawak, Papua New Guinea.

Farge-England, C. la. 1998. The infrageneric phylogeny, classification, and phytogeography of Leucoloma (Dicranaceae, Bryopsida). Bryologist 101: 181­220, illus. 112 spp in several new subgenera, sections, subsections, series; cladistics; keys, synonymy, descriptions of supraspecic taxa.

Frahm, J.-P. 1997. A taxonomic revision of Dicranodontium (Musci). Ann. Bot. Fenn. 34: 179­204, illus. 39 spp reduced to 7, 2 comb nov; key; synonymy, descriptions, notes.

Furuki, T. 1997. Taxonomic studies of Asiatic species of Aneuraceae (Hepaticae). V. Riccardia planiflora (Steph.) Hatt. var. aequatorialis Furuki var. nov. Nat. Hist. Res. 4: 77­79, illus. Thailand, Sabah, Java.

Furuki, T. 1998. Taxonomic studies of Asiatic species of Aneuraceae (Hepaticae). VI. Riccardia fruticosa (Steph.) Furuki, comb. nov., described from New Guinea and its related species. Nat. Hist. Res. 5: 1­10, illus. Key to 3 spp; anatomy, morphology, notes.

Geiger, H., T. Seeger, H.D. Zinsmeister & J.-P. Frahm. 1997. The occurrence of flavonoids in arthrodontous mosses ­ an account of the present knowledge. J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 83: 273­308, illus.

Goffinet, B. 1998. A reconsideration of the affinities of Kleiweisiopsis, Pleurozygodontopsis, Trigonodictyon, and the Microtheciellaceae (Bryopsida, Orthotrichales). J. Bryol. 20: 69­81, illus. Pleurozygodontopsis to Zygodon.

Gradstein, S.R. 1997. The taxonomic diversity of epiphyllous bryophytes. Abstr. Bot. 21: 15­19, illus.

Granzow-De la Cerda, I. 1997. Revision and phylogeny of Anomodon and Herpetineuron (Anomodontaceae, Musci). Contr. Univ. Michigan Herb. 21: 205­275, illus. Resp. 16 and 2 spp; Haplohymenium reduced to Anomodon; keys; synonymy, descriptions, notes.

He, S. 1998. The floristic composition and phytogeographical connections of Thai mosses. J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 84: 121­134, illus.

Hedenäs, L. 1997. An evaluation of phylogenetic relationships among the Thuidiaceae, the Amblystegiaceae, and the temperate members of the Hypnaceae. Lindbergia 22: 101­133, illus. Thuidiaceae monophyletic; Amblystegiaceae and Hypnaceae not really distinct from it.

Higuchi, M. & D.-C. Zhang. 1998. Sporophytes of Takakia ceratophylla found in China. J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 84: 57­69, illus. Takakia distinct subclass of Bryophyta.

Koponen, T. & V. Virtanen. 1998. On the taxonomy and phylogeny of Fleischerobryum (Musci, Bartramiaceae). J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 84: 29­35, illus. 2 spp.

Orbán, S. 1997. Epiphyllous Calymperaceae species. Abstr. Bot. 21: 119­121, illus.

Piipo, S. 1998. Bryophytes from Frieda River, East and West Sepik Provinces, Papua New Guinea. IV. Chiloscyphus koponenii sp. nov. (Geocalycaceae). Ann. Bot. Fenn. 25: 55­57, illus.

Piipo, S. & T. Koponen. 1997. On the phytogeographic biodiversity of western Melanesian mosses. J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 82: 191­201, illus. Area is more or less New Guinea.

Ramsay, H.P. 1997. Cytotaxonomic studies on some Polytrichales from Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu. J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 82: 213­226, illus.

Reese, W.D. 1997. Asexual reproduction in Calymperaceae (Musci), with special reference to functional morphology. J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 82: 227­244, illus. 1 new comb.

Renzaglia, K.S., K.D. McFarland & D.K. Smith. 1997. Anatomy and ultrastructure of the sporophyte of Takakia ceratophylla (Bryophyta). Amer. J. Bot. 84: 1337­1350, illus. Takakia denitely a moss.

Robinson, H. 1997. Considerations on the occurrence of stomates in Bryophytes and Tracheophytes. J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 82: 245­251, illus.

Schuster, R.M. 1997. On a new, microphyllous New Caledonian Acromastigum (Lepidoziaceae). Nova Hedw. 64: 613­620, illus. Acromastigum with 3 subgen, 2 new, 2 new sect, 1 invalid; Triandrophyllopsis reduced to sect; keys.

Schuster, R.M. 1997. On Takakia and the phylogenetic relationships of the Takakiales. Nova Hedw. 64: 281­310, illus. It's a moss.

So, M.-L. & R.-L. Zhu. 1998. On six species of the genus Lejeunea in China, including one new species. Bryologist 101: 137­143, illus. E.g. Lejeunea tuberculosa.

Spence, J.R. 1997. A gametophytic evaluation of the Leskeaceae and related families.

J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 82: 261­270, illus. Compared to e.g. Thuidiaceae.

Streimann, H. 1997. Taxonomic studies on Australian Hookeriaceae (Musci). 1. Introduction, and the genera Achrophyllum, Callicostella, Chaetomitrium and Cyclodictyon. J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 82: 281­304, illus. Some Malesian; keys; synonymy, descriptions, notes.

Szabó, A. 1997. Data on the epiphyllous liverwort flora of West-Borneo. Abstr. Bot. 21: 169­172, illus. Many new records.

Tan, B.C. 1998. The types and original specimens of published names of mosses preserved in the Herbarium of Singapore Botanic Gardens (SING). Gard. Bull., Singapore 50: 49­57.

Tan, B.C. & J. Yu. 1998. A cladistic study of the family Sematophyllaceae in China. J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 84: 49­55, illus. Paraphyletic.

Tangney, R.S. 1998. The architecture of the Lembophyllaceae (Musci). J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 84: 37­47, illus.

Thiers, B.M. 1997. Cheilolejeunea in Australia: description of new taxa and key. J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 82: 321­328, illus.

Virtanen, V. 1997. The genus Breutelia (Bartramiaceae, Musci) in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Bryologist 100: 324­348, illus. Revision of 12 spp.

Zhu, R.-L. & M.L. So. 1998. Two epiphyllous liverworts, Cololejeunea dozyana (Sande Lac.) Schiffn. and Cololejeunea sigmoidea Jovet-Ast & Tixier (Hepaticae, Lejeuneaceae), new to Taiwan. Bot. Bull. Acad. Sin. 39: 125­130, illus.

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