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Bakhuizen van den Brink Sr, Reinier Cornelis


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1881, Pasoeroean, Java.

Died: 1945, Tjimahi, in a Japanese concentration camp in Java.



After finishing his education in Holland, returned to Java; for several years a planter, finally on Tjidadap Estate, S of Tjibeber in W. Java. In 1917 appointed Assistant, later Botanist in the Herbarium at Buitenzorg.1 He retired when staying in Europe 1935-39, returned to Java, and died during the Japanese occupation.

Several plants were named after him, e.g. Taeniophyllum bakhuizenii J.J.Sm.


Collecting localities:

W. Java. 1903. Pasir Datar-1904. Pasir Datar; G. Pangrango (Febr. 27), summit G. Gedeh (May 28), Batavia (Aug. and Oct.).-1905. Indragiri (in Semarang Res.?).-1906-07. Near Tjikadjang.-1907-09. Near Pangindangan, at Pameungpeuk etc.2-1914. Centr. Java: Kendal (Sept. 20); W. Java: mangrove forest Indramajoe (Sept. 29).-1915. Tjampea (and many times later on).-1916. G. Goentoer (Kawah Kamodjan etc.) (Jan. 18-22); environs of Tjadasmalang (up to 1919); Dèpok (and many times later on); Maroenda near Tg Priok (Oct.).-1917. Maroenda near Tg Priok (Nov. 11), Priok (Nov. 18); in the environs of Buitenzorg, e.g. Tjiboerial, G. Salak, Tjampea, G. Tjibodas etc. (till 1941).-1918. G. Kentjana (Febr. 3); Tjidadap-Tjisokan (July);3 Koeripan near Tjisèèng (July 28); Zandbaai (S. coast) (Aug. 2-3); Djasinga (Sept. 16).-1919. Zandbaai (S. coast) (Febr. 5); Poentjak, Telaga Warna (Apr. 19); Batavia Noord (July 16); Maroenda near Tg Priok; S. slope G. Gedeh (Sept. 14).-1920. Near Tjibadak-Tjisalak (Jan. 6-9); G. Pantjar and vicinity (July 4 and Aug. 21); G. Boerangrang (Poerwakarta, Pameungpeuk, Wanajasa, G. Parang, Sitoe Lembang etc.) (July 22-28) with van Slooten; Tjastana, Tjisalak (Dec.).-1921. G. Boender (Apr. 16); near Nangèla, Leuwiliang etc. (June).-1922. Priok (July 9): G. Perbakti (Sept. 3).-1923. Priok, Antjol (March 4); Tjadasmalang, Tjidadap etc. (June 18-23); G. Pantjar and vicinity with Docters van Leeuwen and Dakkus (Dec. 8-13), visiting G. Paniisan (9) etc.-1924. Bolang (June 7-10) with Dakkus; near Leuwiliang (June 15-30); G. Bongkok, Plèrèd (Oct. 20); Weltevreden (Oct. and Dec.).-1925. P. Weh (Sabang, N of Sumatra) (Aug. 10).-1926. P. Weh (June 9).-1927. P. Leiden and P. Purmerend (Bay of Batavia) (Apr. 11).-1928. Pasir Ipis and G. Paroengpoeng (Jan. 1); G. Perbakti (Jan. 8).-1929. Poerasèda-Leuwiliang etc. with Docters van Leeuwen and van Steenis (Febr. 2-5); near Nangèla (many times up to 1931).-1930. Pasir Ipis and G. Paroengpoeng (Dec. 22).-1933. Tjitjadas and G. Aseupan (July 2).-Up to 1941 he occasionally collected.



Herb. Bog. [BO]: > 8000 nos (pres. since 1916), especially among the Tjidadap collection much valuable material, the collection from Bolang (1924) amounts to 325 nos; he collected many times together with his son and namesake in the environs of Buitenzorg and on G. Salak. In Herb. Pasoer. [PAS on permanent loan to BO] (princ. pres. 1924-29) : 110 nos; Herb. Utrecht [U]: Java dupl. (1920-28); Herb. Leiden [L]: Java dupl.; 6 dupl. in U.S. Nat. Herb. Wash. [US] In Hort. Bog. many living plants.



(1) As a well-known expert in native vegetables and fruits he collaborated with Ochse in several books on this subject; he revised the Ebenaceae and other families in Bull. Jard. Bot. Buit.; several small papers in ‘De Trop. Natuur’.

(2) Erytrina (pseudonym): ‘Wandeltochten door de Preanger. Naar de watervallen van Tjidadap’ (Kolon. Weekbl. 1916, nos 46-52; l.c. 1917, no 3).

(3) B. v. d. B.: ‘Langs ongebaande wegen’ (Trop. Nat. 10, 1921, p. 23-29, 44-48, 8 fig.).


biographical data:

Backer, Verkl. Woordenb., 1936; Bull. Jard. But. Buit. sér. 3, vol. 18, 1948, p. 1-4, incl. bibliogr. + portr.


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