This website was made possible by a grant of the Pieter Langerhuizen Lambertuszoon Fonds'.

The information incorporated is based on the report of M. Christenhusz (in press), with additions originating from further research. The assistance of the following persons is greatly acknowledged: Dr. T. van Andel, Prof. P. Baas, G. Bernard, Dr. I. Darbyshire, J. De Groote, Dr. S. Dressler, Prof. A. Gibson, M.J. Jansen-Jacobs, Dr. V.G. Jetten, C. Lut, Prof. P.J.M. Maas, R. Sluiter, C. Tancin, G. Thijsse, Dr. G. van Uffelen, and L. Willemse.

Most illustrations on this website are photos from the tapestries by Maximiliaan van de Gucht (1603-1689), present at the 'regentenkamer' (trustees boardroom) of the 'Bartholomeus Gasthuis' in Utrecht, the Netherlands. For more info click here (in Dutch). Other illustrations originate from the tapestries designed in 1936 by Willem van Konijnenburg, present in the auditorium of the Utrecht University.

The illustration of the Cruijdeboeck, by Rembertus Dodonaeus, 1554, was obtained from the Special Collections, Wageningen UR Library. For more info click here.

The digitization of the collections, project management, further data research, and web site building was carried out by Renske Ek.

Detail of a tapestry in the auditorium of the Utrecht University.