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Vol. 12 (4) - November 1998

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Bidin, A.A. & S.A. Masturi. 1997. Variations in surface structure of the spores of the fern genus Pteris L. in Malaysia. Mal. Nat. J. 50: 131­139, illus. 12 spp in 5 groups.

Camus, J.M. 1997. The genus Selaginella (Selaginellaceae) in Malesia. In: J. Dranseld et al., Pl. Div. Mal. III: 59­69, illus. Probably two genera: Stachygynandrum (incl. Selaginella subgen. Heterostachys) in Malesia; characters; distribution.

Chiou, W.-L. & D.R. Farrar. 1997. Comparative gametophyte morphology of selected species of the family Polypodiaceae. Amer. Fern J. 87: 77­86, illus.

Crane, E.H. 1997. A revised circumscription of the genera of the fern family Vittariaceae. Syst. Bot. 22: 509­517, illus. Antrophyum paraphyletic, Vittaria polyphyletic, split into 3, 1 new; in Malesia Haplopteris, many new comb; generic descriptions, key; other Vittariaceae in Malesia: Antrophyum, Monogramma.

Dubuisson, J.-Y. 1997. rbcL sequences: a promising tool for the molecular systematics of the fern genus Trichomanes (Hymenophyllaceae)? Molec. Phylogen. & Evol. 8: 128­138, illus. Promising, but results more like cytological results than morphology.

Dubuisson, J.-Y., R. Hébant-Mauri & J. Galtier. 1998. Molecules and morphology: conflicts and congruence within the fern genus Trichomanes (Hymenophyllaceae). Molec. Phylogen. & Evol. 9: 390­397, illus. Interaction between three different data sets show persistence of incongruence.

Filippini-De Giorgi, A., R. Holderegger & J.J. Schneller. 1997. Aspects of spore dispersal in Selaginella. Amer. Fern J. 87: 93­103, illus.

Gardette, E. 1997. Distribution of epiphytic ferns in Sumatran rain forest. In: J. Dranseld et al., Pl. Div. Mal. III: 111­127, illus.

Hartini, S. 1998. Simbar menjangan [Platycerium bifurcatum (Cav.) C. Chr.]. Warta Kebun Raya 2/2: 9­14 (In Indonesian, English summ.).

Hovenkamp, P.H. 1997. Paraselliguea, a new genus of Malesian Polypodiaceae. Blumea 42: 485­487, illus. 1 sp in Borneo.

Hovenkamp, P.[H.] 1998. An account of the Malay-Pacific species of Selliguea (Polypodiaceae). Blumea 43: 1­108, illus. Revision; incl. Crypsinopsis, Crypsinus, Grammatopteris, Holcosorus, Oleandropsis, Phymatopsis, Pycnoloma; 52 spp, 1 new, 32 new comb; history, morphology, taxonomy; key; synonymy, descriptions, notes; index to collections.

Hovenkamp, P.[H.] 1998. Lepisorus in Malesia. Blumea 43: 109­115, illus. Revision; incl. Paragramma; 4 spp, 1 new, 1 new comb.; key; synonymy, descriptions; specimens under taxa (Polypodiaceae).

*Johns, R.J., P.J. Edwards & D. Kowalska. 1997. A checklist of the fern allies, ferns and gymnosperms of the N.E. Kepala Burung (Vogelkop), Irian Jaya, Indonesia.

91 pp. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Kato, M. 1997. Taxonomic studies of pteridophytes of Ambon and Seram (Moluccas) collected on Indonesian-Japanese expeditions. XI. Thelypteridaceae (1). Acta Phytotax. Geobot. 48: 43­59, illus. 4 new spp.

Köhler, P.S. 1989. The Javanese Pteridophyta collected by Marian Raciborski housed in the herbarium of the Jagiellonian University (KRA). Prace Bot. 18: 127­133, illus. Itinerary, map.

*Nakaike, T. 1998. Index to distribution maps of Pteridophytes in Asia. 93 pp. 1376 taxa, 86 references.

Nooteboom, H.P. 1997. The microsoroid ferns (Polypodiaceae). Blumea 42: 261­395, illus. Leptochilus (10 spp, 6 Malesian, incl. Colysis), Microsorum (49/33, incl. Neocheiropteris, Phymatosorus; regional keys), Podosorus (1/1), and perhaps Lepisorus; many new comb; venation and arrangement of sori; keys; indices to collections and names.

Parris, B.S. 1997. A provisional check-list of pteridophytes from the Danum Valley, Sabah. Sandakania 9: 77­85, illus. 157 taxa, 2 new comb.

Parris, B.S. 1997. New pteridophyte records for Mount Kinabalu. Sandakania 9: 87­88.

Parris, B.S. 1997. The ecology and phytogeography of Mount Kinabalu pteridophytes. Sandakania 9: 89­102, illus.

Parris, B.S. 1997. A provisional check-list of pteridophytes from the Crocker Range National Park, Sabah. Sandakania 9: 103­111. 174 taxa, 1 new comb.

Parris, B.S. 1997. Generic delimitation in Grammitidaceae. In: J. Dranseld et al., Pl. Div. Mal. III: 171­176.

Parris, B.S. 1997. Themelium, a new genus of Grammitidaceae. Kew Bull. 52: 737­741. 5 spp, key.

Parris, B.S. & A. Latiff. 1997. Towards a pteridophyte flora of Malaysia: a provisional checklist of taxa. Mal. Nat. J. 50: 235­280. 1165 spp of ferns and fern-allies; 8 new comb, 1 nom. nov.

Rolleri, C. & M. del Carmen Lavalle. 1996. Análisis con MEB y MO de caracteres epidérmicos foliares en Marattiaceae sensu lato. Rev. Mus. Plata, n.s. 108/109: 433­456, illus. (In Spanish, English summ.). SEM and OM studies.

Satou, Z. 1997. Miscellaneous notes on ferns and fern allies (1­4). Hikobia 12: 267­270. Mainly on Japanese taxa of Ophioglossaceae, Equisetaceae, Lycopodiaceae, Selaginellaceae, perhaps some Malesian.

Schneider, E.L. & S. Carlquist. 1998. SEM studies on vessels in ferns. 9. Dicranopteris (Gleicheniaceae) and vessel patterns in leptosporangiate ferns. Amer. J. Bot. 85: 1028­1032, illus. Presence of vessels not a reliable character for phylogeny.

Schneider, H. 1997. Root anatomy of Aspleniaceae and the implications for systematics of this fern family. Fern Gaz. 15: 160­168, illus. 140 spp studied support recognition of 2 genera, Asplenium and Hymenoasplenium; characters constant at sp level.

Tryon, R. 1997. Systematic notes on Oleandra. Rhodora 99: 335­543, illus. Mainly on American spp.

Turner, I.M. & S.C. Chin. 1998. The plant taxa of H.N. Ridley. 1. The pteridophytes. Asian J. Trop. Biol. 2: 31­40. Annotated list of 51 taxa; authorship of W. Hunter (1909).

Wang, Z.-R. 1997. A revision of the Chinese Athyrium Roth (1) ­ subgeneric classification of the genus. Bull. Bot. Res., Harbin 17: 274­300 (In Chinese, English summ.). 14 sect, 15 series, some Malesian; key.

Wikström, N. & P. Kenrick. 1997. Phylogeny of Lycopodiaceae (Lycopsida) and the relationships of Phylloglossum drummondii Kunze based on rbcL sequences. Intern. J. Pl. Sc. 158: 862­871, illus. Based on 12 spp representing major groups.

Wolf, P. 1997. Evaluation of atpB nucleotide sequences for phylogenetic studies of ferns and other pteridophytes. Amer. J. Bot. 84: 1429­1440, illus. Leptosporangiate ferns monophyletic; clade of Psilotaceae + Ophioglossaceae well-supported.

Yu, S.-L. & Y.-X. Lin. 1997. A study of systematics of the genus Lepisorus (Polypodiaceae). Acta Phytotax. Sin. 35: 341­347, illus. (In Chinese, English summ.). 6 sections, 4 new, 2 new comb; key; apparently mainly Chinese taxa.

Zhang, X.C. & H.P. Nooteboom. 1997. Some new combinations in Plagiogyria (Plagiogyriaceae, Pteridophyta). Blumea 42: 483­484. 3 comb nov.

Zulkofli, M., A. Latiff, A.A. Bidin & R. Jaman. 1998 ('1996'). A preliminary study of ferns and fern-allies of Gunung Kajang area, Pulau Tioman. Gard. Bull., Singapore 48: 159­188, illus. 107 taxa.

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