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Lane-Poole, Charles Edward


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1885. Died: 1970, Sydney, Australia.



Commonwealth Inspector-General of Forests, who in 1922--24 made explorations in New Guinea, which resulted in an excellent book on the forests of that island.1

Spathoglottis lane-poolei Rogers and Hoya poolei White & Francis were named after him.


Collecting localities:

1922-23.2 SE. New Guinea, Papua: forests near the Vanapa River: Veimauri River (May-June 1922); Aroa River, Northern Division; Sopita, Buna Distr., Hydrographers Range (Aug.) and Embi Lake (Aug.): Baroi River (Oct.-Nov.): Purari Delta (Oct.): Kikori River; Vailala River; Ubua Mts near Laruna (Centr. Division); Upper Mamai; Mt Obree (Febr. 1923): Jorobaiva, Centr. Division (Febr.). Sarawaket Expedition in NE. New Guinea, Mandated Territory: Finschhafen (Nov. 4, 1923); by boat (Nov. 7) to Helsbach and on foot to Sattelberg; Nganduo-Junzain-Joangey-Tobu (Nov. 8-13), Ogeramnang; summit of Sarawaket (Nov. 19); back (20) via Joangey, staying at Sattelberg.-1923-24.3 NE. New Guinea, Mandated Territory: Finschhafen Distr. (Dec. 1923). Expedition to the Bismarck Range: from Madang along the coast to Erema Hafen; Keku, proceeding west to the Rarnu; Mountung (Febr. 15, 1924); return to the Ramu (Febr. 19); Ongoruna, Doriba, Hanep, Kohu; back via Ongoruna-Kwato-Erema-Madang (Febr. 28-March 4) to get the supplies himself; sailing from Madang (March 12) to Bogadjim; Kwato; the Mindjim (15); Kohu (19-23), Amage; Ramu (Entapotowup) (26): back at Kohu (28); Hanep (31); Waimeriba (Apr. 4); Korike, Koromo; following the Kirei River; ascending Mt Otto (3500 m) (Bismarck Range) (Apr. 8); returning via Waimeriba-Kohu (9-11); Kaduba, Kwato (13); Madang (15).-In 1924 he also collected at: Malu (Middle, and Lower Sepik River) (July); New Han(n)over: Likdin (Aug.), Mavelo River (Sept.); New Ireland (northern half); New Britain (north coast and near Wide Bay inland).



In total > 788 nos, in Herb. Brisbane [BRI]; dupl. in Herb. Arn. Arbor. [A], Kew [K] (pres. 1926), and some in Herb. Bog. [BO].

The collection made in Papua consists of 410 nos, mostly timber trees (153 sterile).4

The collection of the Sarawaket expedition is nu mbered 501-588. The expedition to the Bismarck Range ended rather badly, Lane-Poole lost his herbarium assistant, all his specimens and a large portion of his notes, including his diary covering the early part of the journey from Stephansort to the Ramu.

Part of the collections was elaborated.5



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biographical data:

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