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Kanis, Andries


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1934, Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands.



Botanist, educated at Leiden University, where he took his Ph.D. in 19681. In August 1965 he entered the service of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was stationed as a botanist in the Forest Department of Sabah (N. Borneo), Malaysia; from Jan. 1966 acting as Head of the Sandakan Herbarium; in Oct. 1966 he returned to Leiden. April 1969 he left for Canberra, Australia, for the time being on a contract in the employ of C.S.I.R.O. En route he visited Ceylon in connection with the Colombo Plan.


Collecting localities:

Malaysia. 1965. Sabah (N. Borneo): with W. Meijer to Mt Kinabalu (Sept. 2-28).-1966. Sabah: Tour along the W. coast, visiting regions of Kota Belud, Kudat, Jesselton, Tenom, Keningau, and Ranau (Feb. 3-Mar. 10); to the E. coast with D. Hou in the regions of Lahad Datu Kunak, Semporna, Tawau (Apr. 28-May 18); Mt Kinabalu tour with D. Hou (May 25-June 11); Sarawak: Mt Matang, Semengoh Arboretum, and Bako National Park (Aug.). When returning to Leiden in October he paid short visits to Brunei, Kuching (Sarawak), Singapore (Bt Timah), and Kepong in the Malay Peninsula (8 days making trips to Bt Lagong, Telok F.R., Batu Caves, Fraserís Hill), and Bangkok.-1969. Papua: Owen Stanley Range, also Mt Wadimana (E. summit Simpson massif).-1970. Papua: Astrolabe Range and near Efogi on the Kokoda Trail (4 weeks after ANZAAS Congress).



Herb Sandakan [SAN]: c. 250 nos, collected in the SAN series, often together with Sabahan collectors; dupl. mainly in Kew [K] and Leiden [L]. A small, private series, numbered B. 1-22, contains mosses from Sabah (in Herb. Leiden [L]) and Ochnaceae from Sarawak (Herb. Leiden [L] and Kuching [SAR]). Papua plants will be in Canberra [CANB].



(1) On ĎA revision of the Ochnaceae of the Indo-Pacific areaí (Blumea 16, 1968, p. 1-83).


biographical data:

Curriculum vitae in his thesis (preprint of Blumea, see Liter. 1), Leiden 1968.