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Belcher, Sir Edward


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1799. Died: 1877, London, England.



In the Naval Service as early as 1812; in later years in command of several expeditions, some of which operating in the territory dealt with in this publication. In 1852-54 he conducted an expedition in search of J. Franklin. He was knighted in 1843, became K.C.B. in 1867, and Admiral in 1872.


Collecting localities:

Voyage in H.M.S. ‘Sulphur’, 1835-42.1 cf. sub Hinds.-Voyage in H.M.S. ‘Samarang’, 1843-46.2 Sailing from Spithead (Jan. 26, 1843), via the Cape of Good Hope, through Sunda Straits, touching W. Java: Anjer (June 11) and Singapore (19-25) and proceeding to NW. Borneo: Sarawak, Kuching and Brunei; Hongkong (Sept. 4); Philippines: Luzon, Manila (March 16-Apr. l, 1844), Samboanga (= Zamboanga, part of Mindanao) and Sooloo (= Sulu) Islands; N. Celebes: Manado Tua Isl. (May 18), Manado (19-25); May 26 sailing for Ternate (arrival June 1); Singapore (June 28-Aug. 4); NW. Borneo: Santubong, Sarawak, Ling(g)a River, Lundu River, Labuan, Brunei; Philippines: Luzon, Manila (Nov. 14); E. coast of Borneo (S. Kajan and Beraoe) (Dec. 1844-Jan. 1845); Philippines: Sulu Islands, Luzon (Manila); Japan and China; Philippines (between Nov. 1845-March 1846 visiting Batan, Luzon, Isl. Luban, Apo Isl., one of the Calamianes, Mindoro, Ylin, the Cagayanes, and Zamboanga in Mindanao); N. Borneo: Balambangan, Labuan and Sarawak; Singapore; W. Java: Anjer (July 8-16, 1846); Keeling Islands; via the Cape of Good Hope and St Helena, back to Spithead in 1846.



Herb. Kew [K]: from the Arctic regions (pres. 1847). It is not known to the present author from which expedition this collection originates, but it seems probable that the plants were collected during the voyage of the ‘Samarang’ as his Arctic expedition took place in 1852-54. A. Adams (see there) was Assistant Surgeon and Naturalist during the voyage of the ‘Samarang’.



(1) Capt. E. Belcher: ‘Narrative of a voyage round the world performed in H.M.S. Sulphur during the years 1836-42’ (London 1843, 2 vols).

(2) Capt. E. Belcher: ‘Narrative of the voyage of H.M.S. Samarang, during 1843-46; employed surveying the islands of the Eastern Archipelago, etc.’ (London 1848, 2 vols).


biographical data:

Tijdschr. K.N.A.G. 2, 1877, p. 390; Encyclop. Brittann.