Calanthe R.Br., Edwards's Bot. Reg. (1821) sub t. 573

Subfamily: Epidendroideae

Tribe: Collabieae

Subtribe: Not used

Synonyms: Alismorchis Thouars , Alismorkis Thouars , Amblyglottis Blume , Aulostylis Schltr. , Calanthidium Pfitzer , Centrosis Thouars , Ghiesbreghtia A.Rich. & Gal. , Limatodis Blume , Paracalanthe Kudo , Preptanthe Rchb.f. , Styloglossum Breda , Zoduba Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don

A genus of c. 150 species; c. 113 species in Malesia.

Distribution: South Africa, tropics, China, Japan, east to Tahiti, Marquesas

Seidenfaden, G. 1975. Orchid genera in Thailand I. Calanthe R.Br. Dansk Bot. Ark. 29(2): 1 - 50.

Thomas, S. 1999. Calanthe section Rhodochilus (Orchidaceae) from New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and the Moluccas. Blumea 44: 25 - 36.  


Calanthe kemulensis J.J.Sm. (section Calanthe), cultivated at the Hortus Botanicus, Leiden, from Borneo, Sarawak Calanthe cremeoviridis J.J.Wood(section Calanthe), cultivated at the Hortus Botanicus, Leiden, from Papua New Guinea Calanthe pulchra (Blume) Lindl. (section Styloglossum), cultivated at the Semenggoh Nature Reserve, near Kuching, Sarawak
Calanthe rajana J.J.Sm. (section Styloglossum), drawing by J.J. Smith    

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