Collecting localities




Plasschaert, E.K.


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1876, The Hague, Holland. Died: 1947, Bilthoven, U., Holland.



Forest Officer, since 1898 in D.E. Indian Government service, stationed in Central Java; from 1904-09 in Surinam; in 1912 coming back to the E. Indies again, and stationed at Fort de Kock in Sumatra; later placed at the disposal of the Director of the Forest Research Institute at Buitenzorg, in 1925 appointed Inspector there; retired in 1927.

Author of some internal reports on Sumatra and adjacent islands.1


Collecting localities:

1913. Sumatra: Kota Tolo.-1914. Centr. Sumatra: Indragiri (Kampar); N. & W. Sumatra: Atjeh and Padang Highlands and ? P. Morsala.-1915. W. Sumatra: Tapanoeli (Sibolga).-1916. E. Borneo.



Herb. Bog. [BO]: some plants and dupl. F.R.I. bb. nos (cf. sub Forest Research Inst.); also in Herb. For. Res. Inst. Buitenzorg [BZF].



(1) On Tapanoeli (1913); P. Pini and P. Morsala (1914); on Indragiri (Kampar and Koeantan Districts) (1914); on Sumatra West Coast (1914); and on Mentawai (Siberoet and S. Pagaļ) (1914). All in the Forest Research Institute, Buitenzorg.