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Blaauw, Anton Hendrik


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1882, Elst, Gld, Holland. Died:1942, Oosterbeek, Gld, Holland.



Studied natural history at Utrecht University, where he took his Dr’s degree in 1909. Having been granted the subvention of the Buitenzorg Fund, he stayed in Java from Nov. 1911 until March 1912;1 in 1912 he was appointed Custodian of the Ned. Bot. Vereeniging at Haarlem; teacher at a secondary school at Haarlem, 1913-17; since 1918 Professor of Plant Physiology at the Agricultural College, Wageningen; on account of poor health he resigned in September 1942.

He is the author of some popular books on the Dutch East Indies2 and of many physiological papers.


Collecting localities:1 

W. Java: Buitenzorg (Nov. 1911); Tjibodas, Tjibeureum and G. Gedeh-Pangrango (Dec.); from Priok (Jan. 18, 1912), via Cheribon and Semarang (Centr. Java, trip to Weleri) to Soerabaja by boat, making some trips in E. Java: Tosari, Tengger Mts (Bromo, G. Penandjaän) and via Nongkodjadjar to Malang; Pasoeroean and Soerabaja; Centr. Java: Soerakarta, Klaten, Djokja, Boroboedoer and to the island of Noesa Kambangan (S of Java) from Tjilatjap. In Sumatra West Coast (1912) he visited: Padang, Fort de Kock (first half of March), Pajacombo, Manindjau Lake, Karbouwengat, Danau Mts, Matoer, and G. Merapi.



Herb. Utrecht [U], from G. Merapi (Sumatra), G. Tengger (E. Java), etc.; Leiden [L].

According to Dammerman,3 he collected embryological material of some Proteaceae and Icacinaceae, material on formalin and dried seeds, all on behalf of the Bot. Lab. at Utrecht.



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biographical data:

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