Collecting localities



Keng, Hsuan


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1923, Kiangsu, China.



B. Agr. Nat. Chung-Chen Univ. Kiangsu, China (1947); M.Sc. Nat. Taiwan Univ. Taiwan, China (1949); Ph.D. Univ. of Calif., Berkeley, U.S.A. (1959). Teaching Assistant Dept of Bot., Nat. Taiwan Univ., 1950-53; Lecturer in Botany, Dept of Bot., Nat. Taiwan Univ., 1953-57; Research Fellow, Morris Arboretum, Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1959-60; Lecturer in Botany, Univ. of Malaya, Singapore, and later Univ. of Singapore, 1960-66; Senior Lecturer in Botany, Univ. of Singapore, 1966 onwards.

Author of numerous taxonomical and morphological papers and some books. At present working on Labiatae and Theaceae.


Collecting localities:

On and around Singapore; with J.A.R. Anderson in Sarawak (NW. Borneo), Baram Distr. (July 1961); UNESCO Limestone Expedition (Ulu Kelantan, Malaya) (Aug. 1962); early 1968 exploration trip to the Langkawi Is, with some students.



In Herb. Dept Bot. Univ. Sing. [SINU]; some dupl. in Herb. Sing. [SING].