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Gonggrijp, Justus Willem


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1885, Plantage Clevia, Surinam. Died: 1974, Breda, NB, Netherlands.



Was educated at Wageningen Agricultural College, Holland; Forest Officer in Surinam, 1908-23; subsequently in the D.E.I., at first stationed at Buitenzorg, at the end of 1926 transferred to Sumatra East Coast; in Aug. 1928 appointed Acting Inspector at the disposal of the Adviser for the Forests Outside Java & Madoera, at Buitenzorg, and in May 1933 Adviser of the said department; retired in 1935; now Lecturer at Delft.

He made a local investigation of the pine forests round Takengon (Atjeh). He published a report on the proposed industry of resin and turpentine.1


Collecting localities:

1924. N. Sumatra: from Bireuën (March 9) to Takengon; Boer ni Panté (13-15); Takengon (16), and subsequently to Medan, paying a visit to the Karo Lands.



Herb. Bog. [BO], probably under the names of his assistants and numbered in the F.R.I. series (see sub Forest Research Institute [BZF]).



(1) J.W. Gonggrijp: ‘Over de winning van hars en terpentijn uit pijnboomen. Resultaten van een plaatselijk onderzoek in de Pinus Merkusii bosschen der Gajoe-landen’ (Meded. Proefstat. Boschw. no 10, 1924, 87 pp., 14 photogr.).


biographical data:

Tectona 28, 1935, p. 727-732 + portr.; Wie is dat? ed. 3-4.


photo gallery:

J.S. 1935. J.W. Gonggrijp, Ten afscheid.

Tectona 28: 727—732