Collecting localities




Bruinier, Jan Berend Hendrik


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1884, Bandaneira, Moluccas.



At first student overseer, later appointed Forest Officer in the D.E. Indian Forest Service; in 1906 stationed at Padangan and subsequently at various other stations in the teak districts of Java; since April 1911 in P. Boeton (S of Celebes); in Aug. 1917 at Medan (Sum. East Coast); in May 1918 at Tandjong Pinang (Bengkalis District); in 1919 he went on furlough; in 1922 at Manado (N. Celebes), in 1926 at Madioen (E. Java), since 1931 in the teak districts again. He was pensioned off in 1933.

His stay in Sumatra resulted in an unpublished report.1


Collecting localities:

1916. SE. Celebes: near Staring Bay etc.-1918-19. Sumatra East Coast: G. Sibajak;2 islands before the coast, viz P. Roepat (Apr. 1-3), P. Tebingtinggi, P. Bengkalis, P. Toepang, P. Merbau, Selat Pandjang, P. Rangsang (at the end of July), P. Serapoeng, P. Mendol, P. Medang (Aug.-Oct., in this period he collected too at Doemai, Batang Ketjil, Soengei Misigit).



Herb. Bog. [BO] and Herb. For. Res. Inst. Buitenzorg [BZF]: 317 nos in F.R.I. bb. series from the islands before the E. coast of Sumatra, collected on behalf of K. Heyne (see there) and the Forest Service; a collection of SE. Celebes plants (e.g. coll. near Staring Bay in 1916) pres. through the intermediary of the Forest Research Institute in 1920; several of the 64 nos were lacking (thrown away, being badly preserved), the remaining ones poor specimens. In Bengkalis etc. he was assisted by the native collectors: Marah Napi, Sastro Soewondo, Soeparman and Soerasman. He collected for Lörzing (see there) too.



(1) ‘Aanteekeningen over houtsoorten van Bengkalis’ (in Forest Research Institute, Buitenzorg).

(2) cf. Versl. Pl. Tuin Buitenzorg for 1918, p.231.