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Vol. 12 (6) - November 1999

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Carlquist, S. & E.L. Schneider. 1999. SEM studies on vessels in ferns. 12. Marattiaceae, with comments on vessel patterns in eusporangiate ferns. Amer. J. Bot. 86: 457–464, illus.

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Hameed, C.A. & P.V. Madhusoodanan. 1998. Meringium acanthoides (V.d. B.) Cope (Hymenophyllaceae) – a new record for South India. J. Econ. Tax. Bot. 22: 465–467, illus. — Synonymy, description.

Hartini, S. & Ruspandi. 1998. Stenochlaena palustris (Burm.) Bedd. paku memanjat yang banyak manfaat. Warta Kebun Raya 2/3: 17–28, illus. (In Indonesian, Engl. summ.). — Description, distribution, ecology, cultivation.

Hovenkamp, P.H. (Ed.). 1998. Polypodiaceae. Fl. Males. II, 3: 1–234, illus. — The validation of the family name is not by Berchtold & J. Presl (1820), but probably by Kaulfuss, Wesen Farrenkr. (1827) in clave (P.H. Hovenkamp & JFV).

Kato, M. 1998. Matoniaceae. Fl. Males. II, 3: 289–294, illus.

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Laferrière, J.E. 1998. Equisetaceae. Fl. Males. II, 3: 287–288, illus.

Lu, S.[G.] 1999. A taxonomical study on the genus Dryopteris subgenus Erythrovariae from China. Guihaia 19: 105–118 (In Chinese, Engl. summ.). — 3 sect (1 new), 2 series (1), 34 spp, 2 var; key; synonymy, distribution.

Matsumoto, S., T. Iwashina, K. Sugimura, T. Hashimoto & T. Nakamura. 1998. A list of pteridophytes herbarium specimens from Vanuatu, collected in 1996 and 1997. Ann. Tsukuba Bot. Gard. 17, Sp. Issue: 75–100.

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Mukhopadhyay, R. 1998. Cytotaxonomic observations on Selaginella Beauv. Phytomorphology 48: 343–347, illus. — Species with x = 9 primitive.

Nooteboom, H.P. 1998. Davalliaceae. Fl. Males. II, 3: 235–276, illus.

Ohta, N. & M. Takamiya. 1999. Taxonomic studies of the Diplazium mettenianum complex (Woodsiaceae; Pteridophyta) in Japan; morphology, cytology and taxonomy of plants with normal-shaped spores. J. Pl. Res. 112: 67–86, illus. — 5 spp, 2 new, D. griffithii upheld.

Parris, B.S. 1998. Chrysogrammitis, a new genus of Grammitidaceae (Filicales). Kew Bull. 53: 909–918, illus. — 2 new comb; key; synonymy, descriptions, notes.

Parris, B.S. 1998. The addition of Acrosorus streptophyllus (Baker) Copel. (Grammitidaceae: Pteridophyta) to the Flora of Thailand. Fern. Gaz. 15: 215–216.

Phan, K.L. 1998. Some new records of ferns for the flora of Vietnam. Tap Chi Sinh Hoc 20/3: 5–8 (In Vietnamese, Engl. summ.). — E.g. Acrosorus triangularis, Blechnum elongatum, Ctenopteris subfalcata, Scleroglossum minus, Sphenomeris biflorum, Teratophyllum clemensii, T. ludens.

Saunders, R.M.K. 1998. Azollaceae. Fl. Males. II, 3: 277–284, illus.

Shi, L. & X.-C. Zhang. 1999. Taxonomy of the fern genus Leptochilus Kaulf. (Polypodiaceae). Acta Phytotax. Sin. 37: 145–152, illus. (In Chinese, Engl. summ.). — Colysis distinct; Dendroglossa, Myuropteris, Nistarika, Paraleptochilus reduced; key (also in English!); synonymy.

Stützel, T. & O. Galing. 1997 (‘1995/1996’). Blätter und Spreuschuppen bei Farnen. Unterschiede und gemeinsamkeiten unter morphologischen und phylogenetischen Gesichtspunkten. Beitr. Biol. Pfl. 69: 17–29, illus. (In German, Engl. summ.). — Ferns strictly follow the inhibition zone concept for lateral products of the stem.

*Wee, C.Y. 1997. Ferns of the tropics. 190 pp, 208 colour pl, 14 fig. Times Editions Pte Ltd, Singapore. ISBN 981-204-793-X. GBP 15.97 (hardback), 9.95 (paperback). — E.g. 77 Malaysian spp; morphology, folklore & superstition, uses, propagation, cultivation (n.v.: review Pteridologist 3, 1999, 97).

Zhang, X.-C. & H.P. Nooteboom. 1998. Plagiogyriaceae. Fl. Males. II, 3: 295–316, illus.

Zhang, X.-C. & H.P. Nooteboom. 1998. A taxonomic revision of Plagiogyriaceae (Pteridophyta). Blumea 43: 401–469, illus. — 1 gen, 11 spp, 4 var; morphology, spores by G.A. van Uffelen; key; synonymy, descriptions; list of collections.

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