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Pictet, Jules Camille


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1864, Geneva, Switzerland. Died: 1893, Geneva, Zwitzerland.



Zoologist, educated at Geneva and Stuttgart, and subsequently completing his study at Nice and Naples. In 1890 he made a voyage to the Malay Archipelago with Prof. M. Bédot;1 Dr of Sci. (Geneva) in 1891.

He is commemorated in Phacotrema pictetianum Müll.Arg.2


Collecting localities:3

1890. Leaving Marseille (Febr. 9); Ceylon (staying a fortnight); Singapore (some days in March); NW. Borneo, Sarawak: Kuching; trips in the vicinity and to Sadong, Simunjan River, Lake (Padang) Propok; Upper Sarawak, Pakou; leaving Kuching (May 11) for Singapore; W. Java: Batavia and Buitenzorg; sailing from Tandjong Priok (30) to Semarang; excursion to Boroboudour, and by train proceeding to Sourabaya; via Bali, Lombok, Macassar, Flores, Timor (Koupang and Deli), Banda, to Ambon (arriving June 26); especially exploring the reef fauna, Sept. 3 embarking again, and via Bourou, Batian, Ternate, N. Celebes (Menado, Amourang, Tontoli (= Toli Toli)), Paré-Paré, etc., to Macassar; E. Java: Sourabaya, making a trip to the Tengger Mts, climbing Bromo Volcano; passing some days in Java as tourists, embarking Oct. 12; Singapore (14); Sumatra East Coast, Deli: Medan, Stabat; Singapore (Nov. 10), sailing (12) for Europe.



He contributed to botany by collecting lichens in the Malay Archipelago on behalf of J. Müller Arg., including several new species. He might have collected some phanerogams or vascular cryptogams too.



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biographical data:

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