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Krukoff, Boris Alexander


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1898, Minusinsk, Yeniseisk, Siberia.



Was educated at the Imperial University of Kazan, Russia, and later received a B.S. degree at the N.Y. State College of Forestry, Syracuse University (1928). After finishing his study he spent many years in plant exploration in S. America, Spain, and Africa. From October 1930 in Sumatra, connected with the Coptinental Rubber Co. in Sumatra East Coast, remaining 4 months, coming back again in August 1932. Since long associated with the N.Y. Botanical Garden while working on his collections; in June 1940 appointed Honorary Curator of Economic Botany, N.Y. Botanical Garden; at present Director of Research, Experimental Plantations, Inc., with headquarters at the N.Y. Bot. Garden.

He published some systematic botanical papers and some on fish- and arrow-poison.

Evodia krukovii Merr. was named after him.


Collecting localities:

Sumatra, in ? Tapanoeli, and East Coast Res., Asahan: W of Kisaran, Continental Plantat. Co. Estate, Hoeta Padang (Dec. 2-4, 15, 21, 22, 1930); Malay Peninsula: Singapore, Bot. Gardens (Jan. 10 and 12, 1931); Sumatra East Coast, Asahan: at Hoeta Padang (Nov.-Dec. 1932) and Sg. Masihi (Oct.-Nov. 1932).



The former collection (1930) (nos 200-351) was distributed by the Syracuse University. The herbarium specimens of the latter, nos 4000-4462 (1932), by the N.Y. Bot. Gard. [NY] (including a few specimens from Singapore, viz nos 4360 -4388), and the woods by the Univ. of Michigan [MICH];1 2nd set in Herb. Arn. Arbor. [A], 3rd in Herb. Univ. Michigan [MICH], 4th in Bur. Sci. Manila [PNH], 5th at Berlin [B], 6th at Leiden [L]. Also dupl. at Geneva [G] (387), Brussels [BR]; Herb. Sing. [SING]: 377 nos (purch. 1935); Herb. Bog. [BO]: several dupl. coll. 1932 (pres. 1937); also dupl. in Gray Herb. [GH] (27) and Herb. Leningrad [LE] (pres. 1936); U.S. Nat. Herb. Wash. [US]: 129 Sumatra dupl. (nos 201-351).

The collection 1930 is numbered from 200-351 (277-284 missing), the second (1932) between 4000 and 4462; in total c. 600 Sumatra numbers.

Some of the plants were described by Merrill;2 the woods have been studied by A.B. Cockrell at the Univ. of Michigan and form the material of his thesis; the 2nd collection of wood samples amounted to 288 nos.



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biographical data:

Journ. N.Y. Bot. Gard. 1940, p. 199; Amer. Men of Sci. 1944, p. 1004.