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Ernst, Alfred


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1875, Winterthur, Switzerland. Died: 1968, Zürich, Switzerland.



Ph. Dr, Professor of Botany in the University of Zürich and Director of the ‘Institut fur Allgemeine Botanik’ there, 1905-45.

He travelled twice in the Malay Archipelago; in 1905 he was awarded the first Swiss grant for a stay at Buitenzorg, Java; the 2nd time he was accompanied by his second wife Dr Marthe Ernst-Schwarzenbach, and had financial aid of the ‘Stiftung f. wissenschaftl. Forschung’ and of the ‘J. Klaus Stiftung Univ. Zürich’.

Author of many papers, especially on floral development, genetics, reproduction, etc.1


Collecting localities:

1st Voyage, Aug. 1905-June 1906.2 W. Java: Buitenzorg (Aug. 27-Oct. 31, 1905), making trips to Depok, G. Salak, Megamendong, Tjipetir, etc.; excursions in the coastal region of Batavia and Tandjong Priok in company with C.A. Backer (Sept. 15-17, Oct. 13-15); stay at Garoet (Nov. 1-9) making trips to G. Goentoer, G. Papandajan, lakes of Lèlès and Bagendit; Tjibodas and Kandang Badak, trips on G. Gedeh-Pangrango (Nov. 15-30, Dec. 15-Jan. 12, 1906); Buitenzorg (Jan. 13-Febr. 20); Febr. 21 setting out on a voyage to Centr. and E. Java and the Outer Possessions: E. Java: Tosari, G. Batok, Bromo and Zandzee (G. Tengger) (Febr. 26-March 1); Bodjonegoro, teak forests (March 2-4); SW. Celebes: Makassar (5-11); Lesser Sunda Islands: Soembawa (13-14), Lombok (16-30, visiting Mataram, Narmada, Lingsar, Solnadi, slopes G. Rindjani), E. & Centr. Java: Soerabaja and Djokjakarta (Apr. 1-5); Centr. Java: Diëng Plateau (6-10); Salatiga (11-13); Tjilatjap and Noesa Kambangan and Kinderzee (14-18); W. Java: Buitenzorg (19-23); excursion to islands in the Bay of Batavia and Sunda Straits (24-27), viz P. Edam, P. Pajong, P. Babi, touching at Java’s 1ste Punt (W. coast Java) (25) and Vlakke Hoek (S. coast Sumatra) (25), and Krakatau Islands (26, in company with Campbell, Pulle, and Backer); Sumatra West Coast: excursions from Padang and in the Padang Highlands (May 1-30), visiting: Padang Pandjang, Fort de Kock, Pajakombo, Matoer, Poentjak boekit, Singkara(k) Lake, Manindjau Lake, Sawahloento, Boekit tinggi, G. Merapi, G. Singgalang, Boekit telaga koembang; W. Java: Buitenzorg and Batavia (June 1-16); Malay Peninsula: excursions (June 20-30) in Singapore, to Johore, Malacca, Rembang (?), G. Angsi; from July 1-18 visiting Kuala Lumpur, Batoe Caves, Taiping, Maxwell Hills, G. Hijau, and P. Penang; before returning to Europe, staying for a week in Ceylon.-2nd Voyage, July 28, 1930-Apr. 16, 1931.3 Ceylon and Br. India (Aug. 15-Sept. 13); between Sept. 14-19 touching at Sabang (P. Weh), Belawan (Sum. E. Coast), and Singapore; W. Java: Batavia and Buitenzorg (Sept. 20-24); Hongkong, Indo-China, Yunnan-Fu; Macao; between Oct. 30-Nov. 8, visiting Manila (Luzon), Makassar (SW. Celebes), Soerabaja and Grissee (E. Java); W. Java: Buitenzorg (Nov. 9-19); Batavia and coral islands P. Hoorn and P. Edam (20-29); Buitenzorg (Nov. 30-Dec. 9); Tjibodas, Kandang Badak, G. Gedeh-Pangrango (10-19); Buitenzorg and Batavia (20-23); via Soerabaja (E. Java) to Bali (Dec. 24-31), visiting Boeleleng, Den Pasar, Danau Bratan, Karangasem, Kintamani, G. Batoer; E. Java: Soerabaja (Jan. 1, 1931); Pasoeroean and  Tengger Mts (1-5), visiting Tosari, Zandzee, Bromo, Penandjaän; Jan. 6-9 visiting Probolinggo, Pasirpoeti, Sitoebondo; Djember, G. Boto, and Poeger (S. coast); Centr. Java: Djokjakarta (10-13); W. Java: Jan. 14-31 at Buitenzorg, Batavia and coral island Onrust (21-26); Tjibodas (Febr. 2-6); Centr. Java: Febr. 9-15, visiting Wonosobo, Diëng Plateau, and Garoet (Tjipanas, Lèlès, Bagendit) in W. Java; from Febr. 16-26, at Buitenzorg, Batavia, coral islands P. Edam and P. Onrust; between Febr. 27-March 3 at Batavia, Verlaten Eiland, Krakatau,4 and Lang Eiland; Tjinjiroeanand G. Malabar (March 5-7); Buitenzorg and Batavia (8-18); via Singapore (20), Belawan-Medan (Sum. E. Coast), Sabang (P. Weh), to Colombo etc.



Herb. Univers. Zürich [Z] and in private Herbarium: c. 3000 herbarium nos voyage 1905/06,5 and besides about 2000 nos (938 phaner., 160 pteridoph. and numerous other cryptogams) of study and demonstration material; collection 1930/31 consists mainly of Algae, Characeae, Hepaticae and Musci, but includes besides: 21 nos of Hydrocharitaceae, 45 nos of Loranthaceae, 175 nos of Palmae, 45 nos of Balanophoraceae, 60 nos of Burmanniaceae and other saprophytic phanerogams, 63 nos of Rubiaceae.



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Data on the itinerary were communicated by Prof. Ernst himself.

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biographical data:

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