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Kraemer, Augustin Friedrich


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Addenda & Corrigenda)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)


Born: 1865, Los Angeles, Chili. Died: 1941, Chile, S. America.



Medical man, educated at Tübingen and Berlin; since 1889 Fleetsurgeon, and studying zoology at Kiel; from 1893 onwards he accompanied several voyages; in 1906/ 07 in charge of the ethnology department on the voyage of S.M.S. ‘Planet’ (see below); in 1907 exploring with his wife in the Bismarck Archipelago and the Carolines; in 1909 Leader of the Hamburg Pacific Expedition to the Carolines o/b the ‘Peiho’; subsequently appointed Director of the Museum for Ethnography at Stuttgart; since 1919 Lecturer in Ethnology at Tübingen University, and since 1925 Honorary Professor.

Actinophloeus kraemerianus Becc. was named after him.


Collecting localities:

Voyage in the ‘Planet’, 1906-07, under Capt. Lt Lebahn.1 Sailing from Kiel (Jan. 21, 1906); via the Cape of Good Hope (making a trip in S. Africa) and Ceylon to W. Sumatra: Simalur (= Simeuloeë, island off the coast) (July 20-22); Padang (25-29), making a trip to Fort de Kock; Mentawei Islands, between N. and S. Pag(a)i (30); W. Java: Batavia (Aug. 3-7), making a trip to Buitenzorg; SW. Celebes: Makassar (18-23); Ambon (Aug. 29-Sept. 3); North New Guinea: Wanimo (Sept. 14); Matty Isl. (= Wuvulu Isl.) (15); Hermit Islands,2 Kraemer was dropped at Luf (staying Sept. 17-27), from where he made some minor tours to Djaron and Mono; Admiralty Islands (visiting Loniu and Dalalou); Bismarck Archipelago, Neu Pommern (= New Britain): Herbertshöhe (Oct. 13), Matupi (15), where Kraemer left ship, to start an expedition to the Carolines; the ‘Planet’ left for Hongkong (Jan. 5, 1907), touching at several places in the Bismarck Archipelago, Yap, Palau Isls; Manila (Luzon, Philippines) (Febr. 8-12); after one-month stay at Hongkong, back to the Pacific again, the ship remaining destined for marine research (cf. Stephan and Schlaginhaufen); Kraemer back at Kiel, Germany, in Sept.-1908-09.3 Sept. 1908 sailing with his wife from Germany, to replace the deceased E. Stephan (see there); joining Schlaginhaufen (see there) at Muliama (Nov. 7) in the southern part of New Ireland; tour in the hinterland of Muliama, visiting Fätlampe, Umfut, Varanlisz, Ginagui, Barmala, Putnakapsi, Ule, basin of the Malumfi and back to Muliami; visit to Piglinbui, Kambamba, Varanat, and Maron; Dec. 15 via Piglinbui, Mau, Varankansau, Sena, Kombon, to Rukalilik; Kandaus, Kapsilli, Samo, Hipakát, Pangidumkúp, Porpop, Nókon (16); Himahul, Matambauri, Hilong, Ngórngor, Kubil to Kudukudu (17); Barabulbulut, Matanahárahara, Súmudu, Kapalamás, Cape Ball, Tahanapap, Ulehirre, Arapulút, Sohun, Rangúsgus, to Namatanai (19); crossing Nabutu Bay to the Koko River, and via Dahanna to Dahálaba (21); Veinigogo, Lamanakura Cave, Maraketam, Lingbilä, Billo, Karu (22); Busso, Bokalis, Kunári, Mila, Silom, Kaipulut (23); Bulala, Lemeris, Kandan Bay, Katambu, Kandan, Loasigi (24); Malom, Panagundu (25); Lamasong, staying at resthouse Tangatupi in central part of the island, paying visits to Panagundu, and via Bampit to (H)Amba (Febr. 17, 1909; staying for some time); by boat to Simpsonhafen (= Rabaul) (leaving 27, arriving 28); stay on the volcano island Matupit (-March 1); sailing for the W. coast of New Ireland, landing at Ulaputúr (March 2); by sailing proa to Labúr(r); on foot to Rebehén, Rehenedél, Rahér, Gúrumut, Gogola (3); Komálu, Konogogo (4); Lüngulam, Kono, Makasanap, Gunáon, Kolágunon, Dakén, Komálaou (5); Lamban, Dampét, Cape Kasepmalum, Mäsi (7); Kololomboi, Kinepú (8); Lelet, Gúlumbe, Mambo, Ugana, Lambu (9); Leman, Tämbin (10); via the pass to the E. coast (12), visiting Länguslom, Kónombin and Panagundu on the way to resthouse Tangatupi near Lamasong; setting out on a trip to the south (Apr. 3) via Lambusso; Loásigi (4); Kandan, Lemeris (5), in the latter place attending native feasts (6-9); trip to Pénatnkin and Tápanot (10); back to Lamasong and proceeding to Kandan (11); Katéndan; to promontory (14), visiting Buä (250 m alt.); Tégerot (15) and back to Mamau; Katéndan and Panagundu (16); back at resthouse Tangatupi; stay at (H)Amba (20-..), visiting Lessu, Langania; return at Tangatupi; setting out (23) on a tour to the Lelet Mts via Panagundu, Kándan (25); Bukanking (500 m), Levinko (800 m), Katuru, Kananbe (1000 m) (= evidently the W. slope of Mt Busokambang, Schleinitz Mts) (26); climbing Mt Lurun (c. 1350m) (27); to Lenkámen (28); back to Kananbe, Levinko, Kandan (30); Loasigi, Lambusso (May 1); Katéndan (2), Tangatupi (4); back at Lamasong; Lambusso (5-7); march to the north, via Limba, Fuar, Lakurdemau, Lakurdefanga, etc., reaching Kävieng on the 20th; visit to Golangit; June 3 sailing for Rabaul; subsequently to the Carolines o/b the ‘Peiho’, returning in Germany in Sept. 1910.4



Herb. Berl. [B]: Hermit Islands 97 nos, probably in a bad state and fragmentary;? small collection from Neu Mecklenburg (= New Ireland) (1908-09) and Neu Pommern (= New Britain) (1909); Herb. Leiden [L]: dupl. Bism. Archip.

Mrs E. Kraemer-Bannow made about 100 drawings of flowering plants in 1908-09, which were identified by Prof. G. Volkens.



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biographical data:

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