Collecting localities




Bisset, Norman Grainger


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1925, Glasgow, Scotland.



Was educated in chemistry at Imperial College, University of London (M.Sc. organic chem. 1952; Ph.D. 1968). Ahli khimia at the Treub Laboratory, Bogor Botanic Gardens, 1954-58; Colombo Plan expert in chemistry, Malaysia, 1958-62; plant chemist at the C.N.R.S. Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles, Gif-sur-Yvette, France, 1962-67; lecturing in pharmacognosy, Dept of Pharmacy, Chelsea College, University of London, since 1967.

In 1964 he carried out a 4 months’ mission for the C.N.R.S. collecting dammar samples and plants of potential medicinal interest for chemical studies by various French institutes1.

Author of numerous phytochemical papers, recently especially on the genus Strychnos.


Collecting localities:

1956. S. Moluccas.2 With J. van Borssum Waalkes (itinerary see there, Suppl. Cycl. Fl. Mal. I, 5, 1958, p. cclxi). W. Java: Rantjabadak and Pelabuhan Ratu.-1957. W. Java: G. Pulusari, near Menes, Tjipining, Tjipunaga, Tjigarondong.-1960-62. Malaysia, occasional coll. mostly of dart-poison plants from various parts.3-1964.1 Many localities in Sabah (mostly with W. Meijer), Sarawak (partly with J.A.R. Anderson, P.S. Ashton, and Ilias Paie), and Malaysia (mostly with Kochummen).



Emphasis on plants of reputed or potential medicinal interest. S. Moluccan collections numbered in his personal series (570-748), but also in that of van Borssum Waalkes or Pleyte. W. Java and Malaysia plants (749-783) in BO [BO], K [K], or L [L]. A few Malaysian collections in the KL series [KLU]. The 1964 collection partly in his personal series (784-808), and also in the KEP [KEP], SAN [SAN], and SAR [SAR] institutional series.



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