Collecting localities




Sayers, C. David


(Source: Flora Malesiana ser. 1, 8: Cyclopaedia of collectors, Supplement II)



Former staff-member of the Herbarium of the Division of Botany at Lae, Territory of New Guinea. He was seconded to the British Museum-Newcastle upon Tyne University Expedition,1 to make a dried collection of flowering plants and to collect plants of horticultural interest both for the tropical Botanic Gardens at Lae and for scientific collections in the U.K. of an unknown part of the Finisterre Mountains.


Collecting localities:

1963. See sub Hartley-1964. Terr. of New Guinea: reconnaissance into the foothills of the Finisterre Range with E.E. Henty; in Aitapa Subdistr. (Sepik Distr.) (May); SE. Papua: near Abau (Apu); Saidor subdistr. (Madang Distr.) and Mt Wilhelm, Keglsugl (Aug.); Edie Creek (Sept.). Terr. of New Guinea. British Museum-Newcastle upon Tyne University Expedition, to the Finisterre Mountains (end Sept.-Dec.):1 from the Markham-Ramu River divide at c. 1000 ft up to the Naho (Gusap) R. to the highest point of the ridge on Mt Abilala (11,320 ft), proceeding on foot via Daimandi, Budemu (4200 ft), Moro (5200 ft), Sewe, Lake Naho (8700 ft), Freybourg Pass (9600 ft), summit (11,300 ft).-1965. With the 3rd part of the expedition to Wagau and the Herzog Mts (Jan.); Morobe District (Feb.); New Britain: Fullerton Harbour (Feb.).



Numbered in the NGF series, but partly in the series of T.G. Hartley. In Herb. Lae [LAE] and elsewhere



(1) A.C. Jermy & C.D. Sayers: ‘An Expedition to the Finisterre Mountains of Eastern New Guinea’ (J. R. Hort. Soc. 92, 1967, p. 117-128, fig. 54-55, 57-63, 1 map). See also sub Jermy.