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Candi, Thomas (also Candish or Cavendish)


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: about 1555, Gumston Hall in Trimley, Saint Martin Parish, Suffolk, England.

Died: 1592, on voyage homewards.



Had an early inclination to go to sea, and converted part of his lands into money and went out to see the world. His 1st voyage was made to Virginia in the ‘Tiger’; in 1586-88 a voyage with his pilot Christopher Hare, in the ‘Desire’, ‘Content’ and ‘Hugh Gallant’ (see below).


Collecting localities:

1586-88.1 July 21, 1586 leaving Plymouth; Brazil; via Straits of Magellan, Chili, Peru, New Spain, California; the Ladrones (= Marianas Isls); Philippines: at Cape del Espiritu Santo in Tandayas (= ? Samar) (Jan. 14, 1588); Isl. Capul (15-23); passing the Moluccas, e.g. Batachina (= Halmaheira) on the way to Java; March 1 having passed between Java minor and major (= Bali Straits), casting anchor near Bolamboam (== Balambangan in SE. Java) (5-15); Cape of Good Hope, St Helena; back at Plymouth (Sept. 9).



Clusius figured and described Anisum philippinarum insularum from material secured at Manila(?) (Luzon) by Thomas Candi.2



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biographical data:

Hakluyt series 11, 1904, p. xi-xii & portr. frontispiece.