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Burret, Carl Ewald Max


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1883, Saffig near Andernahr, Rhine Prov., Germany. Died: 1964, Berlin, Germany.



Originally studied law at Lausanne and Munich at the instigation of his father, but his interest in botany was roused and he went to Berlin to to take up that study (Ph. Dr 1909, on a taxonomic thesis); Assistant at the Berlin Bot. Museum and Garden, 1909-11; Botanical Assistant and Lecturer at the Bot. Institute of the Agricultural College, Berlin, 1911-21; in 1922 appointed Custodian of the Botanical Museum and Garden, Berlin, and later Professor at Berlin University.

He made numerous travels in Europe and Africa. He was invited by the Brazilian government to make a trip to that country, specially for the study of palms.1 Shortly after his return to Germany he was enabled to make a voyage to the Old World tropics, visiting Ceylon, the Malay Peninsula, Java, and Sumatra in 1938-39.2

Author of numerous systematic papers on Tiliaceae and Palmae.


Collecting localities:2 

1939. Malay Peninsula: Singapore (Jan. 30 arrival), making trips to Sedili River (Johore), Bt Timah; Kuala Lumpur, making trips to Ulu Gomba (in the mountains), Telok Reserve, Sungei Lalang Reserve, and to Kanching, Kapur Forest, Bt Takun; Gap, Frasers Hill, Jerantut; back to Singapore, from where sailing on Febr. 16; W. Java: Tandjung Priok (Febr. 18); sojourn at Buitenzorg and from there making trips to Depok (March 4), Tjibodas and G. Gedeh-Pangrango (18-27), Wijnkoopsbaai (Apr. 2-3); Garut, making trips to G. Papandajan (18), Kawah Kamodjan (19), Kawah Manuk (20), Tjipanas and G. Guntur, lakes of Leles, Bagendit and Pandjalu; Batavia (Angké and Priok, 28); E. Java: Surabaya, making trips to Grisé (= Grissee), G. Ardjuno, and G. Tengger (May 1); May 7 leaving for S. Sumatra: Palembang, visiting Kertapati, Ogan River; to Benkulen, visiting Lahat, Pageralam, Tebingtinggi, Lubuklinggau, Tjurup, Rafflesia Reserve near Kepahiang, collecting above Kaba Wetan Estate; Dusun Besar, Lebong Tandai (May 16); Sumatra West Coast: Padang, visiting lakes of Sin(g)karak, and Manindjau, Subang Pass; Fort de Kock (May 25), Rafflesia Reserve Batang Palupuh, G. Singgalang (27), Panti Reserve (29), Padang Sidempuan; Tapanoeli: Sibolga, Tarutung, and via Siborongborong, Hutah Gindjang to Balige on Toba Lake, staying at Siuhan; Sumatra East Coast: Brastagi (June 5), Lao Debok (= Lau Deboek), Petani Fall (6), Sibolangit, Medan and vicinity, Belawan (sailing June 10).



Herb. Berl. [B]: 234 nos of palms, 400 other plants from Hort. Bog. and from the above-mentioned localities.2

Some Sumatra palms were collected with Usch-Draweit, and W.O.H. Schultze (see those). The material is lost now; no duplicates were distributed.



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biographical data:

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