Collecting localities




Money, Percy John


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)



Reverend of the Anglican Mission, Collingwood Bay, whose services were kindly placed at the disposal of the Resident Magistrate of the Northern Division of Brit. New Guinea, C.A.W. Monckton, by the Bishop of New Guinea, on a trip to Mt Albert Edward (see below).


Collecting localities:

Papua, E. New Guinea. Trip to Mt Albert Edward, 1906.1 Setting out from Ioma Station (Apr. 17); Gira River; Aikora River; starting over the mountains (22); Chirima River; Wharton Chain; climbing main and highest peak of Mt Albert Edward (May 20); return journey, back at Ioma on the 28th.



The plants collected during above-mentioned trip were sent by Money to the Bot. Gard. Sydney [NSW]. It is not clear whether they were collected by him or by one of the other members.

Monckton was especially geologically interested; the expedition made zoological collections too.



(1) C.A.W. Monckton: ‘Report on ascent of Owen Stanley Range, Papua’ (Ann. Rep. Brit. N.G. for 1905/06, 1907, p. 85-93, w. maps; including some notes on the flora); ‘Last days in New Guinea’ (Londen 1922).