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Murton, Henry James


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1853, Cornwall, England. Died: 1881 or 1882, Bangkok, Siam [= Thailand].



Gardener, trained at Kew, 1872-73; from 1875-80 Superintendent of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. After his dismissal he went to Bangkok in 1881 and received an appointment in the Royal Gardens there.

Author of a Catalogue of the Singapore Botanic Gardens;1 his MS. on the Flora of Singapore got lost.

The genus Murtonia Craib and some other species of plants were named in his honour.


Collecting localities:

Malay Peninsula. 1876. Expedition to Kedah (Quedah), Penang, and the neighbouring States (foot of Kedah Peak) (early in the year).-1877. G. Pulai (SW. Johore) with Burbidge (Aug.). Trip in Perak:2 Starting from Singapore (Oct. 9); Penang (14); Matang (15); Taiping; setting out (Oct. 19) for the ascent of Taiping Hills with Low; descent (22) back to Taiping; Bt Gantang (25); Gapis (26); Bt Pondok (27-28); leaving Gapis for Kwalla Kangsa (= Kuala Kangsar) (staying 30-31); G. Sayong (Nov. 1); Kwalla Kangsa; Gapis (4-6); via Bt Gantang and G. Chey (8), to the peak of G. Bubo (= Bubu) (10); Gapis (14); Kwalla Kangsa (15); Blanja (16-18); Kinta (19-20); Pankalan Bahru (21); G. Maisa, Qualla Dipang (22); left bank Kampar River, limestone hills (23); Nasi Sabut (24); leaving Qualla Dipang down the river to Palei (26); Bujong Malacca (26-27); Qualla Dipang-Kinta (28); around Kinta (29-30); Epoo (= ? Ipoh) (Dec. 1), Jellapong; Sunghie (= Sungei) Meru, S. Akhar and S. Bawya, Kwalla Kangsa (Staying 2-4); Sayong, G. Panjang (5); leaving for Taiping (6); Hijou Range (8-9), Taiping, Malang; Penang (11); Singapore (16).-1879. In May a Short trip up the Muar River (Kedah).-In the years 1875-81 many times collecting in Singapore Island.



Herb. Kew [K]: 318 nos (pres. 1878-82), incl. 140 Siam plants. According to Kerr (See below-cited biogr.) apparently no duplicates. He destroyed what he had retained at Singapore.3 A few plants, chiefly ferns, in Herb. Sing. [SING].4

Living plants presented to Hort. Bog. in 1879.



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biographical data:

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There is discrepancy as to his year of death, according to the first two references it is 1881, according to Kerr 1882; as Kerr especially dealt with the Siam period of Murton’s life, he may be right; his statement that M. died at the age of twenty-six does not agree, however, with the year of birth.