Malesian Euphorbiaceae Newsletter 6


February 1997


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Revised Genera



This issue of the newsletter will only contain a preliminary checklist of all Euphorbiaceae of Thailand and the Malesian area. In total 1593 species are present in both regions, distributed over 113 genera. It is not possible to calculate the exact amount of species present in Malesia, because part of the 157 endemic species in Thailand also occur in the Malesian region (Peninsular Thailand south of the Isthmus of Kra).

The table shows that endemism per subarea is usually high within the Euphorbiaceae (> 10%). The highest number is found in New Guinea with almost three-quarters endemic species. The Philippines have the next highest number, but this will be flattered because no floral treatment exists and it is well-known that the numbers of endemic species in the Philippines are greatly exaggerated.



No. species

No. endemics

% endemism/ subarea

% endemism / Malesia + Thailand




40 %

10 %

Malay Peninsula



20 %

5 %




17 % 

3 %




23 %

3 %




34 %

 9 %




43 % 

11 %




16 %

3 %




11 %

1 %

Lesser Sunda Is.



11 %

 1 %

New Guinea



73 %

21 %


The data have been gathered from all local flora treatments (Airy Shaw 1972, 1975, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983; Backer & Bakhuizen van den Brink f. 1963, 1968; Whitmore 1973) and from the recent revisions which are now being made for the Flora Malesiana treatment (all other articles mentioned and the manuscripts).


The checklist only contains the names of the accepted taxa and an indication of their distribution:

T = Thailand, MA = Malay Peninsula, S = Sumatra, J = Java, B = Borneo, P = Philippines, C = Sulawesi (Celebes), MO = Moluccas, L = Lesser Sunda Islands, N = New Guinea


The authors are noted only when the taxa have been revised. Up to now that is the case in 10 % of all taxa. This means that the speed of the revision work has to increase. Therefore, and already announced in the former issue, collaborators will be urged to start their promised revisions.


Some names in the check-list by Esser and Forster are new and they are only available in manuscript. These taxa are only indicated and placed between inverted commas. The names will be officially published this year in Blumea or Austrobaileya.


In future issues of this Newsletter the synonymy will be added.


Literature used for the checklist:

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Dressler: Philippine Cleistanthus

Esser, H.-J.: Hippomaneae except for Excoecaria

Schot, A: Aporosa

Welzen, P.C. van: Homonoia, Spathiostemon

Widuri, R. & Welzen, P.C. van. A revision of the genus Cephalomappa (Euphorbiaceae). Accepted for Reinwardtia.





[My excuses for the not so nice lay-out of this list, but converting it to a table makes the file immensely slow]

Acalypha amentacea B P C MO L

Acalypha boehmerioides J

Acalypha brachystachya S J C L

Acalypha capillipes C

Acalypha caturus MA S J B P C MO L

Acalypha celebica C

Acalypha centromalayca C MO N

Acalypha cinnamomifolia C MO L N

Acalypha concinna N

Acalypha delpyana T

Acalypha explorationis N

Acalypha grandis T MO N

Acalypha hellwigii C N

Acalypha hispida T J P MO N

Acalypha hoffmanniana C

Acalypha indica T MA S J P MO L N

Acalypha kerrii T

Acalypha lanceolata T MA S B P C MO N

Acalypha longispica N

Acalypha mairei T

Acalypha nematorhachis N

Acalypha nervulosa N

Acalypha novoguineensis N

Acalypha paniculata J

Acalypha phyllonomifolia N

Acalypha racemosa L

Acalypha schneideriana T

Acalypha siamensis T MA

Acalypha spectabilis N

Acalypha spec. nov. T

Acalypha stenophylla N

Acalypha subintegra N

Acalypha wilkesiana T J B P MO N

Acalypha zollingeri L

Actephila angatensis P

Actephila australis P

Actephila collinsae T

Actephila dolichopoda N

Actephila excelsa T MA S J B P

Actephila gitingensis B P

Actephila grandibracteata P

Actephila javanica C N

Actephila latifolia N

Actephila lindleyi MO L N

Actephila luzonica P

Actephila magnifolia P

Actephila meyeri P

Actephila ovalis T MA

Actephila trichogyna N

Actephila warburgii P

Agrostistachys borneensis P

Agrostistachys gaudichaudii T MA

Agrostistachys indica T B P N

Agrostistachys longifolia MA B N

Agrostistachys sessilifolia S B

Alchornea adenophila MA S

Alchornea borneensis B

Alchornea javanensis J

Alchornea parviflora P

Alchornea petalostyla P

Alchornea pubescens P

Alchornea rhodophylla MA

Alchornea rugosa T MA S B P C MO L N

Alchornea sicca P

Alchornea tiliifolia T MA

Alchornea trewioides T

Alchornea villosa MA S

Aleurites moluccana T MA S J B P C MO L N

Alphandia verniciflua N

Andrachne australis J

Andrachne decaisnei J

Annesijoa novoguineensis N

Antidesma acidum T

Antidesma agusanense P

Antidesma angustifolium P

Antidesma aruanum N

Antidesma baccatum N

Antidesma boridiense N

Antidesma brachyobotrys MA B

Antidesma bunius T S J B P C MO L N

Antidesma catanduense P

Antidesma celebicum C

Antidesma chalaranthum N

Antidesma cinnamomifolium N

Antidesma clementis P

Antidesma concinnum N

Antidesma contractum N

Antidesma cordato-stipulaceum P

Antidesma cordatum MA B

Antidesma coriaceum MA S B C

Antidesma coriifolium N

Antidesma cruciforme MA

Antidesma cumingii P C

Antidesma curranii P

Antidesma cuspidatum MA S B

Antidesma diandrum J

Antidesma digitaliforme P

Antidesma discolor N

Antidesma diversifolium S

Antidesma erostre N

Antidesma ferrugineum N

Antidesma forbesii S

Antidesma fructiferum P

Antidesma fusicarpum P

Antidesma ghaesembilla T MA S J B P C MO L N

Antidesma globuligerum C

Antidesma helferi T MA

Antidesma heterophyllum J

Antidesma hosei MA S B

Antidesma ilocanum P

Antidesma impressinerve P

Antidesma japonicum T MA

Antidesma jucundum N

Antidesma katikii N

Antidesma kerrii T

Antidesma laurifolium T MA

Antidesma ledermannianum N

Antidesma leptocladum T P L

Antidesma leucocladon MA S

Antidesma leucopodum T MA S B P

Antidesma linearifolium B

Antidesma longipes MA

Antidesma luzonicum P

Antidesma macgregorii P

Antidesma martabanicum T

Antidesma megalophyllum P

Antidesma microcarpum P

Antidesma microphyllum T

Antidesma mindanaense P

Antidesma minus J

Antidesma moluccanum C MO N

Antidesma montanum T MA S J B P C MO L

Antidesma montis-silam B

Antidesma mucronatum S

Antidesma myriocarpum N

Antidesma neurocarpum T MA S B

Antidesma nienkuii T

Antidesma novoguineense N

Antidesma obliquinervium P

Antidesma oblongifolium S

Antidesma oligoneurum N

Antidesma olivaceum N

Antidesma orarium N

Antidesma orthogyne T MA

Antidesma pachystachys MA

Antidesma pahangense MA

Antidesma palembanicum S

Antidesma paxii T

Antidesma pedicellare N

Antidesma pendulum MA S B

Antidesma pentandrum P

Antidesma perakense MA

Antidesma persimile MA

Antidesma petiolatum N

Antidesma phanerophlebium P C

Antidesma plagiorrhynchum S

Antidesma pleuricum P

Antidesma polyanthum N

Antidesma polystylum B

Antidesma pseudopetiolatum N

Antidesma ramosii P

Antidesma rhynchophyllum N

Antidesma riparium B

Antidesma salicinum T MA S B

Antidesma samarense P

Antidesma santosii P

Antidesma sarcocarpum P N

Antidesma sootepense T

Antidesma spatulifolium N

Antidesma spec.nov. L

Antidesma sphaerocarpum N

Antidesma spicatum P

Antidesma stenocarpum B

Antidesma stenophyllum B

Antidesma stipulare MA S J B MO

Antidesma subcordatum P

Antidesma subolivaceum P

Antidesma tagulae N

Antidesma tetrandrum S J C

Antidesma thwaitesianum MA S B P

Antidesma tomentosum MA S J B P C

Antidesma vaccinioides N

Antidesma velutinosum T MA S J

Antidesma velutinum T MA

Antidesma venenosum B

Antidesma zippelii L

Aporosa alia Schot B

Aporosa annulata Schot N

Aporosa antennifera (Airy Shaw) Airy Shaw MA S B

Aporosa arborea (Blume) Müll.Arg. MA S J B

Aporosa aurea Hook.f. T MA S

Aporosa banahaensis (Elmer) Merr. P

Aporosa basilanensis Merr. B P

Aporosa benthamiana Hook.f. MA S B P

Aporosa brassii Mansfield N

Aporosa brevicaudata Pax & K.Hoffm. N

Aporosa bullatissima Airy Shaw B

Aporosa caloneura Airy Shaw B

Aporosa carrii Schot N

Aporosa chondroneura (Airy Shaw) Schot B

Aporosa confusa Gage MA S B

Aporosa decipiens Pax & K.Hoffm. N

Aporosa dendroidea Schot MO

Aporosa duthieana Pax & K.Hoffm. T

Aporosa egregia Airy Shaw N

Aporosa elmeri Merr. B

Aporosa falcifera Hook.f. T MA S B C

Aporosa ficifolia Baill. T

Aporosa flexuosa Pax & K.Hoffm. N

Aporosa frutescens Blume T MA S J B P C MO

Aporosa fulvovittata Schot B

Aporosa globifera Hook.f. MA S

Aporosa grandistipula Merr. B

Aporosa granularis Airy Shaw B

Aporosa hermaphrodita Airy Shaw N

Aporosa heterodoxa Airy Shaw N

Aporosa illustris Airy Shaw B

Aporosa lagenocarpa Airy Shaw B

Aporosa lamellata Airy Shaw N

Aporosa laxiflora Pax & K.Hoffm. N

Aporosa ledermanniana Pax & K.Hoffm. N

Aporosa leptochrysandra Airy Shaw N

Aporosa leytensis Merr. P C

Aporosa longicaudata Kaneh. & Hatusima ex Schot N

Aporosa lucida (Miq.) Airy Shaw MA S J B C

Aporosa lunata (Miq.) Kurz T MA S J B

Aporosa maingayi Hook.f. MA

Aporosa microstachya (Tul.) Müll.Arg. T MA

Aporosa misimana Airy Shaw ex Schot N

Aporosa nervosa Hook.f. T MA S J B

Aporosa nigricans Hook.f. T MA S B

Aporosa nigropunctata Pax & K.Hoffm. N

Aporosa nitida Merr. B

Aporosa octandra (Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don) Vickery T MA S J B P C

Aporosa papuana Pax & K.Hoffm. N

Aporosa parvula Schot N

Aporosa penangensis (Ridl.) Airy Shaw T MA

Aporosa petiolaris Airy Shaw N

Aporosa planchoniana Baill. ex Müll.Arg. T

Aporosa prainiana King ex Gage MA S B

Aporosa pseudoficifolia Pax & K.Hoffm. MA

Aporosa quadrilocularis Airy Shaw MA S

Aporosa reticulata Pax & K.Hoffm. N

Aporosa rhacostyla Airy Shaw B

Aporosa sarawakensis Schot B

Aporosa sclerophylla Pax & K.Hoffm. N

Aporosa selangorica Pax & K.Hoffm. MA

Aporosa serrata Gagnepain T

Aporosa spaeridiophora Merr. J P

Aporosa spec. A N

Aporosa spec. B N

Aporosa spec. C N

Aporosa spec. D N

Aporosa spec. D N

Aporosa spec. E T MA

Aporosa spec. F MA

Aporosa spec. G P

Aporosa stellifera Hook.f. MA S

Aporosa stenostachys Airy Shaw B

Aporosa subcaudata Merr. MA S B

Aporosa sylvestri Airy Shaw B

Aporosa symplocifolia Merr. P

Aporosa symplocoides (Hook.f.) Gage T S B

Aporosa vagans Schot N

Aporosa villosa (Lindl.) Baill. T

Aporosa wallichii Hook.f. T

Aporosa whitmorei Airy Shaw MA S

Aporosa yunnannensis (Pax & K.Hoffm.) F.P.Metcalf T

Ashtonia excelsa B

Ashtonia praeterita MA

Austrobuxus nitidus MA B C

Baccaurea angulata S B

Baccaurea bracteata T MA S B

Baccaurea brevipes MA S B

Baccaurea celebica C

Baccaurea costulata S B

Baccaurea dasystachya S

Baccaurea deflexa J

Baccaurea dulcis S J

Baccaurea edulis B

Baccaurea griffithii MA

Baccaurea hookeri MA B MO

Baccaurea javanica MA S J B C

Baccaurea kunstleri T MA S B

Baccaurea lanceolata T MA S J B P

Baccaurea latifolia MA B

Baccaurea macrocarpa S B

Baccaurea macrophylla T MA S B

Baccaurea maingayi MA B

Baccaurea minor MA S B

Baccaurea minutiflora S J

Baccaurea montana N

Baccaurea motleyana T MA S J B N

Baccaurea multiflora S

Baccaurea nanihua B MO

Baccaurea nesophila N

Baccaurea papuana N

Baccaurea parviflora T MA S B P

Baccaurea philippinensis B P N

Baccaurea polyneura MA S

Baccaurea pubera S

Baccaurea pyriformis MA S B

Baccaurea racemosa MA S J B

Baccaurea ramiflora T MA S

Baccaurea reticulata MA S B

Baccaurea stipulata S B

Baccaurea sumatrana MA S B

Baccaurea tetrandra P

Baccaurea trigonocarpa B

Baccaurea tristis N

Baccaurea trunciflora B

Baccaurea velutina T MA

‘New genus, combination A Esser’ T MA S B

‘New genus, combination B Esser’ P C MO N

Baliospermum effusum T

Baliospermum micranthum T

Baliospermum montanum T MA S J L

Baliospermum siamense T

Bischofia javanica J

Blachia andamanica T MA B P C

Blachia siamensis T

Blumeodendron borneense MA B

Blumeodendron bullatum B

Blumeodendron calophyllum MA B

Blumeodendron concolor B

Blumeodendron kurzii T MA S J B P N

Blumeodendron subrotundifolium MA

Blumeodendron tokbrai MA S J B P MO L N

Borneodendron aenigmaticum B

Botryophora geniculata T MA S J B

Breynia angustifolia T MA

Breynia cernua J P C MO L N

Breynia collaris N

Breynia coronata MA S B

Breynia discigera T MA S MO

Breynia fruticosa T

Breynia glauca T

Breynia microphylla S J C L

Breynia mollis C MO N

Breynia oblongifolia L N

Breynia platycalyx N

Breynia podocarpa N

Breynia pubescens MO

Breynia racemosa S J B P C MO L N

Breynia reclinata T MA

Breynia retusa T

Breynia rumpens N

Breynia vestita C L N

Breynia virgata S J

Breynia vitis-idaea T MA S P C L

Bridelia adusta Airy Shaw B

Bridelia affinis Craib T

Bridelia cinnamomea Hook.f. T MA S B

Bridelia curtisii Hook.f. T MA S

Bridelia erapensis S.Dressler N

Bridelia glauca Blume T MA S J B P C MO L N

Bridelia harmandii Gagnepain T

Bridelia insulana Hance T MA S J B P C MO L N

Bridelia macrocarpa Airy Shaw N

Bridelia oligantha Airy Shaw N

Bridelia ovata Decne T MA J L

Bridelia pustulata Hook.f. MA S B P

Bridelia retusa (L.) A.Juss. T MA S

Bridelia stipularis (L.) Blume T MA S J B P L

Bridelia tomentosa Blume T MA S J B P C MO L N

Bridelia triplocarya Airy Shaw N

Bridelia whitmorei Airy Shaw MA

Cephalomappa beccariana Baill. B

Cephalomappa lepidotula Airy Shaw MA S B

Cephalomappa malloticarpa J.J.Sm. MA S B

Cephalomappa paludicola Airy Shaw B

Cephalomappa penangensis Ridl. MA

Chaetocarpus castanocarpus (Roxb.) Thwaites T MA S B

Cheilosa montana Blume MA S J B P

Chondrostylis bancana S

Chondrostylis kunstleri T MA S B

Choriceras tricorne (Benth.) Airy Shaw N

Chorisandrachne diplosperma T

Chrozophora rottleri T

Cladogynos orientalis T MA J C L

Claoxylon abbreviatum S J C L

Claoxylon affine J L

Claoxylon albicans P

Claoxylon albiflorum N

Claoxylon arboreum P

Claoxylon attenuatum B

Claoxylon bicarpellatum N

Claoxylon brachyandrum B P

Claoxylon capillipes L N

Claoxylon carinatum B

Claoxylon carrii N

Claoxylon colfsii L

Claoxylon coriaceo-lanatum N

Claoxylon crassipes P

Claoxylon crassivenium P

Claoxylon cuneatum N

Claoxylon ellipticum P

Claoxylon erythrophyllum C MO L N

Claoxylon euphorbioides P

Claoxylon fulvescens C L N

Claoxylon glabrifolium J L

Claoxylon goodenoviense N

Claoxylon hirsutellum B

Claoxylon hosei B

Claoxylon indicum T MA S B C

Claoxylon insigne B

Claoxylon kinabaluense B

Claoxylon kingii T MA S

Claoxylon ledermannii N

Claoxylon longifolium T MA S J B P C MO

Claoxylon lutescens N

Claoxylon microcarpum N

Claoxylon muscisilvae N

Claoxylon nervosum N

Claoxylon nubicola N

Claoxylon oblanceolatum P

Claoxylon papuae N

Claoxylon paucinerve N

Claoxylon physocarpum S

Claoxylon plathyphyllum N

Claoxylon polot J

Claoxylon porphyrostemon N

Claoxylon praetermissum B

Claoxylon pseudo-insulanum B

Claoxylon pubescens P

Claoxylon purpureum P

Claoxylon putii T

Claoxylon rubescens L

Claoxylon salicinum B

Claoxylon salomonense N

Claoxylon scabratum N

Claoxylon spathulatum P

Claoxylon stapfianum B

Claoxylon subbullatum B

Claoxylon subviride P

Claoxylon tenerifolium L N

Claoxylon tenuiflorum S

Claoxylon tetracoccum N

Claoxylon tumidum N

Claoxylon velutinum B

Claoxylon wallichianum MA

Claoxylon winkleri B

Cleidion javanicum S J B C MO L N

Cleidion lanceolatum P

Cleidion megistophyllum P

Cleidion minahassae C

Cleidion moniliflorum L N

Cleidion papuanum N

Cleidion ramosii P

Cleidion spiciflorum T MA P

Cleistanthus acuminatissimus B

Cleistanthus angustifoliusMerr. P

Cleistanthus apodus L N

Cleistanthus bakonensis B

Cleistanthus baramicus B

Cleistanthus beccarianus B

Cleistanthus bracteosus MA

Cleistanthus brideliifoliusC.B.Rob. MA S B P C L

Cleistanthus celebicus B C MO

Cleistanthus contractus MA B

Cleistanthus coriaceus B

Cleistanthus decurrensHook.f. T MA B P L

Cleistanthus denudatus T

Cleistanthus discolor L

Cleistanthus ellipticus MA

Cleistanthus elongatus B

Cleistanthus erycibifoliusAiryShaw MA B P

Cleistanthus everettiiC.B.Rob. P

Cleistanthus flavescens MA

Cleistanthus glaberAiryShaw MA B P

Cleistanthus glabratus B

Cleistanthus glandulosus MA S

Cleistanthus glaucus MA

Cleistanthus gracilis T MA S B

Cleistanthus helferi T

Cleistanthus hirsutipetalus MA

Cleistanthus hirsutulus T MA S B

Cleistanthus inglorius L N

Cleistanthus insignis N

Cleistanthus isabellinusElmer B P N

Cleistanthus kingii MA

Cleistanthus lanuginosus MA

Cleistanthus macrophyllus MA B

Cleistanthus maingayi MA B

Cleistanthus major MA

Cleistanthus malaccensis MA

Cleistanthus megacarpusC.B.Rob. S B P

Cleistanthus membranaceus MA

Cleistanthus monocarpus B

Cleistanthus myrianthus(Hassk.)Kurz T MA S J B P C MO L N

Cleistanthus namatanaiensis N

Cleistanthus nitidus MA

Cleistanthus normanbyanus N

Cleistanthus papuanus N

Cleistanthus papyraceus T

Cleistanthus parvifolius MA

Cleistanthus paxii B

Cleistanthus pedicellatus Hook.f. MA B P N

Cleistanthus peninsularis MO L

Cleistanthus pilosus C.B.Rob. P

Cleistanthus podocarpus MA

Cleistanthus podopyxis B

Cleistanthus polyphyllus T

Cleistanthus praetermissus T MA B

Cleistanthus pseudopodocarpus MA B

Cleistanthus pseudo-pallidus S

Cleistanthus pubens B

Cleistanthus pyrrhocarpus B

Cleistanthus robinsonii Elmer P

Cleistanthus rufescens Jabl. MA S B P

Cleistanthus rufus MA

Cleistanthus sarawakensis B

Cleistanthus spec. nov. T

Cleistanthus striatus B

Cleistanthus subcordatus J

Cleistanthus sumatranus (Miq.) Müll.Arg. T MA S J B P C MO L

Cleistanthus tomentosus T

Cleistanthus venosus C.B.Rob. MA S B P

Cleistanthus vestitus Jabl. MA S B P

Cleistanthus winkleri B

Cleistanthus xanthopus N

Clonostylis forbesii S

Cnesmone javanica T MA S J B L

Cnesmone laevis T MA

Cnesmone laotica T

Cnesmone philippinensis P

Cnesmone subpeltata MA

Codiaeum affine B

Codiaeum bracteiferum MO L

Codiaeum ciliatum P

Codiaeum finisterrae N

Codiaeum hirsutum P

Codiaeum ludovicianum N

Codiaeum luzonicum P

Codiaeum macgregorii P

Codiaeum megalanthum P

Codiaeum palawanense P

Codiaeum stellingianum L N

Codiaeum tenerifolium N

Codiaeum trichocalyx P

Codiaeum variegatum J P C MO L N

Croton amplifolius N

Croton angustifolius P

Croton antae N

Croton argyratus T MA S J B P C MO L

Croton avellaneus P

Croton babuyanensis P

Croton batangasensis P

Croton biaroensis C

Croton birmanicus T

Croton borneensis B

Croton brassii N

Croton calococcus T

Croton carrii N

Croton cascarilloides T MA S B P MO L

Croton caudatus T MA S J B P C L

Croton choristadenius C MO N

Croton colobocarpus T

Croton colubinoides P

Croton columnaris T

Croton consanguineus P

Croton coriifolius B

Croton cotabatensis P

Croton crassifolius T

Croton cupreus P

Croton delpyi T

Croton elbertii L

Croton ensifolius MA N

Croton erythrostachys MA S B

Croton glabrescens J L

Croton glandulosus S

Croton griffithii T B

Croton griseus N

Croton hentyi N

Croton heterocarpus MA S B P

Croton hirtus J

Croton hookeri T S B

Croton hutchinsonianus T

Croton joufra T

Croton kelantanicus MA

Croton kerrii T

Croton kongensis T

Croton krabas T B

Croton laccifer T

Croton laevifolius MA

Croton lanceilimbus P

Croton leiophyllus T P

Croton leytensis P

Croton longissimus T

Croton luciae N

Croton lucidus MA

Croton luzoniensis P

Croton macrocarpus MA

Croton mallotophyllus N

Croton mekongensis T

Croton morobensis N

Croton morotaeus MO

Croton muriculatus N

Croton novae-astigis P

Croton oblongifolius T

Croton oblongus S J B C MO L

Croton palawanensis P

Croton pampangensis P

Croton peekelii N

Croton pilargyros N

Croton pilophorus N

Croton pleytei MO N

Croton poilanei T

Croton prunifolius L N

Croton quisumbingianus P

Croton rectipilis P

Croton rheophyticus B

Croton robustus T

Croton samarensis P

Croton sepalinus T

Croton singularis B P

Croton singularis P

Croton sublyratus T

Croton thorelii T

Croton tiglium T J B P C MO L

Croton tomentellus L

Croton trachycaulis T

Croton vogelianus N

Croton wallichii T

Croton wassi-kussae N

Croton womersleyi N

Croton zambalensis P

Dalechampia bidentata T S J

Dalechampia elongata T

Dalechampia spathulata J

Dicoelia beccariana MA S B

Dimorphocalyx angustifolius P

Dimorphocalyx australiensis L N

Dimorphocalyx bulusanensis P

Dimorphocalyx cumingii P

Dimorphocalyx denticulatus B P

Dimorphocalyx ixoroides P

Dimorphocalyx loheri P

Dimorphocalyx luzoniensis T MA B P

Dimorphocalyx malayanus MA B

Dimorphocalyx muricatus T MA S B MO

Dimorphocalyx murinus MA B P

Doryxylon spinosum P L

Drypetes aetoxyloides B

Drypetes assamica T

Drypetes australasica N

Drypetes bawanii P

Drypetes caesia B

Drypetes calyptosepala S

Drypetes cambodica T

Drypetes castilloii B

Drypetes celebica P C N

Drypetes cockburnii MA

Drypetes convoluta P

Drypetes crassipes S B

Drypetes cumingii P L

Drypetes curtisii T MA B

Drypetes dasyneura S

Drypetes detersibilis MA

Drypetes dewildei S

Drypetes ellipsoidea P

Drypetes eriocarpa B

Drypetes falcata P

Drypetes forbesii S

Drypetes fusiformis B

Drypetes gitingensis P

Drypetes glaberrima N

Drypetes globosa P

Drypetes grandifolia P

Drypetes hainanensis T B

Drypetes harmandii T

Drypetes helferi T

Drypetes heptandra P

Drypetes hoaensis T

Drypetes impressinervis B

Drypetes indica T MA

Drypetes kikir MA B

Drypetes laevis MA S

Drypetes lasiogyna L

Drypetes littoralis B P C L

Drypetes longifolia T MA S J B P C MO L N

Drypetes lysiogynoides N

Drypetes macrophylla J

Drypetes macrostigma S B

Drypetes maquilingensis B P C MO L

Drypetes megacarpa B

Drypetes microphylla MA B P

Drypetes microphylloides S

Drypetes minahassae J

Drypetes mindanaensis P

Drypetes monosperma P

Drypetes neglecta J B C L N

Drypetes nervosa MA

Drypetes ochrodasya S

Drypetes ochrothrix T B

Drypetes ovalis J P C L

Drypetes oxyodonta MA

Drypetes pendula T MA B

Drypetes perakensis MA

Drypetes perreticulata T

Drypetes polyalthioides B

Drypetes polyneura S B

Drypetes prunifera B

Drypetes rhakodiskus MA S J B P

Drypetes rheophila B

Drypetes riparia MA

Drypetes roxburghii T S J B C MO L N

Drypetes serrata J

Drypetes sibuyanensis S B P C

Drypetes simalurensis S

Drypetes stylosa B

Drypetes subcrenata P

Drypetes subcubica J L N

Drypetes subsessilis T

Drypetes sumatrana S L

Elateriospermum tapos T MA S J B

Endospermum banghamii S

Endospermum chinense T

Endospermum diadenum T S B

Endospermum domatiophorum N

Endospermum labios N

Endospermum malaccense MA

Endospermum medullosum N

Endospermum moluccanum C MO N

Endospermum myrmecophilum N

Endospermum ovatum P

Endospermum peltatum T B P C MO

Endospermum quadriloculare S

Epiprinus malayanus T MA

Epiprinus siletianus T

Epiprinus spec. nov. T

Erismanthus obliquus Wall. ex Müll.Arg. T MA S B

Erismanthus sinensis Oliv. T

Euphorbia antiquorum T MA J P

Euphorbia atoto T MA S J B P C MO L N

Euphorbia backeri J

Euphorbia barnhartii T J

Euphorbia brassii N

Euphorbia buxoides N

Euphorbia capillaris T L

Euphorbia complanata N

Euphorbia coudercii T

Euphorbia cristata T

Euphorbia cyathophora P L

Euphorbia euonymoclada N

Euphorbia gaudichaudii N

Euphorbia harmandii T

Euphorbia heterophylla T J B C MO L

Euphorbia heyligersiana N

Euphorbia hirta T MA J B P C MO L

Euphorbia hypericifolia T MA S J B P C L

Euphorbia indistincta N

Euphorbia javanica J

Euphorbia kanalensis N

Euphorbia kerrii T

Euphorbia lacei T B MO L

Euphorbia levis L

Euphorbia ligularia T S J

Euphorbia linearifolia T

Euphorbia luzonensis J P

Euphorbia microphylla T

Euphorbia milii T J P

Euphorbia neriifolia P MO L N

Euphorbia nivulia J

Euphorbia orbiculata J

Euphorbia peplus N

Euphorbia plumerioides J P L N

Euphorbia prolifera T

Euphorbia prostrata T S J P C MO L

Euphorbia prunifolia J

Euphorbia pulcherrima J P

Euphorbia reniformis T L N

Euphorbia rothiana C L

Euphorbia saxicola T

Euphorbia schumannii C L N

Euphorbia serpens P

Euphorbia synadenium T MA

Euphorbia thymifolia T MA S J B P C MO L N

Euphorbia tirucalli T MA J P C MO L

Euphorbia trigona P

Euphorbia vachellii T P C MO L N

Excoecaria agallocha T MA S J B P C MO L N

Excoecaria bantamensis T J B P

Excoecaria borneensis S B P C MO

Excoecaria cochinchinensis T MA J

Excoecaria indica S B MO L N

‘Excoecaria new combination Esser’ T

Excoecaria myrioneura MO N

Excoecaria obtusa P

Excoecaria oppositifolia T MA

Excoecaria pachyphylla P

Excoecaria philippinensis B P C

Excoecaria stenophylla P

Excoecaria virgata MO

Fahrenheitia pendula T MA S J B P

Fahrenheitia sterrhopoda N

Falconeria insignis Royle T MA

‘Fontainea new species A P.I.Forst.’ N

‘Fontainea new species B P.I.Forst.’ N

Galearia aristifera MA S B

Galearia celebica C N

Galearia filiformis S J

Galearia fulva T MA S B

Galearia maingayi MA B

Galearia stenophylla MA B

Glochidion acuminatissimum N

Glochidion acuminatum T

Glochidion acustylum C L N

Glochidion album P

Glochidion alstonii C

Glochidion alticola S

Glochidion aluminescens B

Glochidion ambiguum N

Glochidion andersonii B

Glochidion angulatum S B P C MO L N

Glochidion apodogynum N

Glochidion arborescens T MA S J B C

Glochidion assamicum T

Glochidion auii B

Glochidion azaleon B

Glochidion beccarii S

Glochidion beguinii MO

Glochidion benguetense P

Glochidion benthamianum N

Glochidion borgmannii N

Glochidion borneense S J B

Glochidion brachystylum P

Glochidion brideliifolium N

Glochidion brooksii S B

Glochidion brunneum MA S B N

Glochidion bullatissimum N

Glochidion butonicum C

Glochidion cacuminum L

Glochidion cagayanense P

Glochidion caloneurum N

Glochidion calospermum B

Glochidion camiguinense P

Glochidion canescens P C MO L

Glochidion capitatum J

Glochidion carrickii MA

Glochidion carrii N

Glochidion castaneum C MO L N

Glochidion cauliflorum P

Glochidion celastroides S B

Glochidion cenabrei P

Glochidion chlamydogyne N

Glochidion chondrocarpum N

Glochidion coccineum T

Glochidion conostylum N

Glochidion coronulatum P

Glochidion cupreum B

Glochidion curranii P

Glochidion cyrtophyllum S

Glochidion cyrtostylum S J

Glochidion daltonii T

Glochidion decorum N

Glochidion delticola N

Glochidion dichromum C

Glochidion discogyne N

Glochidion disparilaterum S

Glochidion disparipes N

Glochidion dodecapterum C

Glochidion dolichostylum P

Glochidion drypetifolium N

Glochidion dumicola N

Glochidion elaphrocarpum N

Glochidion elmeri S B

Glochidion eriocarpum T S C

Glochidion eucleoides N

Glochidion falcatilimbum P

Glochidion formanii C

Glochidion frodinii N

Glochidion fulvirameum J C MO N

Glochidion fuscum MA

Glochidion galorii N

Glochidion gaudichaudii MO

Glochidion gigantifolium P

Glochidion gimi N

Glochidion glabrum MO L N

Glochidion glaucescens P

Glochidion glaucops S

Glochidion globosum N

Glochidion glomerulatum T MA S J B

Glochidion gracile C

Glochidion granulare N

Glochidion grossum N

Glochidion heterocalyx N

Glochidion hirsutum T

Glochidion hongkongense T

Glochidion humile P

Glochidion hypoleucum T MA

Glochidion insectum N

Glochidion insigne T J

Glochidion insulare MA

Glochidion intercastellanum N

Glochidion katikii N

Glochidion kerangae B

Glochidion kerrii T

Glochidion khasicum T

Glochidion kollmannianum J

Glochidion kopiaginis N

Glochidion korthalsii B

Glochidion kostermansii L

Glochidion kunstlerianum MA S B

Glochidion lalae N

Glochidion lanceilimbum B P N

Glochidion lanceisepalum B

Glochidion lanceolarium T

Glochidion latistylum P

Glochidion leptostylum N

Glochidion leucocarpum S

Glochidion leucogynum C

Glochidion ligulatum P

Glochidion littorale T MA S J B P L

Glochidion lobocarpum L N

Glochidion loerzingii S

Glochidion longistylum P

Glochidion lucidum MA S J P C MO N

Glochidion lutescens S J B P C MO L N

Glochidion luzonense S P

Glochidion macrocarpum S J L N

Glochidion macrostigma MA S B

Glochidion malindangense P

Glochidion mehipitense B

Glochidion meijeri S

Glochidion merrillii P

Glochidion microbotrys MA

Glochidion mindorense B P MO L

Glochidion mitrastylum N

Glochidion molle J B P C MO

Glochidion moluccanum C

Glochidion monostylum B

Glochidion mop N

Glochidion muscisilvae N

Glochidion nesophilum N

Glochidion nitidum B P

Glochidion nobile N

Glochidion novoguineense MO L N

Glochidion nubigenum T

Glochidion oblatum T

Glochidion oblongifolium N

Glochidion obscurum T MA S J B C L

Glochidion oogynum N

Glochidion oxygonum MO

Glochidion pachyconum N

Glochidion palawanense P

Glochidion paludicola N

Glochidion peltiferum S

Glochidion penangense MA

Glochidion perakense T MA N

Glochidion phellocarpum S

Glochidion philippicum J B P C MO L N

Glochidion phyllanthoides P

Glochidion phyllochlamys N

Glochidion physocarpum S

Glochidion plagiophyllum L

Glochidion pleiosepalum N

Glochidion pomiferum N

Glochidion prinoides J

Glochidion psidioides P

Glochidion pubicapsa S B P

Glochidion pulgarense P

Glochidion punctatum B

Glochidion pyriforme N

Glochidion reticulatum P

Glochidion retinerve N

Glochidion robinsonii P

Glochidion rubrum T MA S J B P

Glochidion rugulosum N

Glochidion sericeum MA S J B

Glochidion singaporense MA S B

Glochidion sphaerogynum T

Glochidion stenophyllum MO

Glochidion striatum N

Glochidion styliferum B

Glochidion stylosum MA

Glochidion subfalcatum P

Glochidion submolle L N

Glochidion sumatranum S C MO L

Glochidion superbum T MA S J B

Glochidion symingtonii MA

Glochidion tenuistylum B

Glochidion ternateum MO

Glochidion tetrapteron MA S

Glochidion timorense L

Glochidion triandrum P

Glochidion trichogynum P

Glochidion trichophorum P

Glochidion trusanicum B

Glochidion ultrabasicole C

Glochidion urceolare N

Glochidion urophylloides P

Glochidion varians S

Glochidion wallichianum T MA

Glochidion weberi P

Glochidion williamsii B

Glochidion wisselense P L N

Glochidion wonenggau C

Glochidion woodii P

Glochidion xerocarpum P C MO L N

Glochidion xestophyllum MA B

Glochidion zeylanicum J

Glochidion zollingeri J

‘Gymnanthes new combination A Esser’ MA S B

‘Gymnanthes new combination B Esser’ S

Hevea brasiliensis MA J N

Homonoia riparia Lour. T MA S J B P C MO L N

Hura crepitans T J

Hymenocardia punctata T MA

Jatropha curcas T MA S J B P C MO L N

Jatropha gossypiifolia T MA S J B P C MO L N

Jatropha hastata J

Jatropha integerrima T MA S P C MO L N

Jatropha multifida T J

Jatropha podagrica T J

Kariothamnus phyllanthoides N

Koilodepas bantamense S J

Koilodepas brevipes B

Koilodepas ferrugineum MA

Koilodepas frutescens B

Koilodepas hainanese S

Koilodepas laevigatum B

Koilodepas longifolium T MA B

Koilodepas pectinatum B

Koilodepas spec. nov. B

Koilodepas wallichianum MA

Lasiococca malaccensis MA

Lasiococca spec. C

Leptopus australis T MA P L

Leptopus calcareus T

Leptopus decaisnei L N

Loerzingia thyrsiflora S

Macaranga acerifolia N

Macaranga advena N

Macaranga aetheadenia B

Macaranga albescens N

Macaranga aleuritoides MO N

Macaranga amissa MA S B

Macaranga amplifolia P

Macaranga anceps S B

Macaranga andamanica T MA

Macaranga angustifolia N

Macaranga astrolabica N

Macaranga auriculata T

Macaranga baccaureifolia MA B

Macaranga balabacensis P

Macaranga beccariana B

Macaranga belensis N

Macaranga bicolor P

Macaranga bifoveata N

Macaranga brachythyrsa B

Macaranga brachytricha N

Macaranga brevipetiolata B

Macaranga brooksii S

Macaranga brunneofloccosa N

Macaranga bullata N

Macaranga caladiifolia MA S B

Macaranga calcicola B

Macaranga calcifuga B

Macaranga carrii N

Macaranga caudata N

Macaranga caudatifolia P

Macaranga chlorolepis N

Macaranga chrysotricha N

Macaranga clavata MO N

Macaranga clemensiae N

Macaranga coggygria N

Macaranga congestiflora P

Macaranga conifera MA S B

Macaranga constricta MA

Macaranga cordifolia MO

Macaranga costulata B

Macaranga crassistipulosa C

Macaranga cucullata N

Macaranga cuernosensis P

Macaranga cumingii P

Macaranga cuneifolia S

Macaranga curtisii T MA S B

Macaranga darbyshirei N

Macaranga decipiens N

Macaranga densiflora N

Macaranga denticulata T MA S J

Macaranga depressa B

Macaranga diepenhorstii MA S

Macaranga dioica N

Macaranga dipterocarpifolia P

Macaranga domatiosa N

Macaranga ducis N

Macaranga eloba B

Macaranga endertii B

Macaranga eymae N

Macaranga fallacina N

Macaranga fragrans N

Macaranga fulva B

Macaranga galorei N

Macaranga gigantea T MA S B C

Macaranga gigantifolia B P C MO

Macaranga glaberrima L N

Macaranga glabra L

Macaranga glandulifera N

Macaranga gossypiifolia B

Macaranga gracilis N

Macaranga grandifolia P

Macaranga griffithiana T MA

Macaranga haplostachya N

Macaranga havilandii B

Macaranga heynei MA S

Macaranga hispida P C MO

Macaranga hoffmannii N

Macaranga hosei T MA S B

Macaranga hullettii MA S B

Macaranga hypoleuca T MA S B

Macaranga hystrichogyne N

Macaranga indica T MA

Macaranga indistincta S B

Macaranga induta N

Macaranga inermis C MO N

Macaranga intonsa N

Macaranga involucrata C MO N

Macaranga javanica S J

Macaranga johannium N

Macaranga kinabaluensis B

Macaranga kingii MA S B

Macaranga kostermansii N

Macaranga kurzii T

Macaranga laciniata T MA

Macaranga lamellata B

Macaranga lanceolata N

Macaranga leytensis P

Macaranga lineata N

Macaranga loheri P

Macaranga longicaudata N

Macaranga longistipulata MO

Macaranga louisiadum N

Macaranga lowii T MA B P

Macaranga magnifolia C N

Macaranga mappa C MO

Macaranga melanosticta N

Macaranga misimae N

Macaranga montana P

Macaranga motleyana S B

Macaranga myriantha MO

Macaranga necopina S

Macaranga neo-brittanica N

Macaranga noblei P

Macaranga novoguineensis N

Macaranga ovatifolia P

Macaranga palustris N

Macaranga papuana N

Macaranga parvibracteata MO

Macaranga pearsonii B

Macaranga petanostyla B

Macaranga pilosula N

Macaranga platyclada N

Macaranga pleioneura N

Macaranga pleiostemon N

Macaranga pleytei N

Macaranga polyadenia N

Macaranga praestans B

Macaranga pruinosa MA S B

Macaranga puberula B

Macaranga punctata N

Macaranga puncticulata MA

Macaranga quadricornis T MA S B

Macaranga quadriglandulosa N

Macaranga ramiflora P

Macaranga rarispina B

Macaranga recurvata MA B C

Macaranga reiteriana N

Macaranga repandodentata B

Macaranga rhizinoides J

Macaranga rhodonema N

Macaranga robinsonii MO

Macaranga rostrata B

Macaranga rufibarbis N

Macaranga salicifolia N

Macaranga salomonensis N

Macaranga sarcocarpa B

Macaranga semiglobosa S J

Macaranga seta-felis S

Macaranga setosa MA

Macaranga similis N

Macaranga sinensis P

Macaranga stellimontium N

Macaranga stenophylla N

Macaranga sterrophylla N

Macaranga strigosa N

Macaranga strigosissima B

Macaranga subfalcata J

Macaranga subpeltata N

Macaranga suleensis N

Macaranga sumatrana S

Macaranga suwo N

Macaranga sylvatica P

Macaranga tanarius T MA S J B P C MO L N

Macaranga tentaculata N

Macaranga tenuifolia S

Macaranga tessellata N

Macaranga teysmannii S

Macaranga trachyphylla B

Macaranga trichanthera N

Macaranga trichocarpa T MA S B

Macaranga triloba T MA S J B P C

Macaranga tsonane N

Macaranga velutina S

Macaranga versteeghii N

Macaranga villosula N

Macaranga warburgiana N

Macaranga winkleri B

Macaranga winkleriella B

Macaranga yakasii N

Mallotus anisopodus T

Mallotus attenuatus N

Mallotus barbatus T MA S J MO

Mallotus beccarii B

Mallotus blumeanus S J C L

Mallotus bracteatus MA

Mallotus brevipes P

Mallotus brevipetiolatus T MA

Mallotus calocarpus T

Mallotus cauliflorus P

Mallotus chromocarpus N

Mallotus claoxyloides N

Mallotus clellandii T

Mallotus confusus P

Mallotus cuneatus T MA

Mallotus darbyshirei N

Mallotus decipiens T

Mallotus didymochryseus N

Mallotus dispar T MA S J B P C MO L

Mallotus echinatus P MO N

Mallotus eriocarpus MA

Mallotus eucaustus B

Mallotus floribundus T MA S J B P C MO

Mallotus garrettii T

Mallotus glaberrimus J

Mallotus glabriusculus T

Mallotus griffithianus MA B

Mallotus havilandii B

Mallotus hirsutus P

Mallotus hymenophyllus T

Mallotus khasianus T

Mallotus kingii T MA

Mallotus korthalsii MA B P C

Mallotus lackeyi MA B P

Mallotus laevigatus S B

Mallotus lanceolatus T

Mallotus lauterbachianus N

Mallotus leptostachyus T

Mallotus leucodermis MA S B

Mallotus longistylus P

Mallotus lullulae N

Mallotus macrostachyus T MA B

Mallotus miquelianus T MA S B P C

Mallotus mollissimus T S B P C MO L N

Mallotus moritzianus MA J B

Mallotus muricatus J

Mallotus muticus MA S B

Mallotus oblongifolius T MA S J B P C MO N

Mallotus paniculatus T MA S J B P C MO N

Mallotus papillaris P

Mallotus papuanus N

Mallotus peltatus T MA S J L

Mallotus penangensis MA S B MO

Mallotus philippinensis T MA S J B P C MO L N

Mallotus pierrei T

Mallotus polyadenos N

Mallotus repandus T MA S J P C L N

Mallotus resinosus T B P C L N

Mallotus ricinoides J

Mallotus rufidulus S P C L

Mallotus smilaciformis MA

Mallotus spec.nov. MA

Mallotus spec. nov. $ Axenfeldia T

Mallotus spec. nov. $ Stylanthus B

Mallotus sphaerocarpus S

Mallotus spodocarpus T

Mallotus stipularis T S B

Mallotus subcuneatus T MA

Mallotus subpeltatus T MA S J

Mallotus sumatranus S B

Mallotus tenuipes MO

Mallotus tetracoccus T

Mallotus thorelii T

Mallotus tiliifolius T MA S J B P C MO L N

Mallotus trinervius N

Mallotus wrayi MA S B

Manihot esculenta T J MO N

Manihot glaziovii J N

Margaritaria indica T MA S J B P MO N

Margaritaria luzoniensis P

Megistostigma burmanicum T MA

Megistostigma cordatum S B P

Megistostigma malaccense MA S

Megistostigma peltatum S J

Melanolepis multiglandulosa T MA S J B P C MO L N

Mercurialis leiocarpa T

Micrococca johorica MA

Micrococca malaccensis MA

Micrococca mercurialis MA MO

Microdesmis caseariifolia T MA S B

Microstachys chamaelea (L.) Müll.Arg. T MA S J B

Moultonianthus leembruggianus (Boerl. & Koord.) Seenis S B

Neoscortechinia angustifolia (Airy Shaw) Welzen B

Neoscortechinia forbesii Hook.f. ex S.Moore N

Neoscortechinia kingii (Hook.f.) Pax & K.Hoffm. MA S B

Neoscortechinia nicobarica (Hook.f.) Pax & K.Hoffm. MA S J B P C

Neoscortechinia philippinensis (Merr.) Welzen MA S B P

Neoscortechinia sumatrensis S.Moore MA S B

Neotrewia cumingii P C

Octospermum pleiogynum N

Omalanthus arfakiensis Hutch. MO N

Omalanthus caloneurus Airy Shaw B

Omalanthus fastuosus (Linden) Fern.-Vill. P

Omalanthus giganteus Zoll. & Moritzi J L

Omalanthus grandifolius Ridl. S B

Omalanthus longistylus Lauterb. & K.Schum. N

Omalanthus macradenius Pax & K.Hoffm. P

Omalanthus nervosus J.J.Sm. N

Omalanthus novoguineensis (Warb.) K.Schum. MO L N

Omalanthus polyadenius Pax & K.Hoffm. N

Omalanthus populifolius Graham N

Omalanthus populneus (Geiseler) Pax T MA S J B P C MO L

‘Omalanthus new species Esser’ N

Omalanthus trivalvis Airy Shaw N

Omphalea bracteata T MA B P C L

Omphalea grandifolia P

Omphalea malayana MA B P

Omphalea queenslandiae N

Ostodes katherinae T

Ostodes paniculata T S J

Ostodes pendula J

Pachystylidium hirsutum T J P C

Pantadenia adenanthera T

Pedilanthus tithymaloides J

Petalostigma pubescens Domin N

Phyllanthus accrescens J

Phyllanthus acidus T MA S J B P MO

Phyllanthus acinacifolius N

Phyllanthus actephilifolius N

Phyllanthus acutissimus T S J

Phyllanthus albidiscus T MA

Phyllanthus amarus T MA S B P MO L

Phyllanthus angkorensis T

Phyllanthus anisophyllaeoides P

Phyllanthus aphanostylus N

Phyllanthus apiculatus P

Phyllanthus archboldianus N

Phyllanthus ardisianthus N

Phyllanthus benguetensis P

Phyllanthus blancoanus P

Phyllanthus bourgeoisii N

Phyllanthus buxifolius S J B P L

Phyllanthus caesius N

Phyllanthus calycinus C

Phyllanthus caudatifolius P

Phyllanthus ceramanthus J

Phyllanthus chamaepeuce T MA B

Phyllanthus ciccoides N

Phyllanthus clamboides N

Phyllanthus clarkei T

Phyllanthus collinsae T C L

Phyllanthus columnaris T MA

Phyllanthus cordatulus P

Phyllanthus curranii P

Phyllanthus cuscutiflores N

Phyllanthus dalbergioides MA

Phyllanthus dumosus P

Phyllanthus effusus N

Phyllanthus elegans T MA L

Phyllanthus emblica T MA S J B MO

Phyllanthus erythrocarpus MA

Phyllanthus erythrotrichus P

Phyllanthus everettii P

Phyllanthus filicifolius MA

Phyllanthus finschii MO N

Phyllanthus flaviflorus N

Phyllanthus floresanus L

Phyllanthus frodinii N

Phyllanthus geoffrayi T

Phyllanthus gjellerupii N

Phyllanthus glochidioides P

Phyllanthus gomphocarpus MA S

Phyllanthus gracilipes T MA S J B

Phyllanthus greenei P

Phyllanthus hasskarlianus J

Phyllanthus hullettii T B

Phyllanthus insulae-japen N

Phyllanthus javanicus J

Phyllanthus kerrii T

Phyllanthus kinabaluicus B

Phyllanthus kostermansii N

Phyllanthus laciniatus P

Phyllanthus lamprophyllus P C MO L N

Phyllanthus lanceifolius P

Phyllanthus leytensis P

Phyllanthus lingulatus T

Phyllanthus macgregorii P

Phyllanthus maderaspatensis J

Phyllanthus maritimus N

Phyllanthus megalanthus P

Phyllanthus merinthopodus N

Phyllanthus microcarpus J

Phyllanthus minahassae C

Phyllanthus mindorensis P C

Phyllanthus minutiflorus N

Phyllanthus mirabilis T

Phyllanthus muriculatus J

Phyllanthus niruri J

Phyllanthus novae-hollandiae N

Phyllanthus orientalis T

Phyllanthus oxyphyllus T MA S

Phyllanthus pachyphyllus T MA S B

Phyllanthus panayensis P C MO

Phyllanthus papuanus N

Phyllanthus poli-borealis N

Phyllanthus polyphyllus T

Phyllanthus praelongipes N

Phyllanthus pulcher T MA S J B L

Phyllanthus pullenii N

Phyllanthus ramosii P

Phyllanthus reticulatus T MA S J B P C MO L N

Phyllanthus rheophilus N

Phyllanthus ridleyanus T MA

Phyllanthus robinsonii P

Phyllanthus roseus T MA

Phyllanthus rosselensis N

Phyllanthus rubriflorus N

Phyllanthus rupicola P

Phyllanthus salomonis N

Phyllanthus samarensis P C

Phyllanthus schumannianus N

Phyllanthus securinegoides P

Phyllanthus sibuyanensis P

Phyllanthus sikkimensis T MA L

Phyllanthus sootepensis T

Phyllanthus stipularis P

Phyllanthus stultitiae N

Phyllanthus submarginalis L

Phyllanthus tagulae N

Phyllanthus taxodiifolius T

Phyllanthus tenuipes P

Phyllanthus tenuirhachis C MO N

Phyllanthus tricho(s)p(h)orus J C

Phyllanthus triphlebius P

Phyllanthus urinaria T MA S J B P C MO L N

Phyllanthus utricularis N

Phyllanthus verrucicaulis N

Phyllanthus virgatus T MA S J B P C L N

Phyllanthus warburgii N

Phyllanthus watsonii MA

Phyllanthus welwitschianus T

Phyllanthus winitii T

Phyllanthus womersleyi N

Phyllanthus zollingeri J L

Pimelodendron amboinicum C MO N

Pimelodendron griffithianum MA S B

Pimelodendronmacrocarpum MA S B

Pimelodendronzoanthogyne B

Pterococcus corniculatus T MA S J B P MO L

Ptychopyxis arborea B

Ptychopyxis bacciformis B

Ptychopyxis caput-medusae MA

Ptychopyxis chrysantha N

Ptychopyxis costata MA S B

Ptychopyxis glochidiifolia B N

Ptychopyxis grandis B

Ptychopyxis javanica T S J B

Ptychopyxis kingii MA S B

Ptychopyxis nervosa S

Ptychopyxis philippina P

Ptychopyxis plagiocarpa T

Ptychopyxis triradiata MA

Reutealis trisperma J P

Richeriella malayana T MA B P

Ricinus communis T MA S J B P C MO L N

Sampantaea amentiflora T

Sapium glandulosum (L.) Müll.Arg. J

Sauropus amabilis T

Sauropus amoebiflorus T

Sauropus androgynus T MA S J B P C MO L N

Sauropus asteranthos T

Sauropus bacciformis S J C

Sauropus bicolor T

Sauropus bonii T

Sauropus brevipes T MA

Sauropus calcareus MA

Sauropus elegantissimus MA

Sauropus garrettii T

Sauropus granulosus T

Sauropus heteroblastus T

Sauropus hirsutus T

Sauropus kerrii T

Sauropus macranthus T MA S J B P N

Sauropus micrasterias B

Sauropus orbicularis T

Sauropus pierrei B

Sauropus pulchellus T

Sauropus quadrangularis T

Sauropus rhamnoides S J B

Sauropus rostratus S L

Sauropus scandens P

Sauropus similis T

Sauropus spec. nov. T

Sauropus sphenophyllus N

Sauropus suberosus T MA

Sauropus thorelii T

Sauropus villosus T MA S P

Securinega flexuosa P C N

Securinega leucopyrus T C

Securinega melanthesoides N

Securinega virosa T MA S J B P C MO L

‘New genus, combination A Esser’ T MA S B C MO N

‘New genus, combination B Esser’ P L

‘New genus, combination C Esser’ J

Spathiostemon javensis Blume MA J B P C MO L N

Spathiostemon moniliformis Airy Shaw T

Stillingia lineata (Lam.) Müll.Arg. P MO L

Strophioblachia fimbricalyx P C

Strophioblachia glandulosa T

Sumbaviopsis albicans T MA S J B P

Suregada angustifolia MA

Suregada calcicola B

Suregada glomerulata S J B P C MO L N

Suregada multiflora T MA S C MO L

Suregada racemulosa P

Suregada stenophylla P

Syndyophyllum excelsum Lauterb. & K.Schum. N

Syndyophyllum occidentale (Airy Shaw) Welzen S B

Synostemon bacciformis T MA B

Tapoides villamilii B

Thyrsanthera suborbicularis T

Trewia nudiflora T MA S J B P

Triadica cochinchinensis Lour. T MA S B P

Trigonopleura dubia (Elmer) Merr. P

Trigonopleura macrocarpa Airy Shaw B

Trigonopleura malayana Hook.f. MA S B C

Trigonostemon acuminatus P

Trigonostemon albiflorus T

Trigonostemon angustifolius P

Trigonostemon apetalogyne N

Trigonostemon arboreus MA

Trigonostemon aurantiacus T MA S

Trigonostemon beccarii S

Trigonostemon borneensis MA

Trigonostemon capillipes T MA B P

Trigonostemon detritiferus B

Trigonostemon diffusus B

Trigonostemon dipteranthus S

Trigonostemon elegantissimus MA B

Trigonostemon elmeri B

Trigonostemon everettii P

Trigonostemon hartleyi N

Trigonostemon hirsutus B P

Trigonostemon ionthocarpus B

Trigonostemon kerrii T

Trigonostemon laevigatus T MA S B P

Trigonostemon laxiflorus P

Trigonostemon longifolius T MA S

Trigonostemon longipedunculatus B P

Trigonostemon longipes P

Trigonostemon luzoniensis P

Trigonostemon magnificum S

Trigonostemon malaccanus MA S

Trigonostemon matangensis B

Trigonostemon merrillianus B

Trigonostemon merrillii B P

Trigonostemon murtonii T

Trigonostemon oblanceolatus P

Trigonostemon oblongifolius P

Trigonostemon ovatifolius J

Trigonostemon pachyphyllus T

Trigonostemon philippinensis S P

Trigonostemon phyllocalyx T

Trigonostemon pierrei B

Trigonostemon polyanthus B P

Trigonostemon quocensis T

Trigonostemon reidioides T

Trigonostemon rufescens MA

Trigonostemon salicifolius B

Trigonostemon sandakanensis B

Trigonostemon serratus J L

Trigonostemon sinclairii MA

Trigonostemon spec. nov. T

Trigonostemon thyrsoideus T

Trigonostemon verticillatus T MA

Trigonostemon villosus MA S B

Trigonostemon viridissimus MA S B P L

Trigonostemon whiteanus P

Vernicia fordii J

Vernicia montana T J

Wetria insignis T MA S J B P N


Revised genera


25 Genera out of the 113 genera have been revised (22 %), but only 70 species (4 %) of the 1592 (Aporosa has not been included yet, nor the Philippine species of Cleistanthus, because the manuscripts have not been received officially).






New genus



SE Asia, Malesia

Blumea ms.




Old world tropics

Blumea 41 (1996) 263-331





Reinwardtia ms.





Rheedea 4 (1994) 93-101




W Malesia

Blumea 38 (1993) 161-166




E Malesia, Australia

Blumea ms.





Blumea ms.




Philippines, Lesser Sunda Is.

Blumea ms.




SE Asia-W Malesia

Blumea 40 (1995) 379-384




India-SE Asia, Malaysia

Blumea ms.




E Malesia, Austr., New Caled.

Blumea ms.


> 30



Blumea ms.




India-New Guinea

Blumea ms.




W Malesia

Blumea ms.





Blumea ms.




W Malesia

Blumea 40 (1995) 384-388




Burma to Solomons

Blumea 39 (1994) 301-318




Tropical Asia-Australia

Blumea ms.




E Malesia, Australia

Blumea ms.




Neotropics, cultivated

Blumea ms.

New genus



Africa, Malesia

Blumea ms.




Thailand, Malesia

Blumea ms.





Blumea ms.




SE Asia-W Malesia

Blumea ms.




W Malesia 

Blumea ms.





Blumea 40 (1995) 388-394


2 or 3


E Asia, Malesia

Blumea ms.




W Malesia

Blumea 40 (1995) 363-374