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Frodin, David Gamman


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1940, Chicago, Ill., U.S,A.



Botanist, educated at the universities of Chicago (B.S. 1963), Tennessee (M.S. 1964), and Liverpool (M.Sc. 1965). In autumn 1967 he started work on a Ph.D. with Prof. Corner at Cambridge University (England), concluding in Nov. 1970 with a thesis on Schefflera. From Oct. 1965 to Oct. 1966 employed in the Division of Botany, Lae, New Guinea, as a temporary scientific officer. Subsequently he visited a number of herbaria, and made short field trips in Australia and the Far East (up to June 1967). From February 1971 Lecturer in Botany in the University of Papua & New Guinea at Boroko, near Port Moresby. In addition to teaching systematics and ecology, it is planned to continue studies on Schefflera and other Araliaceae and to publish a detailed account of collectors (1871-1942) in eastern New Guinea.


Collecting localities:







1965. New Britain (Bismarck Archipelago): for 2 weeks (Nov.) with W. Zavattard (a timber merchant) from Kandrian by boat along the S. coast to Gilnit on the Itni R., thence on foot across the island by way of Airagilpua village to Borgen Bay and Cape Gloucester; side trip to Mt Tangis, reaching summit (1700 m) from the NE.; New Guinea (Morobe, Dec.): 1 week in the Bulolo-Wau area with D.J. Hill.-1966. 2˝ weeks (Jan.) in the mid-Waua Valley (with J. Buderus) between Garaina and the Papuan border (lat. 8°S); collecting mainly near Wakaia village (cf. T.G. Hartley).-New Britain (Mar.-June), western part, for the greater part attached to a survey from the Dept of Forests; a helicopter used to reach several localities. From base camp at Malengelo I. on S. coast, visiting: Johanna River near Whiteman Range; from Arrive base camp: lower Pulie River, upper Pulie River near Benim and Arawe Plantation (with E.E. Henty), river E of Sauren (sago and Casuarina swamps in part), Marklo I. (in Arawe Is.) and Subdidi village (in limestone country); from base camp at Borgen Bay: Aisega village; from base camp at Eleanora Bay, N. coast: Mt Penck and vicinity (up to the summit, 600 m; a few distinctly montane species on windswept, foggy peak) as well as to a forest on limestone country some 20-25 km S of Cape Ruge. Proceeding (May 19) by air to Cape Gloucester after brief rest at Talasea; by boat and foot to Sag Sag, whence again climbing Mt Tangis as well as Mt Talawe (1900 m); return to Cape Gloucester (June 1-2) and thence to Rabaul (2-4), visiting Keravat briefly; return by air to Lae (4).-New Guinea (Madang): mid-June 1.5 weeks in lowland forest and grassland around Aiome (near former station of the Neu-Guinea Kompagnie, Arumene on the Ramu R.). Southern Highlands District (July-Sept.); Doma Peaks Expedition (5 weeks): proceeding via Mt Hagen to Tari by air; by landrover to Tigibi and thence on foot to base camp Ibiwara, joining Vink and Kalkman (see there, also for literature). Frodin spent 3 weeks at Lei bivouac (2800 m) and 2 weeks at Habono bivouac (2200 m). Sepik Distr. (Sept.). By air from Tari (with Vink and Kalkman) to Telefo(l)min, proceeding on foot to the limestone Hindenburg-Dap Range; camp for 1 week at c. 2400-2450 m; returning by air to Lae via Wewak and Madang. In Nov. day-trip with C.E. Ridsdale to Markham Point near Lae (Nepenthes).-1967. Malay Peninsula (Apr.): a few collections around F.R.I. Kepong and day-trip to new road to G. Ulu Kali, E of Kuala Lumpur.-1971. Papua. First half of the year in the vicinity of Port Moresby and on the Sogeri Plateau, partly with Mrs A.N. Millar as well as with students; field trip (June 19-25) to Kerau, about 12 km due NE. of Tapini, 2200 m alt. (area generally N of the region examined by the 1st Archbold Exp. 1933-34, i.e. the strip from Mt Tafa through Ononge to Mt Albert Edward; field trip to Bulolo-Wau area (4 days, end of Aug.); to Musgrave R., near Iawarere, and along road between there and Koitaki.-1972. New Caledonia (1st week Jan.); first half of year in vicinity of Port Moresby, Motupore I. in Bootless Inlet (Field Station of Univ. P. & N.G.); Owen’s Corner with R. Pullen (June, day trip); participation on Mt Suckling Expedition (see P.F. Stevens, J.F. Veldkamp, R. Pullen, etc.) (June 20-July 4): from Biniguni ascended to Maiyu I and Maiyu II camps and to the summit region of Mt Sewie (2 days on top, 3000 m), return by the same route. Trobriand Is.: Kiriwina (Oct. 26-Nov. 9), base camp at Kaibola in the north.-1973. Bismarck Archipelago (Jan. 13-Feb. 8): Gazelle Peninsula (Keravat, Vudal, Bainings Road) in New Britain (Jan. 14-17); New Ireland (Jan. 18-Feb. 2): Danfu and vicinity, Namatanai, ascending Lelet Plateau (1000 m) from E. coast near Dalum and staying 4 days at Lemkamin Aid Post, Kavieng and visit to the islands of Nusa and Nusalik offshore with B.N. Toreu; Manus (Feb. 2-8): Lorengau, by launch to Derimbat (N. coast) and inland to Kari (400-500 m), and return to Derimbat and Lorengau.



Herb. Lae [LAE]: some 1700 nos in the NGF series (incl. 26201-27000, 28101-28500, 32001-32200, 28501-28549; others jointly with E.E. Henty, C.E. Ridsdale, J. Buderus), of which c. 800 collected in New Britain. The few collections from the Malay Peninsula in Herb. Kep. [KEP] (in FRI series).

Special attention paid to Araliaceae and Lauraceae.

Later collections in Port Moresby, with UPNG nos, ranging from 500-1000, 2001-2200, 4001-4190, Dupl. distributed from Port Moresby to Lae [LAE], Leiden [L], Canberra [CANB], Kew [K] and B.P. Bish. Mus. [BISH].


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Papua New Guinea, Central District

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