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Burck, William


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1848, Monnikendam, Holland. Died: 1910, Leiden, Holland.

See also Berck.



Botanist, educated at Leiden University (Ph. Dr 1874); teacher at a secondary school at Letden, and subsequently at Apeldoorn in Holland, then at the School of Agriculture at Buitenzorg, Java. In 1881 he was appointed Asst Director (in charge of the Herbarium) of the Botanic Gardens, Buitenzorg; he made a trip to the Padang Highlands in connection with gutta-percha in 1883, attended by ‘mantri’ Arsin (see there) of the Herbarium. After a European sick-leave of 2 years, he was appointed Scientific Adviser for the government coffee culture in 1893, and retired in 1902.

His publications are principally in the field of systematics (Dipterocarpaceae, Sapotaceae, Filices) and of flower biology.1

The genus Burckella Pierre was named after him.


Collecting localities:

1883. Sumatra West Coast:2 Padang (Aug. 15); Padang Pandjang (arriving the 18th), collecting e.g. on G. Sing(g)alang; Sept. 2 by way of Fort de Kock to Pajoekombo; excursions starting from the pasanggrahan (= guest-house) at Halaban (11-20); on the way to Soeliki (22) for explorations in the subdivisions Poear Datar, Pangkalan, Kota Baroe, XII Kotta's,Kampar, Gloegoer; back at Pajoekombo (15); the 16th via Fort de Kock, Padang Pandjang to Fort van der Capellen (22); explorations in the XII and IX Kotta's (Solok); Soepajang-Padang Pandjang (Nov. 2); Padang (6-9).-1890. W. Java: Depok, Tjipetir, Tjibodas and Buitenzorg.-1891. The first nine months with P. de Monchy (see there): in the environs of Buitenzorg; e.g. at Depok and Tjampea; Telaga Bodas (Apr. 4, June 21, July 3 and 7), G. Papandajan (June 23), Garoet (June 29, July 10), G. Tjikorai (June 29), environs of Garoet (June-July), G. Goentoer (July 1), Gegerbintang (spur of G. Gedeh) (July), Tjiloear and G. Gedeh (June-July).-1896. Lang-eiland in Sunda Strait (Sept.) with Boerlage.



Herb. Bog. [BO]: some 400 ferns and some 100 other plants from the Padang Highlands; from the environs of Garoet (1891) 565 nos, etc. Dupl. in Herb. Leiden [L] (Padang Highlands) and much material in spirit; Herb. Kew [K]: 112 ‘types’ from the Indian Archip. (pres. 1887-88); Herb. Kol. Mus. (= Ind. Inst.) Amsterdam (formerly Haarlem): 178 nos from Java, preserved in spirit (pres. 1904); Herb. Decand. (Geneva [G]) (Dipterocarp.); Herb. Bot. Gard. Petersburg (= Leningrad [LE]): 103 Sapot. & Filices Mal. Arch. (pres. 1886).



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biographical data:

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