(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



A surgeon on the French frigate ‘Sybille’. Probably identical with J. Barthe, a friend of Dr Hance’s of Hongkong (collecting with the latter in that island in 1855-56).1 In 1855 the ‘Sybille’ (same voyage?) anchored near Ambon, but the crew was not allowed to go ashore, nor were the sick, as the representative of the Civil Service was afraid to violate neutrality on account of the Crimean war.2 In 1855 and 1856 Japan was visited in the same ship.

After J. Barthe several plants were named, e.g. Barthea Benth. & Hook.



Herb. Paris [P]. According to Merrill,3 B. secured his Philippine plants in the year 1857, probably did no collecting himself, but secured them of some Spanish resident of Manila, as the manuscript notes at the museum accompanying the plants are written in Spanish, with the families and many of the genera indicated. A. Guillaumin4 supposes that Barthe himself collected some plants in the Philippine Islands (without numbers!), and that the numbered plants belong to a collection of plants presented to him by a Spanish resident of the islands. The repeated occurrence of the name Nasé on the labels of the latter collection leads him to suppose that the plants have been collected at Nasé or Nazé in the island Oshima of the Riu Kiu Archipelago, though they are labelled ‘Philippines’.

Elsewhere Merrill states5 that Barthe made small botanical collections in the Philippine Islands before 1870, the concerning collections being preserved in the European herbaria.



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