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Lesson, Pierre Adolphe (= A. Lesson)


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1805, Rochefort, France.



Surgeon-botanist on the French expedition of ‘L’Astrolabe’ under command of Capt. Dumont d’Urville (see there). The bulk of the plants brought home by the ‘Astrolabe’ were collected by Lesson.


Collecting localities:

Voyage in ‘L’Astrolabe’, 1826-29.1 Sailing from Toulon (March 28, 1826); Gibraltar, Teneriffe, Port Jackson, New South Wales, Tasman Bay, New Zealand, Tonga Islands, Viti Islands; Bismarck Archipelago: New Ireland, Carteret Harbour (July 7-18, 1827), visiting the Cocos Islands; along the N. coast of New Guinea: discovery of the entrance of Humboldt Bay (Aug. 12); Port Doré (Aug. 25-Sept. 6); Ambon (Sept. 24-Oct. 10); passing the straits of Ombai, Timor and Simao (= Semaoe) to Tasmania, New Zealand, New Hebrides, the Marianas, etc.; N of Waigeo(u), passing the straits of Gebeh and Kekek; Boeroe: Kajeli (June 30-July 6, 1828); Ambon (July 10-18); N. Celebes, Minahassa: Manado (July 27), by land to Tondano, returning to Manado (31) via G. Empong; sailing for Batavia (Aug. 4); W. Java: Batavia (Aug. 29-Sept. l), Anjer (Sept. 5); he de France; Cape of Good Hope; Toulon (Apr. 2, 1829).



Herb. Decand. (Geneva [G]): 107 plants from the ‘Astrolabe’; Herb. Paris [P]: New Zealand plants;2 Herb. Vienna [W]: New Zealand plants collected by Lesson (no initials mentioned). Duplicates in Herb. Berl. [B]: Astrolabe voyage 1826-29, from Ambon, etc.

The total collections of this expedition amount to 1600 species in 6000 specimens (a small part collected by Dumont d’Urville,3 and Gaimard).

The collection was elaborated by Richard.4 Hasskarl mentioned one of the New Guinea plants (in his paper on the Commelinaceae) ‘in Herb. (Rich.) comitis de Franqueville’; probably with Herb. Richard and Franqueville in Herb. Paris [P].



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cf. also ‘Kort berigt der ontdekkingsreize van de Astrolabe etc. (Alg. Konst- en Letterbode 18302, p. 4-10, 21-24).

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biographical data:

In Bibl. Austr. Entom. 1775-1930 (R. Zool. Soc. N.S.W. 1932, p. 199).