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Pierot, Jacques


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)

(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)


Born: 1812, Leiden, Holland. Died: July or Sept. 1841, on the outward journey voyage to Japan, at Macao, China.



Surgeon, the original proposer of the foundation of the Royal Society for Encouragement of Horticulture (Kon. Mij t. aanmoediging v. d. tuinbouw), which finally took place in 1842 (there are contradictory data on his role in the foundation of the Dutch horticultural society). He worked for a considerable time in the Leiden Herbarium (1831-40), and was destined for Decima where he would have been in charge of a Botanic Garden. In September 1840 he embarked for Batavia (W. Java) with 6 cases containing living plants from Hort. Leiden. He paid a short visit to the highlands of Java (Priangan?) and forwarded living plants from Java to Hort. Leiden. In 1841 he sailed for Japan for the same purpose; on the way thither they were forced to land at Macao on account of a hurricane, and according to Blume he died when botanizing there, which is in contradiction with Miquel’s statement1 which is sustained by the presence of Japanese plants of his in Herb. Leiden (see below).

He is commemorated in the genus Pierotia Blume and in Salix pierotii Miq.



To our knowledge living material from Java to Hort. Leiden only. Several plants from Kiu Siu in Herb. Leiden [L].

It is evident from letters in the archives of the Leiden Herbarium that the Japanese plants ascribed to J. Pierot were bought in Java for joint account of him and G. Bisschop (The Hague). They were sold to the Rijksherbarium in January 1844. This collection has labels written by Miquel on which Pierot is mentioned as collector. All these specimens have a 2nd label with a number, and generally some dates on locality, and vernacular names. By comparison Prof. Dr H.J. Venema found that the latter labels were written by H. Bürger and that the collection must be a duplicate set of the same.2 In 1841 Bürger was in Holland, and it is still a mystery who sold this set of Bürger plants.



(1) These data, mentioned by Blume (Mus. Bot. l, p. 180) do not agree with the statement of Miquel (Ann. Mus. But. Lugd. Bat. 3, p. 27) that P. is the collector of Salix pierotii in the island Kiu Schiu (the most southern of the larger islands of Japan).

(2) Cf. Meded. Bot. Tuinen Belm. Arb. 3, 1959, p. 58.


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