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Flenley, John Roger


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1936, Ormskirk, England.



Palaeo-ecologist, who graduated, B.A. in Botany, at Cambridge (1958); Ph.D. at Canberra (1968).1 He was a member of the Cambridge Botanical Expedition to Ethiopia in 1957, and collected under Dr D. Walker (see there) in New Guinea. He received a grant to visit Malaya in connection with pollen analysis. Lecturer in Biogeography, Department of Geography, University of Hull, England. He makes an investigation into Quaternary vegetational history in SE. Asia, performing field work in Indonesia, in 1972 accompanied by a Research Assistant R.J. Morley.


Collecting localities:

1964-65. Terr. of New Guinea: Wabag region2 and short visit to Mt Wilhelm-1969. Malaya: Tasek Bera (Feb.).-1972. Indonesia. W. Java: Jakarta (May 5), spending several weeks at Bogor Botanic Gardens, visiting swamps and lakes. Flying to Sumatra (June 10) with Morley and M. Kosim Kardin, a graduate biology student of Bandung as field assistant and interpreter. Sumatran swamps and lakes were studied, viz: N. Sumatra: Laut Tawar, Ronggurnihuta swamp, Lake Sipingan near Siborong-borong; W. Sumatra: Telaga Batu Plano near Bukittinggi; Rawang Biluluk, Talu Dalam, Telaga Danau Kacik (= Katjik), and Danau di Atas, all near Alahan Pandjang; Central Sumatra, Djambi: Danau Bento, and Danau Padang, in Kerinci (= Kerintji); Rawang Payo, Rawang Pulau Tengah, Rawang Sikijang, Rawang Bukit Bintang, all at Lologedang, Kerinci; Danau Gunung Tujuh, Kerinci; Danau Landah Panjang, and Danau Sati, G. Kerinci. W. Java: Situ Gunung, Ranoe Upas. Return to Bogor by Sept. 13, and to Britain on the 21st.



Herb. Univ. Canberra [CANB], numbered in the ANU series (Austr. Nat. Univ.), ANU 2000-2900; dupl. in Lae [LAE], Leiden [L], Kew [K], Arn. Arbor. [A]. Ferns only sent to New South Wales. Plants from Malaya in Univ. Kuala Lump. [KLU], Kew [K], dupl. Leiden [L].

In 1972 671 nos by R.J. Morley, J.R. Flenley & M.K. Kardin, 1-647 from Sumatra, 648-671 from W. Java; in Herb. Hull Univ. [HLU?], dupl. at Leiden [L], Bogor [BO], Kew [K], Sing. [SING], Bandung [FIPIA], Arn. Arbor. [A]. The Sumatra collection includes the first record of Isoetes for that island. Mosses were collected from all ecological sites, and also at Lake Toba and on G. Pangrango (W. Java).



(1) On a thesis: ‘The present and former vegetation of the Wabag region of New Guinea’.

(2) J.R. Flenley: ‘The vegetation of the Wabag region, New Guinea Highlands: a numerical study’ (J. Ecol. 57, 1969, p. 465-490, 8 fig., 4 tab.).


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