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Koch, Jan Willem Reinier


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1860, Oisterwijk, N.Br., Holland. Died: 1924, Winterswijk, Gld, Holland.



Physician, practising medicine at Nieuwveen, accompanied a New Guinea expedition under the auspices of the Royal Dutch Geographic Society (leaders R. Posthumus Meyjes & E.J. de Rochemont); he collected anthropological, ethnological, botanical and zoological material. His stay in New Guinea resulted in a doctor’s thesis.1

Valeton named some plants in his honour.


Collecting localities:

SW. New Guinea expedition, 1904-05.2 Preliminary reconnaissance of S. New Guinea: Merauke (Apr. 13, 1904); in the ‘Lombok’ (16) to Cape Valsch at the W. point of Frederik-Hendrik Isl. (17-19); Merauke; Thursday Isl.; Merauke, setting out (28) to the SW. coast; P. Poeriri (30) and Wajetiri, exploring the rivers east of Poeriri, viz the Koepera-poekwa, the Néwerip, the Ina-boeka and the Tania (= Otakwa); Koch stayed at Merauke till the beginning of the expedition proper. In the ‘Lombok’ from Merauke (Sept. 6) to the O(e)takwa; back at Merauke (17); meeting before the Oetakwa (Oct. 21); sailing in the ‘Valk’ (22) to the Mimika; anchoring in front of the Oeta (26); back to the Mimika; W. New Guinea, Vogelkop: Fak-fak (31); Dobo (P. Wamar, Aroe Isls) (Nov. 2-3); by way of the islets Aidoema and Namatotte to Etna Bay (arriving Nov. 6); going ashore (14), Koch making bivouac at Kiroeroe; leaving Etna Bay in the ‘Valk’ (Febr. 18, 1905); S. New Guinea: Merauke; sailing (March 20) to the Wamal River; southern entrance of Marianne Strait; ascending the Digoel River (26-31) in the ‘Valk’ and later (Apr. 2-10) in sloops; downstream again (Apr. 11), exploring the Idaha (= ? Ederah) (13-14); back at Merauke (Apr. 23).



Herb. Leiden [L]: ± 650 nos -I-material in alcohol; 2nd set in Herb. Bog. [BO]; no other duplicates.

According to Valeton less than 300 species (elsewhere he says 350!) were collected, 184 of which were identified by him and Hallier.3 The list of the collection in the Buitenzorg Herbarium enumerates the nos 1-720, for the greater part without identifications.

Most of the plants were collected near Merauke, many near Etna Bay and some near Digoel.



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biographical data:

Portr. in ‘De Zuidwest Nieuw-Guinea-expeditie 1904/05’ (Leiden 1908), p.435; Backer, Verkl. Woordenb., 1936.