Cadé, Petrus. Pharmacist living in Brabant, he probably worked for a small hospital somewhere near 's Hertogenbosch. He did not actually live in 's Hertogenbosch; his name is not mentioned on a 1557 list with names of households in 's Hertogenbosch and its free state. The name Cadé, however, was frequently found in Brabant at that time. Oldest found name dates 1702 from Zevenbergen. In 1892 there is a reference to a Petrus Cadee in 's Hertogenbosch.

Cadé, Ischa. Relative of Petrus. Added some collections and made further annotations in the book.

Camerarius, Joachim. (1500-1574). Real name Joachim Kammermeister. German Universal scholar and poet. Studied at Leipzig, Erfurt, and Wittenberg. He wrote textbooks on Classical Languages, and on history, theology, pedagogy, mathematics, astronomy, and science in general.

Coudenberg, Peter. Owner of a botanical garden in Antwerp, established in 1548 and destroyed in 1585. Herbarium was first attributed to him.

Coudenberghe, Pieter same as Coudenberg, Peter.

De Vriendt, Jan Made an annotation at the first page that he bought the Hortus Siccus for the price of 8 schellingen. The name 'de Vriendt' is frequently found in Brabant, oldest reference is from 1692 Bergen op Zoom.

Dodonaeus, Rembertus. Latin name of Rembert Dodoens (1517 - 1585). His actual name was Rembert Doedesz Joenckema. He started as a physician in Mechelen (Belgium), later he became private doctor of first Maximiliaan II of Austria and later Rudolf II. In 1582 he became professor at the Leiden University, teaching botany and medicine. He wrote the Cruyde-boeck 1554, the plants within the Cadé Herbarium are ordered roughly according to this book.

Reussens Made annotations in the book. Oldest reference to the name is from 1848, near Eindhoven (the Netherlands).

Ogden, Charles Kay. College Professor at Magdalene College Cambridge and devoted collector of clocks, musical boxes, automata, pictures and books. After his death in 1957, the University College of Los Angelos bought his entire library (more than 80.000 volumes). The Petrus Cadé Herbarium was part of this collection. Nothing is known on how it was acquired by C.K. Ogden.

Stafleu, F. Professor in Systematic Botany, Utrecht University (1966-1986). Discovered the Herbarium at the Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library in Los Angelos. First to publish on the Herbarium. Herbarium was donated to him in 1979. He, in his turn, donated the herbarium to Prof. Verdoorn.

Verdoorn, F. Professor in Biological History, Utrecht University (1958-1976).

Maas, P.J.M. Professor in Systematic Botany, Utrecht University (1994 - 2004). Received the Cadé Herbarium as a gift for the Institute of Systematic Botany of the Utrecht University, after it was rediscovered in 1989.