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Weber-Van Bosse, Anna Antoinette


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1852, Amsterdam, Holland. Died: 1942, Eerbeek, Gld, Holland.



Married young, was shortly after widowed, and then started her botanical studies at Amsterdam University. She married Prof. M. Weber and accompanied him to the Dutch East Indies in 1888/89. During their stay in Java (July-Sept. 1888), she for some weeks studied a parasitic Alga of Tjibodas.1 She visited Lapland, and also South Africa (1894-95), and was a member of the Siboga Expedition. In 1910 she was awarded the honorary Dr’s degree of Utrecht University.

She wrote numerous phycological papers; for her merits Queen Wilhelmina made her a knight of Orange-Nassau.

The last years of her husband’s life she assisted him in his work.


Collecting localities:

Malay Archipelago, 1888-89. cf. sub Max Weber, also for literature.-’Siboga’ Expedition, 1899-1900.2 Java: staying some weeks at Buitenzorg for preparations; Batavia (Febr. 7-10, 1899); Soerabaja, sailing on March 7; Lombok, W. coast (March 19-23); Paternoster & Postillon Islands (March 28-Apr. 8); Soembawa: Bima Bay (Apr. 8, some days); near P. Savoe (= Sawoe) (20), visiting kp. Seba (24); P. Samau (= Semaoe); P. Solor (30), Lamakera; SW. Celebes: Makassar (May 10-June 7), during which period the ‘Siboga’ went to Soerabaja to be overhauled; near SE. Borneo (June 10-14), mouth of the Mahakam (15); Sulu Archipelago (Philippines) (June 24-July 5); N. Celebes: Bay of Koandang (= Koeandang) (July 8) and adjacent islands; Sangir (= Sangihe) & Talaut (= Talaud) Islands (23-27); Ternate (29); along the W. coast of Halmahe(i)ra (Aug. 3), visit to Batjan and Groot-Obi; anchoring on the SW. coast of P. Gébé, near P. Fau (10), which island was explored; N. coast of Waigeo(u) (12-15), visiting some bays; Fam Islands; Doif Islands; N. coast of Kofiau; W. coast of Dutch New Guinea: Segèt (18); Daram Islands (SE of Misoöl); Pisang Islands, Sabuda etc.; W. coast of Dutch New Guinea: Atjatoening (= Ati-ati-onin); Gisser (= Geser) (26-28); NE. coast of Ceram: Waroe (28-30); S. coast of Miso(ö)l (31); P. Kelang (W of Ceram); Amboina (= Ambon) (Sept. 4); via Manipi and Boeto(e)n(g) Straits; P. Kabaëna; P. Saleijer (= Salajar) (anchoring Sept. 26), staying a month during which the ‘Siboga’ was overhauled once more at Soerabaja; P. Kabia (Oct. 28); Toekang-Besi Islands; P. Binongka; Lucipara Islands; Ambo(i)n(a) (Nov. 14-19); N. coast of Noesa laoet; Banda Islands; P. Tiur (= Tioör) (Watoebela group); P. Taäm; Kei (= Kai) Islands, visiting Klein-Kei (= Toeal) (Dec. 12) and Groot-Kei (= Noehoetjoet), E(l)lat (16); Aroe Islands (Dobo); Ambo(i)n(a) (Jan. 2-7, 1900); P. Dammer (= Damar) (9); P. Roma(ng); between E. Timor and Noesa Besi (15); S. coast of Timor; SE. Rot(t)i, Bay of Boeka (27); NE. Rot(t)i; P. Samaoe; P. Solor; Flores: Ende(h), Ipih Bay; E. Soembawa, Sape(h) Bay; P. Kangean (N of Bali) (Febr. 20); back at Soerabaja (27).



Herb. Leiden [L]: principally Algae,3 but also phanerogams,4 from both expeditions; her private herbarium of Algae was presented in 1934.5 Dupl. in Herb. Brit. Mus. [BM]: cryptogams (pres. 1894); Herb. Univ. Kiel [KIEL]: Algae trop. Asia; Herb. N.Y. Bot. Gard. [NY]: 30 spec. marine Algae D.E.I. (exch. 1907-08).



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biographical data:

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