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McKee, Hugh S.


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 5: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement I)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1912, Clough, N. Ireland. Died: 14 Feb. 1995, Nouméa, New Caledonia



Botanist, educated at Campbell College, Belfast, and at Oxford University (Ph. D.); from 1936-38 employed by the South African Co-operative Deciduous Fruit Exchange in London; from 1938-40 in the Queensland Agriculture Department; since 1940 employed by the Commonwealth Scientific Research Organization (C.S.I.R.O.). In the later part of World War II he was seconded to the Tropical Scientific Section, Austr. Army for work in New Guinea; from 1954-56 seconded to the South Pacific Commission, with HQ at Noumea (New Caledonia), subsequently in the Botany Department of Sydney University, N.S.W.

In 1954-55 he made a trip to New Guinea in connection with food and nutrition problems.

Joined the C.N.R.S. at Noumea, New Caledonia (Fl. Mal. Bull. no 20, 1965, p. 1241).


Collecting localities:

c. 1944-45. Staying in NE. New Guinea (Mandated Territory): Lae, Aitape, Finschhafen, Madang, and Wau.-1954. Papua: Port Moresby (Nov. 7); N.E. New Guinea, Mandated Territory: Goroka (12, 15); Daulo, Chimbu Divide (16); Minj, Aiyura (18), Goroka (18-19), Daulo-Chuave Road (21), Goroka-Daulo Road, Ko(r)tuni via Goroka, Wau (26), Kaisinik via Wau (27), Zenag via Mumeng (28), Kaiapit, Lae; New Britain (Bismarck Archipelago) (Dec. 2-3): Rabaul, Keravat, Napapar, Vunapau; Solomon Islands: Sohano in Buka Isl. (7), Baracoma, Yandina, Honiara, Auki; New Britain: Rabaul; NE. New Guinea: Finschhafen, Lae, Wan, Zenag, Lae; North and South New Guinea: Hollandia (12); Merauke and in Merauke Distr. (17-23): Koeprik and Nopah (21-22), Jobar and Boeti (23); Hollandia (24-25), Ifar and Dojobaroe in Sentani Distr. (27), Hollandia (28-30), slopes Cyclops Mts (31).-1955. Hollandia (Jan. 1), grassy headland on Lake Sentani (2), Ifar, Hollandia (Kota Baroe) (3); Biak (4); Hollandia.



Herb. Brisbane [BRI]: few plants coll. c. 1944-45. Collection 1954-55 in Herb. Sydney [NSW], Lae [LAE]; dupl. in Herb. Leiden [L], and possibly elsewhere.

The forestry departments in both parts of New Guinea rendered considerable help; in total nos 1155-1941 from New Guinea and neighbouring islands (1954-55), including 342 from Goroka (1700-2600 m alt.), 104 from Merauke Distr., and 163 from Hollandia and the Cyclops Mts.

Other collections, made in the Pacific, mostly in New Caledonia, were sent to Herb. Paris [P].


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80 years old

P. Morat, Bull. Mus. natl. Hist. nat. 4e ser. 17 (1995) 139-148


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