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Branderhorst, Bastiaan


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1880, Meeuwen, N.Br., Holland.



Since 1906 Military Surgeon in the Dutch East Indian army. In July 1907 he joined an exploration detachment under Capt. A.J. Gooszen in Dutch S. New Guinea and stayed in the latter island for more than 3 years. During part of the time (1907-08) he was assisted in making botanical collections by Pringgo Atmodjo (see there). In 1912-13 he was a member of the Anglo-Dutch Committee for Boundary Delimitation in Borneo. He retired in 1924, was for a short time thereafter employed by the D.E. Indian Service of Public Health, and was appointed physician of the Pengalengan Society for Nursing (W. Java) in 1925.

Several plants were named after him.


Collecting localities:

Dutch S. New Guinea. Merauke, Digoel and environs (July 1907-March 1908),1 collecting e.g. at Merauke (since July 23, 1907), O(e)kaba and environs (end ofAug-beginning of Oct.), Gelieb camp (end of Oct.-Nov.), Kabatiel camp (Dec.), Bian River, Merauke and environs (Febr.-March 1908).-Exploration of the headwaters of the Noordrivier (= Oetoemboewe) (March 28-May 15, 1908):2 March 28 setting out from Zwaluw bivouac to Alkmaar bivouac, via Oetoemboewe (= Lorentz) River, and Sabang camp (Apr. 1-3); march to the Resi Mts (Apr. 12-15); from Alkmaar bivouac (Apr. 21) to the mountains between Hellwig and Nevelgebergte, reaching the highest summit on the 28th; departure from Alkmaar bivouac (May 3) to Zwaluw bivouac, by land (with 2 mantris of the Buitenzorg Botanic Garden) along the left bank of the Oetoemboewe; mouth of the Schultz River (5); back at Zwaluw bivouac (11).-Merauke and Digoel (June 5, 1909-end of March 1910):3 Digoel River (Aug.-Sept. 1909); Mappi River (Nov. 14-Dec. 16) with Weber and van der Ven; Eilanden River (Jan. 1910); A. and B. River (until the end of March).



He evidently paid a visit to Frederik Hendrik Island and the Otakwa River too. COLLECTIONS. Herb. Bog. [BO], nos 1-444 (mat. in spirit too) (1907-08); dupl. in Leiden [L], Utrecht [U], Kew [K] and Berl. [B].4 In 1907-08 he was assisted by Pringgo Atmodjo (see there). He sent many living plants to Hort. Bog. (1909-10), numbering about 300.5



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biographical data:

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