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Kamerling, Zeno


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1872, Almelo, O., Holland.



Came with his parents to Sumatra (Padang) in 1879; from 1886-99 in Europe for his education, attending College at Wageningen, and studying botany at Amsterdam and Jena. In 1897 he took his Ph. Dr’s degree at Munich, Germany, on the physiology and biology of the Marchantiaceae; 1897-99 Botanical Assistant at Jena, Munich and Hamburg; 1899-1905 Botanist-Agriculturist at the Sugar Experiment Station, Centr. Java (first at Kagok, Tegal; since 1900 at Pekalongan); 1905-11 teacher at secondary schools, and subsequently at the ‘Stovia’ (Medical School), Batavia; 1911-13 Adviser Sugar Experiment Station Feder. Brazil. Reg. Campos; 1914-17 Lecturer in Tropical Cultures at Wageningen College; 1919-22 teacher at the ‘Stovia’ again; since 1923 University Lecturer in the biology and physiology of tropical plant life and agriculture at Leiden.

Author of a ‘Leerboek voor de plantkunde voor Ned. InddC (Haarlem 1915), and of several papers, mainly concerning the beach and mangrove flora.1



Sarcanthus duplicilobus J.J.Sm. from G. Diëng (Centr. Java) in Herb. Bog. [BO]. Probably he collected but few specimens. In Herb. Leiden [L]: Java Fungi.



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