Collecting localities



Biographical data


Bois, Désiré Georges Jean Marie


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1856, Granville, Manche, France. Died: 1946, Saint Mandé, France.



Professor of Agriculture in the Mus. d’Hist. Nat. Paris, was delegated to a Congress in Indo-China and made use of this opportunity to make a trip in Java. At Buitenzorg he devoted himself mainly to taxonomic studies and the collecting of an extensive herbarium;1 he was especially interested in useful plants.

He is commemorated in Merremia boisiana (Gagnep.) Ooststr.


Collecting localities:2

1903. Principally W. Java, (Febr.-March, staying 6 weeks in all): Buitenzorg, Tjibodas (G. Gedeh), Tjipetir, Lembang; Centr. Java: Klaten.



Herb. Paris [P]. A lichen from Java was cited as collected in Jan. 1903.3 The latter date does not agree with the itinerary; he may have arrived in Java at the end of Jan.



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biographical data:

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