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Miller, Charles


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1739, Chelsea, England. Died: 1817, London, England.



Son of a botanic gardener, himself first Curator of Cambridge Botanic Garden (1762-70), settled at Bencoolen as a servant of the English East India Company (1770-72).1


Collecting localities:

1770. SW. Sumatra, Bencoolen.2 Visiting the interior, proceeding from Fort Marlborough (Sept. 19) to Bantiring on the Bencoolen River, thence to Pagat-raddin, Kadras, Gunong Raja, G. Ayu, Kalindang and Jambu, where he ascended the hills forming the boundary of the Company’s district. The first dusun on the other side is named Kalubar and situated on the banks of the river Musi; Kapiyong (= Kepahiang), Paramuh; the setting in of the rains occasioned his return to the hills, on the 10th of October, stopping at Tabat Bubut, Beyol Bagus, Gunong Raja, Ayer Bagus, Bencoolen River, Bentiring, Fort Marlborough (Oct. 18).-1771. Trip to P. Enggano.3 In March exploring the productions of this island.-1772. Journey into the country, W. Sumatra, Tapanoeli.4 From Pulo Puchong (June 21) in boats to the mouth of Pinang Suri River; going up the river, Lumut; Satarong, Tappolen, Sikia, Sa-pisang (Batang-tara River); July 1 following nearly the course of the Batang-tara (= Batangtoroe) towards the hills; Kota Lambong (4), Terimbaru (5), departing (7) to Sa-masam, Batang Onan (10), Panka-dulut (11); leaving Batang Onan (14) in order to return via Koto Moran, Sa-masam, Sa-pisang and down the Batang-tara River to the sea; returning to Pulo Puchong (22).



Herb. Banks = Brit. Mus. [BM]. Probably also in Herb. Linnaeus [LINN].5

cf. also sub Miller.



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biographical data:

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