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Riebeeck, Abraham van


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1653, Cape of Good Hope, S. Africa. Died: 1713, Java.



Son of Jan van Riebeeck the founder of the Cape colony, studied law in the University of Leiden and came to the D.E.I. as second merchant, arriving in May 1677. He finally was appointed Governor General (1708).


Collecting localities:

1703-13.1 W. Java. To Campon Baroe, Pakowang, and Margamoektij (Aug. 1703); to Campon Baroe and Pakowang (May 1704); via Tangeran(g) etc. to Margamoektij etc. (Sept. 1706); to Tjileungsir and Goeha Gadja (July 1708); via Bodjong Gedeh and Talaga Warna to Tsjianjoer (= Tjiandjoer) and the T(s)ji Balagon, G. Goeroe, Jokjogan, Pondok Opoh (near the S. coast), returning to Batavia via Bodjong Gedeh (Sept. 1709) to Tangerang (Aug. 1710); to Bekas(s)i (Aug.); to Bajabangan and Tandjoengpoera (Sept.); to Tangerang (July 1711); to the S. coast (Aug.-Sept.); to G. Salak (Aug. 1712); to Krawang (Sept.); to Angké (Aug. 1713), to Bandoeng (Aug.-Sept.). He visited sulphur mountains, probably G. Patoeha.



He is said to have collected on the above-mentioned tours.



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biographical data:

Encyclop. N.1.3,1919.