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Romburgh, P. van


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 1: Cyclopaedia of collectors)


Born: 1855, Leiden, Z.H., Holland. Died: 1945, Baarn, U., Holland.



Chemist, educated at Leiden University, taking his Ph.Dr’s degree in 1881; from 1878 onwards Assistant at the University; from 1890-1903 Head of the Economic Garden and the Agricultural-Chemical Laboratory of the Botanic Gardens at Buitenzorg; he made some official tours in search of rubber-yielding plants. From 1903-26 Professor of Chemistry at Utrecht; in 1916 settling at Baarn.

Author of phytochemical papers.

Some plants were named after him.


Collecting localities:1

1893. Tour to Centr. and E. Java. -1898. S. Sumatra, Lampong Districts: Tandjong Pinang Estate in Toelang Bawang Division; via Meraksa by boat to Menggala; Tandjoeng Agoeng, and on the way to Benkoelen Residency via Negeri Besar-Negara Batin (Aug. 31)-Boemi Agoeng-Segara Midar-Balambangan-Negri Batin (Sept. 2)-banks of the Wai Oempoe-Tandjoeng Koeroeng-Kasoy-Djoekoe Baroe-Way Tenong-Baroe-Liwa -Kroë; by boat to Benkoelen, making trips to Taba Penandjoeng, Tandjoeng Heran, Kramat Mentiring, desa Soerbaja, desa Taba Padjau; by sea to W. Sumatra: Padang, Datar, Alahan Pandjang; Moeara Laboe, from where making trips to the forest of the Soengai Tjoepa, Sg. Lambai, Bt Pintoe Kajoe (near Loeboeq Sampir), Loeboeq Gedang, Bt Soengai Djando and Bt Soengai Pinang; from Loeboeq Gedang via Moeara Laboe to Alahan Pandjang, Solok, and Sawah Loento; excursion to the forests of Sidjoendjoeng; environs of Fort de Kock and Pajakombo; via Manindjau to Loeboeq Basoen; Loeboeq Sikaping (Oct. 22-24); via Pantie Forest to Taloe, Ajer Bangis, and back to Padang; returning to Buitenzorg (arriving early in Nov.).-1899. SE. Borneo (March-Apr.): Bandjermasin; by boat to Boentok (middle course Barito), from where making trips to Pemangka, Danau Medara, Kelahian, Ajoe River (as far as Moeroeng Paken), Sg. Boeroeng and Sg. Mendioet; Moeara Teweh, Sg. Lahai (ascending past Tjoedjoe); downstream again to Moeara Teweh, Marabahan, Negara, Kendangan (trip to Harian), and Bandjermasin.-W. Java, Bantam: Tjitoedjah (Aug. 1).-W. Borneo (Sept.-Oct.): Pontianak; by boat to Sambas, and trip to Paloh via Pimpiran and Kalimantang; trips to Sg. Stingga, Sg. Lokan Mendjawa (or Doengo), ascent of the Asoe Asang (600 m); Pontianak, making trips to Biang above Sanggau (on the Kapoeas), forests near Sg. Boejanan; from Tajan by water to Kemaring; back to Pontianak; Singapore; Batam (Riouw), making a trip in the forests; Boeroe and P. Loban opposite of it; via Singapore to Sumatra East Coast, Deli: Bindjei, forest near Bandar Baroe (above Petani), ascent of the Sempoelana Angin (1400 m); back to Buitenzorg.

He made collections in Java too. In W. Java, Bantam at: Poleng, Bodjong Manik and Moentjang, besides in Priangan Residency, and probably in other localities, between 1890-1903.



Herb. Bog. [BO], mainly rubber and gutta-yielding plants,2 but orchids3 and Pipers4 too.

Several plants for Hort. Bog., from Sumatra, Borneo, etc.



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biographical data:

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