Collecting localities




Gehrmann, Karl


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



Leader of the Botanical Garden at Rabaul, New Britain (Bismarck Archipelago), travelled in the D.E.I. in 1912, and evidently once more in 1915 when he visited Tjibodas (slope G. Gedeh, W. Java) from Jan. 4-10. In 1913 botanist of the Gogol-Ramu expedition in Kaiser-Wilhelms Land (later Mandated Terr. of New Guinea).1


Collecting localities:

Gogol-Ramu expedition, Sept.-Oct. 1913, to Kaiser- Wilhelms Land (= NE. New Guinea, Mandated Territory). Leader: veterinary surgeon M. Braun (see there). Setting out (Sept. 6) from Friedrich Wilhelms Hafen to Furan, Panim; Mirkuk region, Ou (7); Efu, Furumu, Gumana (or Kumane) (8); Gomalu, Gogol River (9); trip in the vicinity (10); Sedu (11); tributary of the Gogol, the Tun, Peisari (or Peisalik) (12); to tributary Munem (13); Gumentebi (or Gumentejä), rivulet Naun (14); Mänik (15); Bamutu, Kweawak River (16); exploring the vicinity (17); march in river basin, Malem (Ungase), Aweabo River, Kana (18); view on the Ramu River (19); reaching the Ramu (21); small trips in the vicinity, numerous Citrus trees!; abortive attempt (28) to go downstream with rafts, which resulted in the loss of collections, outfit, etc.; on foot (29) following the river (Mucuna kraetkei!) downstream to Apas, Samagol, Atembe, Jambi (Oct. 14); Irijambi (15); part of the expedition (not Braun and Gehrmann) proceeding downstream by canoe (15), the latter two later by canoe too (18), reaching the mouth of the Ramu on the 26th (the river having been explored up to 400 km from the mouth).



Herb. Berl. [B]: I1 nos of siphonogams from Java (1911-12 coll.). In Hort. Rabaul: living plants from Kaiser-Wilhelms Land, collected near the Sepik, and Jomba River. Possibly all collections of the Gogol-Ramu expedition have been destroyed.



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