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Vol. 12 (6) - November 1999

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Akiyama, H., T. Yamaguchi & M. Mohamed. 1999. A new variety of Polytrichadelphus archboldii Bartr. (Polytrichaceae, Musci) from Mt. Kinabalu, Sabah. Acta Phytotax. Geobot. 49: 135–141, illus.

Arts, T. 1998. A revision of the moss genus Gymnostomiella Fleisch. J. Bryol. 20: 411–427, illus. — 6 taxa, 1 comb nov; key; synonymy, descriptions, notes.

*Bates, J.W., N.W. Ashton & J.G. Duckett (Eds.). 1998. Bryology for the twenty-first century. xii, 382 pp, illus. British Bryological Society, ISBN 0-901286-90-7. Proceedings of the Centenary Symposium, Glasgow, U.K., 5–7 August 1996.

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Cox, C.J. & T.A.J. Hedderson. 1998. Phylogenetic relationships among the ciliate arthrodontous mosses: evidence from chloroplast and nuclear DNA sequences. Pl. Syst. Evol. 215: 119–139, illus. — Monophyly of clades with Splachnineae, Orthotrichineae, and diplolepideous alternate suborders and with Splachnineae, Meesiaceae, and Leptobryum supported; splachnaceous and orthotrichaceous peristomes polytopic.

Duckett, J.G., A.M. Schmid & R. Lifrone. 1998. Protonemal morphogenesis. In: J.W. Bates, N.W. Ashton & J.G. Duckett (Eds.), Bryology 21st Cent.: 223–246, illus.

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Engel, J.J. 1999. Studies on Geocalycaceae (Hepaticae). XI. Supraspecific new taxa and new combinations in Chiloscyphus Corda for Australasia. Novon 9: 22–24.

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Goffinet, B. & D.H. Vitt. 1998. Revised generic classification of the Orthotricheae based on a molecular phylogeny and comparative morphology. In: J.W. Bates, N.W. Ashton & J.G. Duckett (Eds.), Bryology 21st Cent.: 143–159, illus. — 2 subfam, 4 tribes, 2 new gen; generic key.

Grolle, R. 1998. The gender of Mnioloma Herzog and Plagiochilion S. Hatt. (Hepaticae). J. Bryol. 20: 497–500. — Both neuter.

Grolle, R. & E. Reiner-Drehwald. 1999. Review of the genus Harpalejeunea (Lejeuneaceae) including the description of H. grandis, a new species from the páramos of Colombia. J. Bryol. 21: 31–45, illus. — 1 new subgen, 8 new comb; most species removed to other genera; indices.

Grolle, R. & M.L. So. 1999. Studies of Plagiochila sect. Subtropicae in Asia. Bryologist 102: 67–75, illus. — Key to 9 spp, 1 new; synonymy, notes.

Grolle, R. & M.L. So. 1999. Studies on Plagiochila sect. Tayloriae in Asia. Bryologist 102: 287–293, illus. — 7 spp, 3 Malesian; key; synonymy, descriptions, notes.

Grolle, R. & M.L. So. 1999. Studies on Plagiochila sect. Contiguae in East and South Asia. Bryologist 102: 294–303, illus. — 14 spp, 7 Malesian; key; synonymy, notes, some descriptions.

He, X.-L. 1999. A taxonomic monograph of the genus Pycnolejeunea (Lejeuneaceae, Hepaticae). Acta Bot. Fenn. 163: 1–77, illus. — 2 subgen (1 new), 2 sect (new), 9 spp, 1 comb nov; history, morphology, ecology; key; synonymy, descriptions, notes, selected specimens under taxa.

Hedenäs, L. 1998. Cladistic studies on pleurocarpous mosses: research needs, and use of results. In: J.W. Bates, N.W. Ashton & J.G. Duckett (Eds.), Bryology 21st Cent.: 125–141, illus. — Outline of a working approach.

Hofmann, H. 1998. A monograph of the genus Homalothecium (Brachytheciaceae, Musci). Lindbergia 23: 119–159, illus. — 10 taxa, 1 new subsp, 1 new comb; key; synonymy, descriptions, notes; representative collections under taxa.

Hyvönen, J., T.A. Hedderson, G.L. Smith Merrill, J.G. Gibbins & R.E. Ingham. 1998. On phylogeny of the Polytrichales. Bryologist 101: 489–504, illus. — Data from morphology, rbcL, rps4, 18S rRNA for 22 (!) spp; monophyletic, Oedipodium sister group.

Ignatov, M., H. Robinson & E.A. Ignatova. 1998. Studies on the exostome of Brachytheciaceae (Musci). Arctoa 7: 153–188, illus. — Camptothecium, Platyhypnidium, Steerecleus, Eurhynchiella distinct.

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López-Sáez, J.A., M.J. Pérez-Alonso & A.V. Negueruela. 1996. Contribution to the phylogeny of Philonotis Brid. (Bartramiaceae Schwaegr.): flavonoids of sections Catenularia (C. Müll.) Par. and Euphilonotis Limpr. Bot. Complut. 21: 51–58, illus. — In the genus Euphilonotis least evolved, Catenularia most.

Müller, F. & A. Schäfer-Verwimp. 1999. New bryophyte taxon records for tropical countries III. Trop. Bryol. 16: 195–201. — Campylopus japonicus new for Malesia; Chenia leptophylla, Diplophyllum nanum, Enthostedon buseanus, Schoenobryum concavifolium new generic records for Peninsular Malaysia; Cephalozia hamatiloba, Colura inflata, Heteroscyphus wettsteinii, Lophocolea muricata, Plagiochila sandei, Plagiomnium elimbatum new spp for Peninsular Malaysia.

Muñoz, J. 1998. A taxonomic revision of Grimmia subgenus Orthogrimmia (Musci, Grimmiaceae). Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 85: 367–403, illus. — Survey of divisions of Grimmia; keys; 2 sect, 9 spp (1 Malesian?); synonymy, descriptions.

Nath, V. & A.K. Asthana. 1998. Diversity and distribution of genus Frullania Raddi in South India. J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 85: 63–82, illus. — Title misleading as Andaman Islands are considered to be ‘S India’; politically correct, but botanically they are S Birmese/Thai; this misconception causes misidentification of Andaman taxa through comparison with Indian, not SE Asian literature; likewise the Nicobars are not Indian but W Malesian.

Ochyra, R. 1998. The identities of two Indian species of Hygroamblystegium (Musci, Amblystegiaceae). Fragm. Flor. Geobot. 43: 273–278, illus. — One is Pseudoleskeopsis zippellii.

Ochyra, R. 1998. The two oldest recognitions of Campylium polygamum (Musci, Amblystegiaceae). Fragm. Flor. Geobot. 43: 279–283, illus.

Potemkin, A.D. 1998. On the origin, evolution and classification of the genus Scapania (Dum.) Dum. (Hepaticae). J. Hattori Bot. Lab. 85: 33–61, illus. — 2 new sect.

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Schuster, R.M. 1999. Studies on Hepaticae, LXV. Lepidoziaceae subf. Zoopsidoideae 2: Zoopsis. Nova Hedw. 68: 1–63, illus. — 3 subgen, 3 sect, 8 spp, 1 new (‘crophylla’, sphalma for macrophylla!), 1 new var; keys.

Sloover, J.L. de. 1999. Maurice Onraedt (1904–1998). Biographie sommaire et liste des publications bryologiques de Maurice Onraedt. Cryptogamie, Bryol. 20: 213–214.

So, M.L. & R. Grolle. 1999. Studies on Plagiochila in Asia: supplements to sections Abietinae, Annotinae, Ciliatae, Contiguae, Cucullatae, Poeltiae, Sutropicae and Zonatae. Cryptogamie, Bryol. 20: 167–179. — Reduction of 27 names.

Spagnuolo, V., P. Caputo, S. Cozzolino, R. Castaldo & P. de Luca. 1999. Patterns of relationships in Trichostomoideae (Pottiaceae, Musci). Pl. Syst. Evol. 216: 69–79, illus. — Result of study of rDNA sequences not in agreement with present taxonomy.

Szweykowski, J. & K. Buczkowska. 1998. The rhizoid-initial field – a valuable taxonomic character in species of the genus Calypogeia Raddi (Hepaticae, Jungermanniales). Nova Hedw. 67: 23–43, illus. — Based on C European spp.

Tan, B.C. & T. Ninh. 1998. New records for Thailand and Vietnam moss floras. Acta Bot. Yunn. 20: 271–275. — Some also Malesian; 1 new comb in Mastopoma for Acanthocladium scabrifolium.

Tan, B.C., W.B. Schofield & H. Ramsay. 1998. Miscellanies of Australian Sematophyllaceae with a new genus, Meiotheciella. Nova Hedw. 67: 213–223, illus. — Notes on e.g. Acroporium microcladum, Sematophyllum subhumile, S. saproxylophilum to Trichosteleum (incl. S. decipiens, Clastobryophilum serrulatum).

Tian, W. 1999. New records of bryophytes from Hunan province. Guihaia 19: 121–123 (In Chinese, Engl. summ.). — Some Malesian.

Tran, N. 1998. Three mosses new to Vietnam. Trop. Bryol. 15: 21–22. — Claopodium prionophyllum, Leucobryum microleucophanoides, Splachnobryum indicum.

Vana, J. 1998. Sphenolobopsis R.M. Schust. et N. Kitag. in Africa and Tristan da Cunha. J. Bryol. 20: 521–522.

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Virtanen, V. & T. Koponen. 1998. Notes on Philonotis (Bartramiaceae, Musci). 2. The status of Breutelia neocaledonica. Crypt., Bryol. Lichénol. 19: 329–334, illus. — = Philonotis secunda; key to N.C. Philonotis; synonymy.

Vitt, D.H., B. Goffinet & T. Hedderson. 1998. The ordinal classification of the mosses: questions and answers for the 1990s. In: J.W. Bates, N.W. Ashton & J.G. Duckett (Eds.), Bryology 21st Cent.: 113–123, illus. — 4 classes distinguished.

Weis, G. 1999. Neue Untersuchungen zur Sporophytenmorphologie bei Lejeuneaceae und Jubulaceae (Hepaticae). Syst. Geogr. Pl. 68: 137–146, illus. — Sporophytes of Ptychanthoideae reminiscent of Frullania; capsules of Austrolejeunea similar to those of Cololejeuneoideae.

Zhu, R.-L. & M.L. So. 1998. Notes on the taxonomy and distribution of Cololejeunea platyneura (Hepaticeae, Lejeuneaceae). Ann. Bot. Fenn. 35: 229–232, illus. — Incl. C. astyla.

Zhu, R.-L. & M.L. So. 1998. Reappraisal of Cololejeunea ceratiloba, C. formosana, and C. reineckeana (Hepaticae, Lejeuneaceae). Taxon 47: 839–842, illus. — C. formosana reduced to C. ceratiloba; redescription of C. reineckeana.

Zhu, R.-L. & M.L. So. 1998. Tuyamaella serratistipa S. Hatt. new to the Philippines, with a key to the genus Tuyamaella (Hepaticae, Lejeuneaceae). J. Bryol. 20: 455–460, illus. — Synonymy, description.

Zhu, R.-L. & M.L. So. 1999. A note on Trachylejeunea chinensis (Hepaticae, Lejeuneaceae). Taxon 48: 489–492, illus. — = Lejeunea; T. englishii (New Guinea), T. malangensis (Borneo) also misplaced.

Zhu, R.-L. & M.L. So. 1999. New records of Cololejeunea (Lejeuneaceae, Hepaticae) for China and Vietnam. Bot. Bull. Acad. Sin. 40: 165–171, illus. — 2 Malesian.

Zijlstra, G. 1998. Report of the Committee for Bryophyta: 4. Taxon 47: 859–862. — Conservation of Aongstroemia, Atractylocarpus, Cinclidotus, Dicranella, Gollania, Homalia, Hyophila, Oligotrichum recommended; that of Aneura, Dicnemoloma, Garovaglia not recommended; rejection of Trichodon recommended.

Zijlstra, G. (Ed.). 1999. Report of the Committee for Bryophyta: 5. Taxon 48: 563–565. — E.g. recommended conservation: Rhynchostegiella over Remyella; not recommended: conservation of Dicranoloma over Megalostylium.

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